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Memories of Pretty Shy Vecchio
Pretty, you will always be remembered as the cat that turned this house upside down. You filled it with so much joy and laughter, whether is was your unique meow, running all around like crazy, begging at the table for people food, jumping on the newspaper as we were trying to read it, or in front of our tablets as we were trying to read them, kneading our shoes or barging into the bathroom as we were in the shower, rolling over in front of us demanding to be petted or "boxing" with Jordan, head butting us, and everything else that you could reach, laying in the sun on the porch, or in front of the heater , Jordan using you for a hat or being placed on his shoulder ,sitting on your moms lap and greeting us when we came home from work, sleeping between your mom and dad in the bed at night and helping comfort us through hard times. We gave you so many nicknames! Jumping on our laps the second any of us sat down.You demanded attention and always got it!

You were truly a one of a kind cat, we never, ever will forget you, we will love you forever and will see you again someday at Rainbow Bridge.

Love you forever

Mom, Dad and Jordan

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