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Memories of Pugsley
We have loads of memories about Pugsley, I'd like to share just a few that stand out amongst the rest.

More often than not, when my wife and I would sit down on the couch to have a snack, Pugsley would sidle up along side me and sit to watch. After a while, he'd tap me with his paw, look at me, look at the snack, then look back at me as if to say: 'You gonna finish that?' It goes without saying, I didn't, he did.

When we would get on the bed to watch some nature or dog shows, Pugsley would be lying between us watching with us. Some animals drew more of his attention than did some others. For instance, horses were of particular interest to him. We were watching a show about wild horses in the US and there was a scene where the horses were charging. Well, Pugsley wanted their attention, maybe he wanted to corral them, but he ran down to the foot of the bed, growling, woofing, snarling at the TV. The horses "ran" off the screen and after a few seconds Pugsley determined since they were no longer on the TV they MUST be in the livingroom. So off he ran, off the bed and growling and snarling his way into the livingroom. How disappointed he must have been.

Then there was the time Pugsley learned one immutable fact of nature. Birds can fly.

We were at my parents house, in their backyard, when this beautiful blue jay landed just in front of Pugsley. Pugsley wasn't much more than 6 months old and had never been introduced to wild birds. Well, he saw this blue jay and just had to have it. So off he went, full speed. He was going to get this intruder to his yard. He nearly had it in his grasp when, lift off!! One moment this intruder was there, the next? How precious was the look of bewilderment when he saw this bird leaving the surly bonds of Earth. His puzzlement was priceless.

This are just a brief few moments of all the joy and pleasure Pugsley gave us in his all too brief stay with us. We miss him dearly and think of him nearly daily. We look forward to the day that God will reunite us with our beloved Pugsley.

As Will Rogers once said: "If dogs don't go to Heaven, when I die, send me where they are".

So true. So very, very true.

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