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Memories of Princess
Our little Princess came to us as a rescue. She was our "wild child". She loved to torment her sister Lucky Girl by trying to get all the attention from mommy. Kaizer, Buddy, BJ, Maddie, Lucky Girl and Scooby Doo miss her very much. We spent $13,000 to fence in our property so that our furbabies would be safe from the outside world, but my ever wild Princess learned to scale the fence,and on December 23rd 2005 she climbed it for the last time, she was hit by a car a 1/2 mile from our house, I know she was trying to just get home. The saddest thing was that the person who hit her didn't even stop, how could they have just left her--this is why my friends that I love my animals because unlike some humans they have pure hearts with only love to give, after all dog spelled backward is GOD! Christmas of 2005 was the roughest Christmas ever. The one peace of satisfaction we have is knowing that the short time we had Princess we know beyond any shadow of any doubt that her life was the best it could ever be, and we are truely blessed for having her in our lives. Our little Princess will be forever young in our hearts, daddy and I visit you everyday. We buried you so that every morning I can see you from my bedroom window. The afternoon sun hits your grave so that you can always be warm. I have your picture by my bed and I always kiss you goodnight, We will always hold you near in our heart. I will see you again one day until then, you can play in the meadow with PaPaw, Brooke,Tony, Logan, Billy, Grady and Katie...
We Love You
Mommy and Daddy
Hey Princey, mommy forgot to tell you that Scooby Doo came home for good this time. Daddy and I had to go to court to rescue him from those bad people but justice won out and he is now officially you brother forever and ever!!!!!! So today when you take your turn sitting on Jesus's lap whisper in his ear "thank you" for answering my mommy's prayers and bringing Scooby home to us where he can be safe and taken care of for the rest of his life.
I love you baby
Last night as I sang the "puppy song" to your brothers and sisters, I thought of how I wished I could sing it to you just one more time--so today I thought I would so here goes---I know that you can hear me baby I feel you in my heart.
Jesus loves the little puppies
All the puppies of the world
Black or yellow
Brown or white
They are precious in his sight
And Jesus loves Princey too!!!!
Good night sweet Princey, thanks for loving us!!!!!
Love Mommy and Daddy
Well he did it again...I think that your spirit is alive in Scooby. Today I visited your grave and Scooby stood by the fence until I came back into the yard. He then growled at BJ because he got to Mommy first. I swear it is so wierd how when I think of you Scooby does something at that very moment that is so much like you I think it is you speaking to me thru him. Today is a beautiful day here, and I know it is beautiful there. Have a beautiful day and eat lots of bones...........
Princess, mommy was looking at your picture today and realized thru your eyes that even though you were only 2 you were already an old soul. To precious for this world but perfect for the next.
Today Cloey and Logan came over and they helped Mommy clean off your grave, Logan pulled weeds and Cloey put flowers there. It was a beautiful day with you, the whole bunch of us right there. That just settles it for me, that is where I am going to be right there with my family and you.....
Well baby it has been one long year without you...today is so bittersweet for daddy and I, I am trying baby ...trying to not let this thing called death steal my joy of your love that I shared for such a short time...I will celebrate you today . Celebrate the love that you so easily gave me , celebrate your finding a home filled with love for you before you had to go....tell my daddy I said hi and Uncle Tony too..I love you baby sooooooooooo much more than all the stars in the sky.
Love MOmmy
Hello baby girl, it is snowing here we have about 8 inches. I looked out the bedroom window this am to see the beautiful deer feeding right beside your grave, it is so beautiful where we layed your body..although I know your soul is in Rainbow heaven and that you have a new body that is all well now. Kaizer is getting so feeble please ask God to let us keep him a little longer baby , we aren't ready yet. Life is so cruel sometimes, we had to give up Rocky it was so hard but we know we did the right thing for him and us. Please watch over him Princess. Everyone else is doing fine, Scooby is wonderful he loves this snow, Maddie is much better now, her bladder infection is gone, BJ is still running the fence line and shaking hands. Buddy Jarvis is still Buddy , acting nutty then falling out "in the spirit" as your daddy and I call it for hours. ANd Lucky Girl she is still the baby, I remember how you two used to fight for mommys attention, I know she misses you even though she would nail ya if you got her mommy place. Well I gotta go I just wanted to say hi and to tell you that 14 months later my heart still aches for you...
