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Sweet girl, mommy is really sad that for some reason all the years of what I have written to you since 2005 have gone away on your page. I will write your story again as you are the Beginning of this journey. Our first rescue baby!! The reason we have had so many orphans yet so much love and the reason that 8 of the 10 are here at the bridge, you began it all and we are so very grateful..I will write your story as I can once again. But until then Merry Christmas for the 14th year in Heaven, mommy has left your things..I love you Princess P always and forever.
Well, I have decided to begin to write your story again, a little at a time. Today I write about how you came to us. Little Black Pup aka Lucky Girl, which is with you now and a skinny little hound looking girl would venture to our property at least once a day. At that time we had no fence so you just came right in. Then you would just disappear, you would start coming and eventually make your way into the house. You loved to lay on the fireplace, you loved to be warm. Then when we couldn't find out where you came from we decided to vet you and you became ours. You were the neighborhood dog , I would later find out, until you became a Jarvis dog.
You were about two the vet said and looked to have boxer in you. So we decided to name you Princess. And thus this story of how we became parents to our pack of orphans over the years begins with a skinny little hound pup named Princess.....
as I continue on with your story, today I will talk about how you received the birthday of Jan. 4, so we had no idea when your birthday was so as you came around my birthday we decided to share that with you so my sweet girl every year as I celebrate my birthday I can't help but think of you a skinny little ole' hound dog who started it all and will forever be etched inside my heart.....
..continuing your story so little skinny hound dog it has almost been 15 years and you are still the sweet beginning of it all. So to continue on with your story, sadly we would only have two years with you and on December 24th 2005 your life ended. We spent 15,000.00 to fence our property in so you babies would be safe from the outside world. But your free spirit would in the end take your life. Lucky Girl was your accomplice in all your crimes LOL but she didn't (only because she couldn't ) follow you that morning and I truly believe it saved her life that she didn't. You would go to the corner of the fence and somehow climb over a 5 foot fence. That morning you ate breakfast with the others and somehow climbed over. When dinner time came you weren't here to get in then at dark we became very worried. We got a call at 8:30 on Christmas Eve from a neighbor saying they had found you on the highway and that they had your collar. I was like what?? The interstate was so far away I still to this day don't think you died there, I think the man hit you on our road and felt bad and called us. So John was so upset he called the man and said where is she I want her home. He had pushed you over the edge of the road. Well , daddy made him take him to the area and in the snow and cold he climbed on his hands and knees down a revenue to hunt for you and found you, he would edge you up then crawl up behind you little by little until he made it to the top. He brought you home and we put you in the garage. The others came out and it was breath taking to see them one by one file by you gently stopping to look at you.. We buried you in the cold daddy dug your grave in the ice and snow and you are there out back so I get to see you everyday through my kitchen window. You are the only one buried the rest are cremated and in the cabinet here beside me. You will forever stay behind the gates outback right where it all began when you would come up through the woods to make your way into our heart. I love you sweet girl and 15 years later I still see your sweet face warming by the fireplace.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight sweet girl, go find all the others and bring them to see the bright and shining lights here coming up to you tonight in Heaven
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight follow the others so you can send us love and light from above.
My beautiful girl it is coming upon 15 years that you left us, I still miss you as much as it was yesterday.
Three days and another year will be gone without your presence here on this side. You started it all sweet girl the world of our pack of misfits. 15 years later we are now a family of one orphan our sweet Bella. She is our sweet girl but you were our first sweet orphan girl so I will forever and always hold a special place in my heart. Rest well in Heaven sweet girl and save us a seat!!
Hello sweet angel baby ! I was just talking about you today with my friend another year has come and gone and you have been gone 16 years now, we still love and miss you always.
Hello sweet girl, it is Saturday and really cold here. I always think that you would be asleep by the fire. You hated the cold. We miss you sweet angel even after 16 years you are still on my heart lots
Hello sweet Princess every time I see a skinny little hound dog I think of you , we still muss you so very much.
Hello sweet girl I was out picking up sticks that had fallen from the trees and I saw your grave. You are the only baby we have that is buried on the property here, all the rest are in the cabinet. But my sweet girl your photo is in there so you are still right there with all your family. I miss you so much and I love you lots , thinking of you even 17 years later and feeling a twinge of sadness.
Happy Spring baby girl I miss you lots still after all these years
Happy Fall sweet girl, my first orphan and the one who started us in this world of rescue. I love you so much and miss you.
Happy New Year in Heaven sweet angel
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Guide all the others to the bridge so they can send us love and light from above. I miss you baby girl you were the first orphan and I am forever grateful.
Good morning sweet girl. I left a cake for your (celebrated birthday we never knew your real day), you left us at two we think so you would have been celebrating your 21 st birthday this year. My precious girl you started this journey of the many who have come and gone. Sooooooo guess what? Daddy and I have rescued a cat. LOL Yes a cat! His name is Walter, he was with us a year this December. He came into the doggy door on a very cold and snowy night. We heard him as he ventured into our house and was standing there meowing. We thought he was a she lol and that it was a kitten. Well after his first vet visit two weeks later when we and he determined he would live here lol we found out he was a male, neutered cat not kitten assumed to be around 5 years old. Fast forward a year later he weighs 18.5 pounds and is in his own heaven lounging on his giant cat tree. Bella has grown to love him lol or tolerate him knowing he is hear to stay. I am so grateful for him. Just like you he ventured in and I believe he too was a gift from God. We love you sweet girl and we miss you always.

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