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Memories of Precious Ruby Williams
Ruby was a very exceptional young Lady. She began her life with us while My father and mother were in a nursing facility. Both Windy and I worked and we did not wish to leave her alone for ten plus hours a day. We worked in a condominium and purchased a cage for a large dog and that was her home each day while we worked. The condominium was a residential condominium and there were always owners and guests stopping by and they all fell in love with her. We would take her out of her cage and they would pet and hold her, she loved them and they loved her.
Each afternoon we went to the nursing facility and Ruby went with us. We would walk around and let the residents love and pet her and she would love them. The staff were just as bad, some days we would walk in and a staff member would grab her and say there was a new resident that needed to be cheered up. We sometimes would have to go find them as she would be doing her job giving joy and happiness to the residents and even the residents family members.
Many times it would take 20 to 30 minutes to get from the entrance to our families room because of all the stops we had to make. If there were special residents that really loved Ruby we would take a photograph of the two of them and Windy would make a small hanging frame using ribbon and we would give it to the residents. We were told hundreds of times how very much our visits meant to the residents. There was one unusual thing about Ruby, her left side canine tooth was bent out and always looked as though she were smiling. There were trained therapy dogs that visited and we were told many times that Ruby's visits did more good than any of the others.
We had started carrying Ruby in a car carrier strapped in the back seat when we first got her, she did not like to travel any other way. Just the week before we lost her we took a trip that was 500 plus miles and she never gave us one little problem.
I could go on for hours about what a great little angel she was but it is hard to see to type. She is in a much better place now and we know that one day we will see her again. She will never be replaced even though we are looking for another. Until my last breath I will remember our beautiful baby.
So long Sweetheart, until we meet again Your loving Father and Mother.

Dec.19/08 The last ten days seem like a lifetime, I never knew how very much you really ment to me. Hardly an hour goes by that I do not think of you and how very much you gave to this family. When I come home from work there is no more baby running out to greet me. When I get up in the morning, I have no one to get in my lap and snuggle while I have my coffee and spend time with you before I have to go to work. Life is just not as full and happy without you. I hope that you know how much your mom and I loved you and will always. Good night for now we love you dearly,Dad

Dec.20/08 Sweetheart, today your mother and I found a little sister for you. I know you would like her, she is somewhat like you only smaller. She is thirteen weeks old and will grow to about 5-8 pounds. We knew the minute we saw her the two of you will get along. She is shier than you were but will grow into a lovely lady as you did. The one thing we know is that she loves to travel the same as you did in the travel cage. Some day we will all be together and I know you will love each other as we loved you while you were with us. Her name is Sweet Sissy Williams. I must close for now and get ready for bed. We love you Mom & Dad.

Dec.24/08 Our dearest Ruby, today and tomorrow are going to be very sad as we will have the first Christmas without our Precious Girl. Though we have your little sister and she is so much like you, she is her own young lady. There are so many differences yet so much that is the same. Sweetheart we know you will be playing and having a lot of fun there with all of the other Fur Babies that are with you, and if you are like us you will think of us often. Please know that we will have you on our minds very much of the time. You are never from our mind for more that a short while. Sweet Sissy gives us a lot of hugs, and kiss's and we feel that you are sending the same to us. We hope that you have a great Christmas with all your new frinds, Sissy sends her love to you and Mom and I love you very much. I am sending a photo of Sissy. Mom, Sissy, and Dad

Dec.27/08 Our lovely lady, yesterday we yook Sissy to meet the residents and staff at the nursing facility, she loved the people there and the staff loved her just as they loved you. Miss Sandy was very sad to hear that you had left us and when we told her where you were it pleased her very much. She will stop by in a few days and leave a message for you and us. She is such a nice lady. Several of the other staff were very sad to her that you were in the Rainbows Bridge, they may stop by also. Ruby be brave, I know there must be a lot bigger residents there but they will not hurt you. You see only the kind gentle fur babies are there, thats why we know you have a lot of friends. Uncle Chris is coming over to night like he did when you were here, he really misses you and is looking forward to meeting Sissy. I will let you know what he says. I have to run my lady, I will write later. We Love you, Sissy, Mom,& Dad.

Jan.8/09 Hello my lovely lady, I am sorry that I did not write you on your birthday but the memory of you was just to strong for me to even look at your Rainbows Bridge. We miss you so very much, even little Sissy goes around the house and smells the scent that you left here, it's almost as though she knows you and are trying to let you know she is here taking care of your family. Everyday we are reminded from others that knew you how very much you meant to everbody you touch in you short life. It is so hard for everyone to believe that you are gone from our world but they know you are in a very much brtter place. A place where you will live for ever as it should be. Our sweet Precious Ruby please watch over little Sissy as she is with us and guide her in the ways of being a lady as you are. I am sorry but Daddy can hardly see how to type this so I will try again in a few days. We love you, Sissy, Mom & Dad

Jan.25/09 Hello to our sweet young girl, it seems only yesterday that you were in my lap in the morning watching TV waiting to go to work. That was one of the most pleasent times for me. Your
mom would be getting herself ready for the day and we just had some quality time. Sissy is learning but is still a little girl and does not sit very long. I know you are helping her and I am sure she will do well. We finally have the wood to put your cross up. We moved Boomer next to you out by the shed and his cross is there already. I will build yours soon and put it up. Your mom will do the ingraving in the wood for your name. There are African Iris planted there already, I know you would like it. I think all of the staff at the nursing home finally got the word that you were no longer with us, everyone there was so very sad. You do not know how very much you helped the people there both staff and residents. It is hard to think about the times we spent with those people, you always brought such joy to their faces and hearts and to your mom and my hearts. Ruby, play well with all your new frends, and continue to send your help to Sissy to help her. Always remember we love you very much and keep an eye on that bridge, one day soon you will see one of us running to meet you and we will be a family again. When the day comes when we all will be there it will be great joy, Boomer, Ruby, Sissy, and your mom and I. Until later, Dad

"If Tears Could Build A Stairway,"

If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane.
I would walk right up to Heaven
and bring you back again.

No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say "Goodbye".
You were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why.

My heart still aches with sadness,
and secret tears still flow.
What it meant to love you-
No one can ever know.

But now I know you want me
to mourn for you no more;
To remember all the happy times
life still has much in store.

Since you'll never be forgotten,
I pledge to you today~
A hollowed place within our hearts
is where you'll always stay.

We love you very much
Mom, Dad, & Sissy

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