Love you
Hello baby MaMaw is there we buried her today so watch for her to come thru the gates any minute she will be hand in hand with my daddy as they stroll together to meet up with you in heaven.
As I sit here looking out the window the leaves are changing they are a bright red and yellow, which is bittersweet for me, I love the Fall, but I know that old man Winter is coming next, which I love too, but I always have that twinch of sadness knowing that your body is under the ground, and you may be cold..which I quickly realize is in my mind as I know you are up there in a place of warmth and beauty, forgive me baby for my sadness some days are harder than others, watch over us baby we have alot gong on in our family right now, it is hard sometimes but having your brothers and sisters to love helps me
Good morning baby girl, mommy has a very special job to do tomorrow and I am asking you to help us out. I have to take another baby , for now she is called Baby Girl to her forever home, in Tennessee to Sissy..You know Sissy's Usdi she is at the bridge so gather her and all the babies together and give mommy and Baby Girl traveling mercy as I take this gentle baby to her home. Praise God another baby saved!!! Princess I just want to thank you for giving mommy the courage to help those in need. I love you.
Today will be your 24th month in heaven, the words won't come to me to write but they are in my heart, today is hard for mommy I think because this is also the first year without my mom too, but I am smiling thru my tears because I know that you and MaMaw and PaPaw are together, I love you baby girl. I will never forget you and I will always treasure the gift from God that you were even though you didn't get to live a long life here, you were just too perfect for this world and just right for heaven so I freely give you back to God until the day comes that I walk thru those gates and am greeted by my mom and my daddy and you, what a beautiful day that will be. Until then I will continue to do the best I can to honor you, life is sometimes so unfair but there are reasons for each and everything that happens and I believe that we learn from each happy or sad event in our lives. For me I found this family and found another link to helping those that are lost and frightened and in need of love. The weather is cold and rainy today a cold front is coming thru it is so dreary here today. I know that where you are is a beautiful day so I will dream of that and think of the good times we shared. I love you so much baby girl no one or nothing will ever change that. I look around thru my tears and here is Buddy, Scooby and Kaizer laying in the office two on the couch and loveseat and Kaizer at my feet....I AM BLESSED.....and even more so for knowing your love. My precious angel forever more.
Well precious baby another year has almost come and gone, and my heart has gone on but never whole because a part of it left the day you left me...Mommy and daddy will be going to some of our boating friend's house tonight to celebrate the coming year, Aunt Kimmy will be there and I promise you at the stroke of midnight I will think of you and MaMaw and PaPaw and send you all the love your hearts can hold to heaven, it has been a trying year but such a blessed one with all the love mommy has from daddy and your brothers and sisters..I realized Christmas day that this would probably be the last Christmas with Kaizer as I watched his feeble body move, and even though I was sad I found some joy in the knowing that he would never be alone he would be with you and all the babies when his time came. Give me strength baby girl for the upcoming year to continue on with the work of rescue and give me the heart to never quit fighting for all the furbabies who are mistreated or abused. I love you baby and I wish you a beautiful New Year in heaven.
Love Mommy
Good morning baby girl mommy just wanted to stop in to say hello today and to tell you that I love you more than all the stars in the sky, mommy still misses you so much. Daddy and I were just talking about you this morning and how much we love you. Watch over Kaizer baby he fell again this morning. Woo it is rough
Good morning baby today marks your 26th month at the bridge, I love you baby daddy and I looked at your pictures last night we try to do that every now and then I love you baby girl,watch over us always
Good morning baby mommy had to erase for the 12th time today, so I could write to you more. I love you baby, mommy left your Easter things it is so very close. Princess mommy loves you and misses you so much you were such a part of me. SOmetimes I feel like I am so beat down and unappreciated in this world filled with so much selfish and cruel people, then I look at your picture and I look at all your brothers and sisters here, and know that God did good when He created you precious animals so full of kindness and love, sometimes I imagine God just shaking His head up there in heaven at the mean spiritness of humans. I will never understand them baby girl, I guess that is why the path of caring for and loving you all was made for me so I could have that love and understanding that each of us long for, thank you baby. I love you.
Good morning baby girl, mommy left your candle today....for the service tonight. Princess I love you this Wednesday you will be gone 831 days, I have cried 831 tears for you but am happy to know you are celebrating a marker in heaven with all the other babies and the angels themselves. I love you my little Princess pee-pee.
