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Memories of Primo Pup
Once we saw that scared smelly puppy in the corner of the kennel all by himself, we knew we had found what we were looking for. But we had no idea what was about to happen to our lives. We thought we were getting a puppy for Matt. We had no idea how much you would fill our life. You overcame so much. From threatening illnesses to seizures and then TPLO surgery. Many pills twice a day. You were our miracle dog. But through it all, you were always happy! A huge smile always greeting us when we got home. You became daddy's dog. Our games of chase when I would dive on the bed after you. Our games of catch. (you never did learn how to let go)I remember the first time taking you to the park and how you instinctively dove off the pier after the duck. lol The futile chases after squirrels. You never met a human you didn't want to lick. And even when us humans were playing cards, you had to be there. Begging for attention (and treats), laying on everybody's feet, bringing us your ball. As you got older and couldn't go for walks around the neighborhood anymore, we still loaded you up in the car and took you to the park. I think you, me, and mommy hit every park around! Every child always wanted to come up and pet you. I loved showing you off!! There never has been a more gentle, sweeter dog. With the most outgoing personality!

But you were also mommy's dog. The protector! You always came to her rescue. When daddy would come get her, you immediately let it be known that nobody better mess with her. We had play time, then it was time for you to get some lovin. It was so adorable watching you twist your body so she could scratch and rub that perfect spot!!

We will never forget you buddy. You were such a good boy. It was so hard letting you go. Over 13 and a half years you filled our lives. I never imagined the puppy we were getting was going become such an important part of our lives. We miss you so much. Thank you for loving us as much as we loved you! We will love you forever!!

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