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Memories of Pugly & Pepper
In loving memory of Pugly (on right of headstone) & Pepper, My twins:

I chose to put Pugly & Pepper together because that is how they were born, litter mates, brother and sister and that is how they grew up and old, together, always together. They would sit together, end to end, sometimes Pugly would rest his head on pepper and sometimes Pepper would do the same. They were inseperable in life and they even passed one month apart. They loved each other just as I loved them.

Pugly: I first saw him when a friend brought him to my house. It was raining and he trotted up the driveway, I can still see him now, as always, head up, back straight, and tail high. Such a strong proud trot! I picked him up and he gently bit and licked my ear lobe. A week later I saw him again, this time I was sick in bed with a temp. My friend placed him next to me and we slept he cuddled up against me for 2 days. When I awoke, he had not moved and he was soaked with my sweat from the fever. I was no longer sick and realized that Pugly helped me get better. It was then that I somehow knew he would never leave my side. My friend left town and I kept Pugly for about 6 weeks. When she returned, I was so smitten with him I asked her if I could please keep Pugly? In short, we both sat at different ends of the room and decided whoever he came to first would keep him forever. We both called him furiously, he looked at both of us and finally jumped in my lap! Pugly was mine!

Pepper: When Pugly "claimed me" by jumping into my lap, I asked my friend if there were any more in the litter. She said she thought there might be one, a girl, so we drove to the apartment where Pugly was born. Sure enough, a very thin puppy ran out of an apartment door with the owner kicking at her and yelling that she would kill her. We gave the woman $10 and my friend took Pepper home with her. Before Pepper came to live with me, I asked my friend if I could take Pepper to the lake with Pugly so they could play together as they should as brother and sister. I took her and we had a wonderful time with Pepper and Pugly swimming on their own in the lake and chasing cows. One day my friend left Pepper with me for about 2 months. She had been back in town for a month but did not come to get Pepper or ask about her. Another month passed and she called me and said "I guess you don't want to give up Pepper now"? Well, of course not I said, she is so happy with Pugly. Can I please keep her so they can grow up together I
begged? She said yes and Pepper was now mine!

Pugly Pepper and Dodi, my other girl, see the link, had sixteen loving fun filled active years together (Dodi had 14 years) that included hiking, walking in the park daily and going to our summer home in Montana. I cannot begin to tell you of all the wonderful memories, stories and pictures I have of them.

Without going into the depressing heartbreaking detail I will say that just 2 months ago on Halloween, Pepper passed away from a brain tumor. Pugly was hearbroken and would cry at night. I put him in my bed and we cried ourselves to sleep. We leaned on each other, but just a little over a month later Pugly joined his beloved sister Pepper and his lifelong "mother" Dodi at Rainbow Bridge.

Pugly, 10/25/1992 -- 12/4/2008.
Pepper, 10/25/1992 -- 10/31/2008.

My life only just started when you came into my life and a huge piece of it ended when you left me. I loved you dearly and still do. I miss you dearly. I still can't believe you are gone.


Dearest Pugly & Pepper,

It's been 1 year since you left me and I still miss you dearly. I have thought about both of you and Dodi every single day and for months and months after you first left, you were on my mind and in my thoughts every minute of the day. When You left me last Pugly, I didn't know how I would make it, I would wake up in the middle of the night and say just that. I hope you were with me in our room when I lit a 3 light candle each night for months and offered a prayer for all of you, pugly pepper and dodi.

On halloween, I said a prayer for you pepper and last night, 12-4-2009, on your one year away from me, I did the same for you pugly. I would give anything to have you back and hope you were with me last night and halloween when I lit a candle for you, I hope you are with me everyday and I wonder all the time where you are and what you are doing and if you are near me and still love me.

I'm sure you know that on 2/15/2009 I adopted 2 boys, brothers, noah and cyrus. I prayed to you to let me know if I should do this and I felt you encouraged me to do it. They are wonderful boys and I know you all would love them as I do. They will never take your place but they have helped me tremendously through my loss of you 2 and dodi. They are such good boys! We walk in the park everyday, the same one you guys and I did. Thank you for guiding me to them. They are so cute and have underbites like little werewolfs. They are little just like you twins were.

I still have all your pictures up and look at and talk to you everyday, I hope you know this.

Once in a great while now I will briefly see you in my dreams. I wish this would happen more and for longer periods of time as I feel when I see you, that you really have come to see me and you do it through my dreams. Please come more often as I miss you so!