Good morning baby girl, I know you already know but Sadie is coming to the bridge today. She has fought the hard fight but the cancer is stronger than her earthly body. It is time, today Dr. Jarrell will help her cross over. Gather mom and daddy and all your friends at the bridge meet her at the gates she is a precious soul that has given us much joy over the years , now she deserves to come home to be forever healthy. I love you Princess, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful soul.
Well baby we are now 7...we have adopted a sister her name is Girl, her owners passed away and their children tuck her to the shelter, I couldn't stand to see her there knowing she was once loved. I made the mistake of telling daddy, and he told me to go and get her that she didn't deserve to live her life out in that place....so thus Girl is here and she is loved by one and all. Thank you once again my angel for sending mommy and daddy another lost one. I love you.

Well baby scratch that "forever home" for the german shepard, she will stay with us in your honor. I know that I am completely out of my mind and just stupid but I feel that it was meant to be for her to be here.
I love you baby
I love you baby and your memory and your life will always be a part of us here at the Jarvis house. So much has happened to us since you left this world, so much good so much bad but in each and every step of our journey you still remain a part of our lives. I love you baby, I have taken the two new girls to your grave and told them all about their sister they never got to meet. Thank you Princess for sending me the strength to continue on with this work of helping those who need our help. It is the saddest job I have ever done but also the most rewarding when those beautiful souls who would have not had that chance receives a home and the love they deserve. I love you and miss you each and everyday you will always remain in our hearts as our young free spirited girl...not many understand and at times they just look at us like how many dogs do you have??? I just laugh and say 8 of my own and hundreds that I am looking for so I can find them their place of love in this world. I love you and I thank you for your inspiration.\
Love Mommy.
Good morning baby today mommy is taking a beautiful little German Shepard to its forever home another one is saved baby, I hope you are proud...God there are so many now I cry each day but mommy promises you she will never give up I will fight for each and everyone one of them this I do in honor of you my little lost one who gave our family so much joy...we miss you so much.
My beautiful baby girl I am sorry I haven't been to visit you, but as you already know my heart is broken in half once again, our beautiful angel brother Kaizer has joined you. He left on April 20th, he went peaceful mommy had to make that hard decision baby. Oh God we are so sad, we couldn't bury him baby but we will bury some of his ashes right next to you in the cemetary..Princess I know that the heavens rejoiced as another angel joined the beautiful ones that are already there but it is hard baby send mommy and daddy strength and prayers. We love you so much still....we will make a residence here for Kaizer when my heart can speak of him without weeping. I love you Princess PePe
Hello beautiful baby I never ever go a day without thinking of you, I am so sorry I haven't been able to be here but we have lost our Maddie too, she is now with you and Kaizer in heaven. Oh baby my heart is so heavy, and it is so hard...we have the others that show us love and heal our hearts each day....but we still miss you three so much...Mommy has a residency here that Grady's mom Kim gave to her and she will be putting it together now, I have tried several times and the tears and heartache won't let me finish so I know now it is time to move on and to allow you three to be my angels watching over me always from above. I love you baby so very much. Give Kaizer and Maddie a big old kiss from mommy
Well baby mommy has finally mustered up the strength to create the residency for your brother that her friend Kimmy gave to her, haven't written alot but I have gotten that far, it is so hard little one, and mommy misses all three of you. I think of the fact that I have another one my Maddie to do as well wow so many sometimes it is just plain hard . But I still find myself blessed that you were a part of my life.

My baby girl you have been gone 1071 days today, I miss you so much. Old Girl had trouble getting up this morning it is so sad but I am still so very happy you sent her to us, this one again is in your honor and beleive me baby she is loved.
Good morning baby mommy loves you so much, it snowed here yesterday you always hated the snow, you would lay on the brick in front of the fireplace, we would laugh you would fall fast asleep after your travels of the day...just like Huck Finn we would say....love you baby
Happy Birthday baby girl, today I celebrate your 4th birthday in heaven, it seems like yesterday that I came to this wonderful place broken and so sad I thought my heart could never heal..and there will always be an empty spot in it for you my precious angel.
