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Memories of Priscilla Marie
More memories to post later.........we are still grieving WAY to much to post right now. You were the love of my life, Priscilla. Mom ALWAYS WANTED YOU !!! Wait for us, sweet baby.....my heart hurts so much right now, I still cry every morning when my feet first hit the floor getting out of bed. I cannot accept your passing yet.......still in the anger and denial phase of grief. But I don't care what ANYONE says----I will grieve for you for as long as it takes until I finally reach the point of peace. Your Dad isn't faring much better. At least he can go to work every day and for awhile, have his mind occupied by workjobs for 8 hours, or so. PLEASE visit us and let us know that you no longer are gasping for air, and are well, and can run and play with all of your siblings who are already at the bridge with you. Make sure they all give you LOTS of kitty kisses and cuddle with you so you know you are not alone, sweetheart. WE MISS YOU MORE THAN WORDS WILL EVER SAY !! You were the little calico love of Mom's life. I'm so glad that I married your Dad and you were able to have a Daddy for the last 6 years of your life, honey. Love always, Mom and Dad (Lib and Paul Brockman).

Hi, sweet Priscilla Marie !
It is Tuesday, August 5, 2014 ---- exactly three years and 5 hours since you left us during the very early morning. at 4AM, while in the midst of what we think was an acute massive heart attack. We were unable to reach the local veterinarian in our town that is the ONLY one who offers 24 hour a day emergency services, but Dr. Matt was out of town on that Saturday morning around 3AM when your final struggle began, and lasted for a terrible 50 minutes !!!

Mom and Dad are better now, starting to finally acknowledge that you are no longer here with us. We feel SO BLESSED that you are free of your awful pain you MUST have endured during your last hour on this earth. Mom just felt SO HELPLESS during that time, honey. I apologize for the fact that as long as you were able to hear, before you passed, that the last sounds you heard, were the uncontrollable screams of crying emitting from my body......I just couldn't help it, Priscilla.......it was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my entire life !

How are all of your siblings, honey? By golly, I am going to try to name them all, right now, even though I am now 62 years old, just had my birthday on July 29th, I will do my best. PLEASE give kitty hugs and kisses to: SIMBA, MOLLY, JASPER, TUGGER, J.K., MOSES, CARLYLE, JIMMY NUBNAMERA, CURLY, SAMMY, KATIE JO, LUCY, CRISTABELLE, TARKUS, FRANKIE, and the latest to arrive at the Bridge on June 3, 2014, your new brother CLARENCE who died from testing positive to feline leukemia, and feline AIDS.

Dad and I still talk about you every day, as I am sure you know this, and we both feel your presence with us all the time !!! We believe totally, that every single one of all our kitties AND our three doggies, are always around us.......we just wish that we could see you. We know that all of you either join us in bed at night, or even are either sitting on the couch with us, or sitting on Dad's lap in his chair.......

The 2014 NFL season is about to begin, and it looks like our Green Bay Packers are in for a VERY good year !! They had a really good draft in May, and they also announced yesterday, August 4, 2014, which was also the 9th anniversary of your Dad and I getting married, that the Packers are planning on retiring Brett Favre's jersey, and inducting him into the Packers Hall of Fame, on Saturday, July 18, 2015, so we are hoping to be able to be in Green Bay for that event.

This summer has been an exceptional one, weather-wise, as you KNOW how hot the summers usually are here in Arkansas. In fact, June and July were two of the coolest, and wettest months on record !! J.K., you would have LOVED the temperatures, and would have been able to spend a lot of time outside in the grass on the north side of the house, of course, being watched by your Dad, so you did not wander off, LOL !

Okay, sweetie, I will close for now. Just wanted to pop in and give you an update on how your Mom and Dad are doing......we pray every day, Priscilla, that you still remember us, and are waiting for that special day, when God says it is OUR time to leave this life on earth, to join the Lord and all of our children at the Rainbow Bridge, for eternity. It is GOD'S PROMISE that this WILL happen.......so we look forward to that day of our passing with excitement and joy, not sadness and grief !!! Stay well, my precious little calico, and give lovings to everyone else in our family that are also waiting for us to return to them ! We will be there just as soon as we can, sweetheart !!

With more love than words can ever say,
you were the love and joy of my life, my precious, precious baby girl ! SEE YOU SOON !!
LOVE, MOM and DAD <^..^>
Hey stinker-butt, we sure do miss seeing you. Chasing your tail until you got dizzy, laying on my lap staring up at me. We love you.

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