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my special pryncess you came into our lives when ma died in 1997. Aunt Marcy bought you for us. You were the best thing in my live. I remember when I worked the night shift you would not let anyone come upstairs to wake me up. wh went over the park and you went into the woods and always came out with baseball then you show Kayla how to do it and you both did it together, we had hundreds of baseballs over the years that we gave to the kids to play..I loved that you meet me at the door when i came in from work how i miss that now . and you slept next to me when you were little and all the rest of your life..I miss you very much so does daddy and your girlfriend kayla she comes over and she looks all over the house for you. so i gave her your harness and told her you are with her and it seems to help because now she stays on the floor when we walk by her. love you Ma

Well my angel baby I am back to work. I had your girlfriend for the 6 days and your cousin nikki was very good to her she let her eat breakfast they shared. i come home to an empty house no on greets me at the door or looks for cookies. I just wanted you to know that i miss you and love you Love ma

TODAY is your birthday happy birthday i miss you very much i sent you a picture of your girlfriend and a cake and flowers. i will wright again soon i love you Love ma

well my beanie baby it has been a while since i have written but i think about every day and miss you very much aunt marcy is still sick we have been to the hospital and doctors every week since your birthday we started the summer shift so i get home early on fridays. and the house is empty and lonely without you dad is asleep when i get in and he misses you. i put the picture of you kissing him it is beautiful well i will write again soon my beanie baby girl i love you and miss you love ma

My beautiful pryncess it has been 1 year I miss you very much. we got a new baby she is 11 months old. she is a beagle only 2 colors white and tan her name is ruby.. we adopted her from BONES of new england. she is kinda bad she doesn't like to ride in the car she cries she doesn't like to be left alone but hopefully she will get better. your girlfriedn kayla does not like her and your cousin nikki doesn't like her either. so we don't see much of kayla because she growled at her when she was cleaning her ears. (like you use to do and she let you) nikki comes over every morning to eat breakfast but she growls at her..your cousin nikki is sick she has cancer aunt marcy gives her pills every day. it snowed today. i just got in from work and your sister ruby waits for me to take her out in the yard to go potty. well i will write again soon. i have been busy your aunt bernie died and i have to cook for uncle now so i am real busy. but it is getting easier. so i love you my angel talk to you in a few weeks love ma

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