Now I have two more holes in my heart for Kaizer and Maddie who came to be with you this year...but still in my sadness I leave hope to each of you here that are facing a first Christmas without your babies...there will be happier days, I promise.
Today I choose to celebrate the precious time I had with my girl and to celebrate that in her passing and in my promise to her as we laid her to rest that cold December day, of saving as many as I could in her honor...I sit here today with tears streaming down my face for the loss I have to face but also with tears of joy for those who have found a home because I believe my girl shined her light of love and hope down on us...this I do in your memory...28 saved this year...a special thanks to my rainbow family Sissy (Usdi's mom) for giving Baby Girl the most precious and most special home I know every night that she is loved as she should be, and to Dana for giving Ruger a home and the love he deserves and for Andrea and her love and devotion to helping Teyha become the beautiful baby she was suppose to be all along, and last but not least to my Old Girl and Belinda , thank you angel for sending these extras to mom and daddy we love them more than words could say...
Another year has come and gone ...but the love we hold in our hearts remains the same for you my precious one. You have given me the courage to fight for those who have no rights..please continue in the coming year to send those to me that need me. Thank you my angel baby for everything you gave me while you were here and now everything you now give me from heaven,I love you
Good morning baby girl, happy birthday...mommy was sick yesterday so we will all celebrate our birthdays today....I love you baby, you never had a real birthday we didn't know the date so mommy decided that you would celebrate with her every year...I love you baby, you have two more to help you celebrate this year...hold them close and tell them how wonderful heaven is.. I love you to the moon and back. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet angel baby.
Good morning baby girl, mommy was moving some pictures last night and while moving bubby's I thought of you and the fact that even though my heart is broken in the loss of bubby, I am even sadder that you didn't get the chance to live your life to a ripe old age. I wonder sometimes what you would be like , your gray face would it be here now. I love you baby to the moon and back

Lucky your sidekick aging. But you baby you left us way to soon, so young...forever young in our hearts baby girl. We love you.
ALL those times I sat up and waited for you...that is what crossed my mind today. You were always the last one home at night (pre-fence) days. I miss you so much my sweet baby girl so many things that just don't seem the same without you. The sunshine is one of them,you loved to lay in the sun the hotter the better for you. Now I think our last rescue Toby has a little of you with him also , today I took his first picture laying in the sun. We miss you baby, even though our house if full there will always be a missing link with you not here. I love you baby girl forever more.
My baby girl the sun is shining bright here today and the leaves are falling fast another winter will be here way to soon. I love Winter with the exception of the day we lost you. I will always love you and always think of the special time we had. Thank you precious one for giving us the love you had for the short time we had you. Go now and rest at the feet of the angels it is your time to be loved and to bask in the beautiful light of heaven.
My precious baby girl Saturday will be 5 years and 2 months since that night you left us. We love you still and think of you each and everyday. Love you baby girl to the moon and back
4 years 10 months and one day...that is how long it has been since daddy and I saw your beautiful face for the last time on this side. Mommy is thinking of you today and sending you lots of love all the way up to heaven.
Hello baby girl..today I was just looking at the picture I have of you, not many you were so afraid of the camera. Your eyes it is like you knew that you wouldn't be here for a long time but the gratefulness of love was there. May you dance with the angels today baby. I love you always.
Happy New Year baby girl, mommy has been so busy with your human MaMaw, she is in the hospital. I love you to the moon and back always and forever!! Princess Poooooooo
Good morning my little Princess it is snowing to beat the band here, 15 inches. You always hated to be cold, I wish for you a day filled with lots of sunshine and beauty in heaven. I love you now and always will.
Good morning baby girl, the sun is so warm here it reminds me of you and how you used to love to lay in the bright sunshine. We miss you baby girl, your tulips are coming up on your grave they are so beautiful and bright just like your light that shines from heaven to us each and everyday. We love you forever and ever more.
Old Girl came to be with you on Wednesday, welcome her baby girl show her around the meadows she loved to roam.....