I pray that you, pepper and pugly are very happy and are having fun and getting lots of your favorite foods and treats. But, most of all I hope you are around me and are waiting for me and will be right there when I leave this earth; my heaven will be an eternity with all of you! I love and miss you dearly my twins!


hi pugly and pepper, my twins: i miss you guys so much. i miss you running around here in montana in the summers and our daily walks in arizona in the winters. my boys, noah and cyrus
that you sent to help me are wonderful and i love them very much, but i still and always will miss you two monkeys! sandy passed away a few days ago, i hope you two and dodi were there to greet both sandy and dingo berry when she passed. i hope to see you all together someday. come and visit me in my dreams soon. i hope you are having a wonderful time wherever you are. know that i miss you and love you my twins, pugly and pepper.


i visit you tonight pepper, light a candle and say a prayer that wherever you are that you are happy and having fun. i love you pepper and i will always miss you. may you be at peace precious girl!


i visit you tonight pugly, light a candle and say a prayer that wherever you are that you are happy and having fun. i love you pugly and i will always miss you. may you be at peace baby boy, my pride and joy!


I visit you tonight Pepper, 3 years after you left me. I still miss you very much and I hope you are happy and with Pugly and Dodi. I look forward to the day when I will see you again and be with you I hope for eternity. Until then, I miss you dearly and think of you every day. My Noah and Cyrus now keep me company and I have grown to love them very much. Come and see me in my dreams some night soon and I hope you are playing with Pugly. I love you pepper j!


hi my little gentle soul puggy boy. i light a candle and say my prayer to you and long for the day i will see you again. i still miss you so. you and pepper have guided me to my 2 boys noah and cyrus who saved me after you passed, i love them dearly and know you sent them to help me through my despair when i lost you and pepper. i hope you are so happy and running snorting and panting like you did when we were together. i hope you are safe and look in on me from time to time. please be there when i pass, i love and miss you very much my little man! i hope god is giving you lots of your favorite foods for that little belly!


hi pepper j. it's been 4 years today since you went to rainbow bridge. i hope you still know i love and miss you just as much as the first day i got you and the first day after i lost you. i hope you are with pugly and dodi and you and dodi are getting along. i am fine but look forward to the day i can see and hold my little girl again and run around with you
pugly and dodi in the meadows like we used to do at hawley lake every year. i miss our school yard trips. i still look at your pictures everyday. i love you and please help protect my noah and cyrus, they are crazy just like you!


hi puggy boy. i hope you are so happy wherever you are today. i often wonder where you are and what you are doing. i hope you are with me everyday, with pepper and dodi. i light a candle in remembrance of you tonight and want you to know that i still and always will love my little man. i miss you so much, still, but i thank you guys for sending me noah and cyrus who have helped me so much by giving me the love you once gave. i still have all the pictures of you guys up on my walls and will never take them down. have fun wherever you are pugly and be there when i go, that is my one wish. That crazy noah and cyrus were chasing a mountain lion this summer and despite how careful i am with them, they are just like you, so thank you guys for protecting them from harm this summer and please be their guardian angels while they are with me, i couldnt stand to lose either of them. i hope to see you in my dreams soon pugly. i love you.


hi pepper. i saw you in my dreams last night and it was so good to see you! I hope you are happy and you are with pugly
and dodi and getting along with dodi. i think of you guys all the time and will be with you again someday. Until then,
please watch over my boys, noah and cyrus. I miss you and as always, I love you pepper j!


Hi pugly, my little man. I think of you everyday, but especially today. I pray that you are happy and haven't forgotten me and you will wait for me. I wonder
All the time if you are with dodi and pepper, i hope so. I miss you very much but you sent me two wonderful companions to help me, Noah and Cyrus, i love them very much. I love you dearly puggie boy. I hope you are running free with no worries!


hi pepper and pugly. i look at your pictures still, everyday. i love and miss my two babies very much! i hope by now you both, with dodi have seen michael and he is petting you for me. i love you 2 rascals!

hi pepper, I am thinking of you today and everyday. I love you so much and miss you very much! It has been 8 long years since I lost you but I think of you everyday...I love you Pepper!

hi pugly, thinking of you today and everyday still after 8 long years of missing you! i look forward to the day i will see you again and hug you and play and hike with you like we did when you were here with me. i miss you and love you my pugly!

I miss you and love you Pepper!

I still miss you Pugly and think of you every single day! I hope you are having a wonderful time wherever you are. Save me a spot in the meadow with all of you!

Thinking of you twins today, pepper i said a prayer for you on 10/31/18 and pugly i say one for you! I still miss you love bugs and pray that you are happy and with dodi, yukon, chance and midnite and are waiting for me for a grand reunion where we will once again be together forever!
Find Dodi and give her a lick from me! Love you two!!

Please also visit Dodi.

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