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Memories of Pugsley
Pugsley was the most precious dog ever. He and I spent lots of time together when he was young because he went to work with me every day. In his younger years, he had the long hair that parted down the center of his back with the pony tail on the top of his head. He looked like a dust mop but he was beautiful!!! Our groomer would come by my work once a week and take him to her shop then bring him back that afternoon and he looked like a pedigree winning ShihTzu!! After we added another shihtzu to our family named Bella, our only girl, the shorter shihtzu cut was easier to handle and Pugs was extremely happy to rid himself of all that hair! We now have 4 shihtzu's and 1 yorkie in our family and we love them all dearly......but Pugsley was MY baby!! He has sat in more grocery store buggies that most children, he has travelled many miles with us on vacation and he lived a better life than most humans. He loved playing in the snow and had a passion for riding around in the car and just looking out the window. Pugsley and Bella, our girl shihtzu, were extremely close. As we added to our pack, Bella's nervous demeaner wouldn't allow her to comfortably eat while the other doggies were around so Pugsley would get a mouthful of food and take it to her in the living room and drop it in front of her so she could eat away from the other dogs. It was precious to watch. Bella misses her buddy so badly now. As Pugs got older (and fatter) he lost his energy level quickly but playing outside with his big ball was always amazing to watch. Rolling around and around on the cold hardwood floors was his favorite past time and was pretty funny to watch.

Pugsley feel ill on the morning of August 18th after a perfectly normal night before. He was very distant and weak, not even able to stand up. Immediately my husband took him to our local vet less than a mile from our home. After checking him out, we were told he had developed IMHA. It's a disease where his immune system destroys his own red blood cells. The prognosis isn't good for pets that contract this disease. He was quickly hooked up to IV fluids and was given large doses of steroids to try and suppress his immune system to give his own bone marrow time to replinish his red blood cells. On August 19th, our vet told us they hadn't been able to reverse the destruction and that he needed to be transferred to a vet specialist hospital in Nashville immediately to see if Pugs had cancer which may be the cause of this condition before further treatment. Not knowing what the next few hours held for us, we took our children with us to the vet to see Pugsley just in case the worst results were discovered when we got to the hospital. It was pitiful watching him lay there helpless. I wrapped him in a blanket and carried him in my arms from our local vet to the hospital approx 30 miles away while Jeff and I reflected on the blessing he has been to us for almost 12 years. Upon the emergency examination, we were told that cancer was not evident in the scans they ran. They told us that a blood tranfusion was necessary to sustain his life while the drugs had time to supress his immune system and fight the nasty disease. We told the doctors to do whatever was necessary to save our Pugsley. The first transfusion on the night of August 19th helped somewhat, however, a second transfusion was needed less than 24 hours later. The second transfusion on August 21st helped his numbers go up initialy but then started going back down slowly. I got a phone call on August 22nd telling us that maybe a visit from Jeff and I would perk Pugs up some so we took off to see him right then. We got to take him outside to get some fresh air but we were only allowed 20 minutes due to the need for him to have access to his meds as much as possible. He seemed to hold his own for the next 24 hours, not getting worse but not better either. On August 24th the doctors informed us that a blood clot had gone to his brain and had effected his eye movement but that had appeared to be the only injury. Blood clots were a side effect of having to give him so much steroid medication to fight the disease so we were warned of that. The doctors thought that they had done all they could do for Pugs at the hospital and they were hoping taking him home would maybe make him more comfortable and cause him to eat better....plus he could see his friends at home. We brought him home that afternoon. I spent most of the night holding him because I felt the need to spend as much time with him as I could. August 25th seemed to start off great because he had been walking around the house freely, drinking water and breathing easier than he had the day before. We medicated him as instructed but he still refused to eat. We had to leave him home alone for a few hours while we watched our daughter perform at our local county fair. When I returned home, I saw Pugsley laying in the floor struggling to breathe. It was so scary. I grabbed him up and Jeff and I took off for the hospital in Nashville. Upon our arrival, the doctors immediately accessed him and brought us the bad news. A blood clot had gone to his lungs and nothing could be done to help at this point. After over $4,000 in treatments and lots of tender loving care by us and his doctors and nurses, Pugsley's little body had just worn out. The odd thing was that his blood test showed that his red blood cell number had actually held strong which proved that he had beaten the disease after all. They brought up the idea of putting him to sleep and after Jeff and I saw him struggle to breathe we agreed that he deserved to be at rest and at peace. That was the hardest decision to make!!!! Jeff and I went into a little room where we got to say our goodbyes to our baby boy and tell him how much we loved him! I held Pugsley in my arms, wrapped in his blanket, when the doctor injected first the medicene to make him go to sleep and then the medicene to stop his heart. Pugsley's little eyes never left mine while I told him that he was going to finally be better and that I would miss him so much. As I felt his precious heart stop beating, I knew that my life was blessed beyond words to have been able to love such an adorable, devoted pet for nearly 12 years and experience the blessings he gave our family that would live on in our hearts forever. Pugs was the best and I love him and miss him terribly.

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