Good morning my Princess, I have left your candle for the service tonight, I miss you still and I always will ...love you to the moon and back
I believe my precious one that we all are born with our own destiny and I am believe that you have helped me learn mine...to love and save as many of you as I can..thank you my precious orphan for the love and the grace you showed for your short time on this earth
My beautiful baby girl as I sit here typing and petting Belinda, I remember by promise to you...as I looked at u for the last time ... I said I would promise to always have my heart open to help a lost one that needed me..I promised your short life would not be in vain...and it hasn't my beautiful skinny hound..I have this precious Belinda a shepard who never walked on the ground until she was 3, and went thru more than I can allow my heart to see...and now look at her, no look at us how blessed we are to have this beautiful lady who has learned to trust again...only us but trust she does...I love you Princey PP thank you for inspiring my soul to follow it's path...
Beasley is here my precious girl, he is your friend who used to stay with us from Charleston when his daddy had to be out of town for work...he is very sick Princess, they say it is cancer...he had stopped eating so his daddy has let him come stay with us on the farm for a last hoorah, well my beautiful girl, I guess you and your sister and brother have decided to send us some positive energy, Beasley has begun to eat again, so we will keep our fingers crossed. I love you Princess forever and ever ... my first orphan.
It is snowing here today, reminded me of how much you always hated the cold...I can still remember finding you curled up on the hearth of the fireplace. I miss you so much by precious one, today I am picking up Beasley's ashes, his dad will be here this weekend, we will decide then whether or not he will be with us or with his dad..I love you to the moon and back my angel baby
It is hard to believe my precious girl that 6 years ago this evening your life would end, even before it had a chance to begin. May you always know that our love shines as bright as the candle I have left for you. You are the reason I have continued on in rescue, you are the reason I try to help each one I can as long as my journey on this side is granted. I am sad so very sad, but more so I feel blessed because of you my Princess my life is richer and because of you I travel on.....I love you forever and I wish you and Kaizer,Maddie, and Old Girl a beautiful Christmas in heaven.
Happy Birthday baby girl, you never had a birthday so we decided to let you share mine...of course a different year as mommy turns the big 50 this year...I love you Princess PP forever more!!
My girl as I sit here I think of you and how you lived your life on your own terms...you were forever a free girl..we tried to tame your soul but it was not meant to be...I think of how you would look now,Lucky your sissy has become an old gray lady dog now..I wonder what you would have looked like if you had stayed with us...but it was not meant to be my angel puppy not meant to be...always and forever our little Princess PP
My beautiful angel I sit here asking you to send your light and love down upon us from heaven, our dear Buddy is getting so feeble...it won't be long now...it seems to be getting so hard to watch all of you leave me. I am forever grateful but I will say that it is none the less so hard. Each of you have always given me so much.
Hello baby girl, mommy hasn't been here in a while I have been busy with rescue and taking care of your brothers and your sister here. Turbo is now on medication, so once again I guess I have you my angel puppy to thank for sending us another baby with special needs. No I just kid you I wouldn't take anything for him. As always I send you my love and my gratitude for being my puppy for the short time I was blessed to have you. Go run in the meadow and welcome Krypto our special human friend Sammy's baby who came to be there a bit ago. Love you always and forever...Princey PP
Good morning baby girl,missing you on this cold winter's day. Our Bella reminds us of you and how you would practically crawl up into the fireplace to keep warm. You are our first baby here at the bridge and sadly we have added your brother Buddy and still have another your sister Belinda whom you never met. Now the only ones left that met you are Scooby and Lucky both of which have grown old. We miss you girly always. Sending loves to heaven.
Momy had to erease for the 22nd time today. Gosh it seems like yesterday I was making this residency now since you we have 4 more here and I still have one more to place here. It is just so sad to know that you never got to be old but you had a good life with us even if it was for a short time. I love you always my precious angel always....
Mommy had to erase for the 23rd time today so I could write to you again..I have left your candle for the service tonight. Always in our hearts and souls
It is so cold here today my mind goes back to how you used to climb practically into the fireplace to stay warm, you hated the cold. They are all gone now except Lucky and Scooby all our original orphans as I called you, but you were so much more a part of us always and forever,I love you skinny hound puppy
Another year has come and gone almost 9 since you have been with us here, we still miss you everyday.
