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Memories of Precious
Precious was the runt of the litter but he was chosen most of all for his loud purrrr and the bluest, blue eyes. Over the course of 12 and a half years, he gave us all his sweet, sweet love and we gave him all of ours. We think of him everyday. We visit you as often as we can because it will make us feel closer to you. There will never be a pootykat that will ever take your place.
Morning and night especially, the Papa always talks to you looking at the many pictures we have of you in every room of our house. There is never a 24 hour period that passes that we don't miss you. You were so much a part of our lives together. Especially once all our wonderful children were living their own lives and the papa came to be a part of our family, YOU were the "Precious" baby that gave us so much joy. You were with us everywhere we went, whether on the table, or next to the computer or just with us in general wherever we were in the house, whether you were getting groomed by the mama or everytime we snuggled in bed. From the very first time that the Papa held the Mama in bed, you came to be between us and pretty much always from that day forward, begged to be right there between us at nighttime. We held you in our arms and loved you so very much. You came into our hearts forever and etched a corner for your very own. This is why when we go to bed at night we miss you sooo very much. You were very 'fluffy' and the papa who has allergies and was constantly stuffed up, asked me to give you a grooming(lion cut) the way they had done it once before when your coat was matted at the pet grooming place. I had a pet grooming razor and we got blades, some were never used and I gave you a really cute lion cut and as soon as the papa thought you were getting fluffy again I did again. I kept your hair trimmed a little around your face and I left a patch of hair at the end of your tail and left you paws unshaven. The rest of your body was a light tan and was close shaven. A few times when you got shots or whatever and we had you in the car, people would ask 'Is that a dog?' to which we proudly announced no that is our "Precious" pootykat whose name is Precious.
You brought delight to any visitors who came to our home, always wanting to be right where the action was. I remember when Colin was born and Marissa was trying to give her baby a bottle you climbed on her lap and just laid there. You were born just one month after Ben was born and you played with Ben like crazy when he would tease you with his strap from the high chair. You loved children, you were always a hit with all our grandchildren. A couple of the Moms had allergies to you because of your fur. They sneezed and their eyes watered, but they still loved the little fuzz ball as they affectionately called you.
I loved your blue eyes sooo much, last night, as I lay in bed after lighting a candle in front of your picture to burn all night and day for your anniversary, the close up of your blue eyes stared down at me and it was like a knife piercing my heart. Your papa had to work overnite last nite. He was tearing up all nite too. He would have held me close and cried with me, if he could have been home. The papa got a very warm comforting Email from the people who host this site for you at the rainbow residency.
We remember when we had to make the decision to let you go off the machines, like it was yesterday. We are still paying the medical bills from those several days. We both still remember when I held you in my arms like a little baby rag doll. We were so overcome with grief, as we continue to be, most especially when we miss you in bed and when you came running to greet us at the door. Now Rascal and Cutie Pie have continued at least that part of the tradition, and the papa still greets them with the happy high pitched HI that he used to greet you with. But at bedtime, you would trip us sometime to race to get into bed, often now call as we might these kitties are very independent and they don't come when we call them, unless they want to. No cat will ever take your place, don't get me wrong we have grown to love Rascal quite a bit and the little Cutie Pie who came into our lives eventually after you were gone, gets affectionate once in while at nite for about 10 - 20 minutes, but neither of them sleep with us under the blankets like you did. Rascal has tried a couple times but he is soooo big that he gets too hot real fast. You were sooo little before you left us. We knew you were not well because you would reject your food fairly often no matter what we gave you. We had to limit your treats because, if you had too many, up they would come. We used a lot of Resolve on the carpets to clean up the accidents. We would have done it without complaint forever too, rather than lose you.
I wish you were still here my little baby and the papa misses you very intensely too. Not a day goes by that he does not say a fond "Goodmorning, see you in the nighttime, we miss you" to you and sad "Goodnight see you in the morningtime, wish you were here" at night. I have my moments where I have a huge clamp on my throat like right now. I also have a headache but I feel it is important that you know, you truly will always be our minds and in our hearts as we live out the remainder of our lives.
We see rainbows every once in a while. Sometimes we are sad and then a rainbow appears and we think, that you are showing some love to us in a special where there is no mistaking that it is you. The other day I caught glimpse of a rainbow on a bright sunny day. I said to the papa, how is it possible? I thought rainbows only came after rain and there were just a few fluffy clouds in the sky. That rainbow then appeared in all its glory, where we could see the full arc of it, and it stayed with us long enough for us to capture multiple pictures of it. I told the papa oh it will never come out because it was so faint, but it did. You have to look for it and believe that it is there on the pictures just like we believe that you did not want us to grieve so bad, on your anniversay. Well guess what, we are a wreck. Not totally devasted like when a human family member passes, but we are very sad and our hearts hurt just the same.
I am sure the papa will be crying too when he reads these special fond memories we have of you in our lives. We love you always our "Precious" pootykat. We will be going to see you in NH this afternoon and we will be bringing you two white roses, one from the mama and on from the papa. They will last as long as they last...there is a small heart of fake white roses on the back of the rock plack that I found at the Hallmark store, it says "Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we now hold in our hearts forever". I love it and I love your resting place. This past summer we were so surprised when we saw a rich carpet of Lillies of the Valley all around you. It was such a joy to have that happen. My aunt had bought me lilly of valley lotion and eau de toilette when I was very little and I had treasured it for a of my growing up years, as such a wonderful fragrance and the bottles they were in very decorative. I took a sprig to have with me the whole day, so I could smell it and think of you. Oh and by the way, the picture of you that is on this site, we had laminated and wedged in the ground when we buried you last year, it is still holding up just fine, even after snow, winds and all the weather we had this past year, it is a small miracle, which we are grateful for. We had a bunch of pictures of that pose done so if it every fades or gets weathered we will be able to replace but so good so far, it looks great. Isn't that amazing.
You would be right next to me right now if you were here, because you were always with us when we were on the computer. You did not just up on the keyboard, like big Rascal has done a couple times and completely destroy the area, you would just jump up and be right next to us, just to be there keeping us company.
I know this is a long dissertation on missing a pootykat, but it somehow seems to help to slightly ease the pain of the loss. I wish only that you have phenonmenal human relationships like the mama and the papa have and the gift of a little fuzz ball like our pootykat, because only then will you realize how truly blessed you are in this life.
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