It is cold again here today , a dark and gloomy day. Yesterday another was saved in your honor. I always think of you my love each and every time we see another re-homed. I love you more
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight and your Valentines Day things. I am sending you loves to heaven
14 inches and counting of snow here, all the babies are out playing. I miss you so
The snow is starting to melt Spring will be here soon..another season has come and gone. Yet you are so very much still with us in our hearts. We love you and miss you always our skinny hound girl. Forever and ever more
Mommy is going to sing for the old folks at the nursing home tonight, I think of them and how they have been able to live their lives then I reflect back to you and how you were gone so soon..Once again I think of the old saying, some folks are too perfect for this world but just right for the next. I love you Princess PP
Our precious baby girl, as I sit here looking at the urns of all your siblings....I come to realize that you are the only one buried on the property. And as fitting as it seems from hence this earth you came and hence you were laid there to rest...I wish now that I had the decision to cremate you also. But in reality I do know that you are and were our free spirit who needed to be returned to mother earth. I love you always and forever my precious one
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight ...I will be sending each of you and all the babies all my love and thoughts at 9 tonight..
Hello precious girl mommy loves you and thinks of you often it is almost 9 years now and I can still remember you as if it were yesterday. Always in our hearts
It is snowing still here, but this past week it was pretty. I was out back working in the yard and couldn't help but notice the beautiful purple Iris that had come up so pretty on your grave. I love you always and always will my first little orphan girl.
My beautiful girl I have lit all the candles for you and your brothers and sisters here as your brother Scooby has joined you. He was an orphan like you our third one from the same terrible place you came from. Please watch for him and welcome him in. I will prepare a residency for him as soon as my heart will allow
I love you always my precious one, today we put out Scooby's ashes. You are the only one that is buried on the property, which is fitting since you loved to roam. I think of you always and count myself very blessed to have called you my own even if it was only for a short while
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Love you always and forever
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I miss you always my sweet Princess PP
My baby girl today for the first time in years Lucky got out and went wondering. It reminded me of the years passed when you two would wonder up and down the road. Sadly Lucky is old now and her only wandering was across the field into the long tall grass. I wonder if she thought of you and her adventures with you and she in her younger years. It would be a joy to be able to get into her head for just a little while. Lucky enough she is now back home safe and I hope this never happens again. It is hard on me especially since you were killed when you left the safety of the fenced in yard. I love you still Princey PP always and forever.
My beautiful girl, last night I was looking at Lucky and how she has become an old woman. I often think how wonderful it would have been if you two could have grown old together. We miss you always
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you
Another year has come and gone. Your brother BJ is limping badly now. and your best buddy and little sister Lucky is white faced now she is about 15 and has slowed down. She is our last original orphan. She is the only one left who has seen them all come and go including you. I miss you still my precious little girl . 10 years seems like yesterday. Love you always and forever my Princess PP
My precious mommy has left you a candle for the service tonight. I think of you often as I see your grave out back, I miss you and I am forever grateful for the time we had together. We are having another human grandbaby tomorrow. I am so excited. I wish you could be here to meet little Chase.
Mommys beautiful angel always in my heart. It is amazing for me to even be able to write these words. Your sister Lucky is still with us. YES she has made it almost another year. You and she my wild children. She is old and gray now and has trouble hearing but she is still our LUcky Girl . we miss you my baby 10 years later ...we miss you still
My beautiful baby girl, it is cold and snowing here today. You always hated the cold. Mommy was so fortunate to be able to take a little blind puppy to it's foster home on Saturday. Watch over her Princess, send her light and love as she starts her new life in her new home. I love you always . It is hard to believe it has been 11 years since I last saw your little hound dog face. Always in our hearts
Mommy has left your Valentines things, I love and miss you always.
How appropriate that I chose you of all the babies I have here today to visit. You started this world of rescue for me my precious hound puppy. I often think of how you would look today. Would you still be with us? Would you have a gray muzzle like Princess. It is sadness sometimes but also love that I got to be with you and show you what true love was. Even after all these years I still miss you like it was yesterday. Watch over all those involved in getting little Suzie to her new foster home today. She is 6 months old about the age that your sister Lucky was when she came to us. I love you Princey Pee.
It is a cold day here in WV. I think of you and how you would curl up by the fire. Time marches on ...so many have come and gone but you my precious started this journey for us. They all will have a part of you who come to be with us. I love you always.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
The sun is beginning to shine here. I always think of how you loved the sunshine on your face.
My pretty little girl, I missed you today while I was out working in the yard. I miss seeing your skinny little legs laying in the yard.
My precious angel. Today mommy is on another journey to save a beautiful little lab girl, who was chained to a tree and attacked by other dogs. Although her life was a mess, she has become a star in her temporary foster home and is now on her way to her new foster, with a little hope in her heart and trust in her spirit that she will find the home that she deserves. You were my inspiration . I love you
Mommy left your Easter things. I miss you my special angel
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I will think of you and all the others as always.
It's a beautiful sunshiney day today...One of those days you loved.
I often think of you and your skinny hound legs and how you would run and run and run...You never had the chance to grow old but I will say that you did have a small chance of love. You were a free spirit my girl
My sweet girl mommy is going to be helping a 10 month old English Setter to it's new home on Saturday. As always I say "thank you" for starting this journey for me. I hope I have made you proud.
My beautiful girl I always think of you as I mow. Our only one that is buried on the farm. I miss you even 11 years later. Still and always will.
Last night daddy and I were sitting in the garage talking about Lucky and how she had seen all of you come and go, the only original one left. I think of how you two used to play and run together, I am so thankful she didn't or couldn't climb that fence that day. I can only imagine she would have been right by your side and our pain would have been doubled. I miss you my precious puppy, forever young. Daddy is on a mission today to contact the police we have a doggie in our neighborbood that is tied with no shelter ....it has been raining for days . It just makes me so so sad.
In five days you will be gone from us for 11 years, I still miss you as if it were yesterday. Can you believe it, Lucky is still here. She is 16 so old now Princess, not the same young pup who ran with you in the woods. I love you my Princess P always
Love you my baby girl always!!
4,021 that is how many days we have been missing you!! Love you
I always think of you when it is cold and how you used to climb upon the fireplace to get warm. You were a free spirit indeed and even now so many years later my heart aches for you.
My love I thought of you on Saturday as I helped a beautiful boxer mix to her forever home. I think of you each time I see a family receive their forever furbaby from a rescue. She was so sweet . Had that little hound dog face like yours. I love you always and forever my Princess P
Today I was able to visit the residency of a cute little fellow named Harley. He like you had a short time on this side but it just reminded me once again of how beautiful and wonderful it is even through the sadness to see the ones that get their second chance, know love. I love you baby girl, and I am thankful you got your second chance..
Daddy cleared around your grave today sweet pea. You are the only one we have buried. I miss you still sweet girl.
My angel it is with a sad heart that I tell you that your sister Lucky Girl is waiting for you at the gate. She left this world at 10 am yesterday to join you and the others please meet her and show her all the wonderful sites of heaven.
Happy Valentines day sweet angel. I hope you and Lucky are enjoying a beautiful day in heaven.
The sun is shining here today. I miss you lots when it is warm. You loved the sunshine and the warmth of it. I hope you and Lucky are enjoying the bright sunshine of heaven.
Hello sweet baby angel. The sun is shining here today, I was out back in t garden cleaning your grave. I think of you so often. I wonder if you would have aged like Lucky? Would you have stayed with us as long as Lucky did? So many what ifs?...But never a what if you were never loved? Because you were and always will be
Hello Princess P, mommy has left your Easter things, I think of you so often. I love you always
Happy Memorial Day weekend in heaven my precious girl. I still miss you even 12 years later
My precious girl, Fall is here and Winter is almost upon us. I think of you and how it will soon be 13 years. I love you precious girl always and forever.
Another year has almost come and gone....I still miss you even 12 years later
Hello my sweet forever young baby girl. You have been gone so long. But I still miss you so much. You are the only one buried on the property, the others are all in their boxes. I think of you and how you were so free spirited and I know you would want to be exactly where you are outdoors. I still miss you Princess even years later.
My angel girl, I think of you and it is hard to believe you have been gone for almost 13 years. Times passes, but each time I work on a rescue or transport in getting another to it's forever home or second chance foster I never fail to think of you..... I love you forever and always.
Mommy has left your Easter things..I hope you have a beautiful day in heaven today sweet angel girl
Hello my beautiful sweet angel. Mommy has left you some white roses and a single candle gather at the gate your brother Bud-Jones Jarvis has joined you.
Mommy's heart is sad but as soon as I am able I will give him a beautiful tribute page with the rest of you. I love you my precious angel girl. Now gather at the gate with your flowers and candle so Bubby can find his way to you.
Hello precious, ,mommy was just thinking of you today. I hope you are having a wonderful Summer in heaven basking in the warm sunshine. You always hated the cold, now you can feel the warmth all the time. I love and miss you even 13 years later.
Hello there sweet girl. Mommy was mowing yesterday and thought of you and how many years you have been in heaven. I miss you baby girl and I am forever grateful for my first orphan. You forever started us on this journey....and no matter the heartache I wouldn't trade my time with any of you that I had.
Good morning precious ,mommy had a hand in helping another baby to it's forever home on Saturday. I never fail to think of you and how this all got started. I love you always and forever.
Precious angel mommy has left you a candle to help the others to light the way for Tia she will be coming to see you soon.
Hello sweet angel mommy has left your St. Patty's Day things for your celebration in heaven. I miss you everyday.
Good morning baby girl, it is very cold and snowy here today. You hated the cold. I chuckle even 14 years later when I think of how you used to climb up on the hearth of the fireplace to curl into a ball it was warm and toasty. Bella Sue loves to bask in the sunlight just like you. I love how God allows those who come after to have at least one quality of those who have gone on . We love you Princess P always and forever
Princess mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.
Mommy has come to visit and to leave you some Easter things. We miss you sweet girl. You will always live on as a youthful pup.
Gosh it seems like yesterday I was cleaning off your grave to see your flowers bloom, yet here we are with them growing once again. They are pretty but it reminds me of the time that has passed.I love and miss you sweet girl always and forever.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight, gather with the others and send light and love to us below.
Mommy has left you a candle baby girl, gather with all the others so you can send a bright and shining light to illuminate the way for your brother Turbo he left this world to be with you on Thursday.
Hello Sweet girl today is a dreary day and I think of you as I go outside and work, you are still with us on the farm as you are the only one buried. Mommy got the call today your brother Turbo's ashes are back I have to muster up my strength now to go and get them. His urn is in place in the cabinet. I will create a residency for him as soon as my heart will allow.
I love you Princess PP you and always will be forever young in my heart and in my mind. I so wish that you could have lived to an old age but I guess God needed a new and special angel.
Happy Easter in heaven sweet baby girl!!
Good morning Princess, I am drinking my coffee and I sit here thinking of you. I wish so many times that you could have grown old with us as the others did, but God had another plan. Maybe it was so you could be the first there so you could welcome all the others. So many of our pack you met the first time they crossed the bridge. I am sure you would have loved to romp an play with them on this side and be sure we would have loved to have seen that, but the beautiful God we serve had another plan. I miss you Princess but I am forever grateful that you brought me here to this site and most of all that you started it all...you were our first orphan. I love you always and forever Princess P
Good morning sweet P, gosh I miss the knowing of how you would have grown to be an old lady dog. I would have probably have had to have lost you by now since you would be close to 16 years old. I often think of how you would have aged, how you would have been with your best buddy Lucky in your old age, and my I think Bella would have loved you and your energy. I miss you girl and I am glad I got to love you if just for a little while
Beautiful angel, this morning as I was drinking my coffee I saw this beautiful Husky roaming on the road in front of our property, it had a collar but I thought instantly of how blessed all my babies were that they had humans that loved them and protected them.. My girl, we tried in every way to keep you safe but that spirit ...it made you who you were but took your life in the end. I love you angel to the moon and back.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend in heaven baby!!
When I think of you my sweet girl I think of a free soul. That freedom was wonderful but it also cost you your young life. I think of you and what you would have been like in your old age. I do long that you could have lived to be an old woman doggie like your best buddy Lucky Girl. I can only imagine the trouble you two would have stirred up over the years, but God had a different plan. I love you Princess P always.
Oh sweet girl even after 14 years my heart still hurts so badly when I think of you and the life you missed. Thank you for coming into ours and starting this whole big crazy journey. Forever and always sweet angel forever and always!!
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight sweet girl. I miss you so much, and will never forget you.
Precious angel girl, whisper a prayer for your sister Bella. She has a small mass on her hip we are going to the vet tomorrow. My heart always skips a beat when I think of something being wrong. I wish each day that you could have lived to have been an old woman, I would have gladly suffered all the time related things with you. I miss you Pricess P always.
I was outback spraying off the back deck and I thought of you and how you would have been laying in the warm sun, that is how you rolled. I so wish I could have seen you grow old sweet girl.

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