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August 25 2009
Hi sweet baby, how are things with you at the Bridge? Babygirl words can't say how much I miss you and how often I think about you. It's like you're right here with me, I just can't see you right now. I'll sit out on the patio and imagine in my mind that you're out in the back yard running and playing like you loved to do. Or that you're lying in your swimming pool cooling off. I've taken down some of the fence back there, it's no use to keep it up now, you're free my little girl to run wherever you want to go.I'll be there with you one day, I promise you that honey. You'll have a new friend coming to be with you soon. Her name is Mimi, she's white like you, she's a cockapoo. She has cancer right now honey, but it will soon take her out of this world and she'll be at Rainbow Bridge with you. She belongs to Frankie, you remember Frankie don't you? Remember after your daddy died how it came up a huge snowstorm ? Frankie and Gerald came and picked us up and took us to their house so we wouldn't be alone. Well Frankie has loved Mimi now for about 10 years and she got sick about 3 months ago. They found out she has cancer and that she doesn't have long to live. So honey, when you see Mimi coming over the bridge, could you run out and greet her and love and care for her till Frankie gets there? It's tough on Mimi's mama here, but I'll help her all I can now and after Mimi comes to be with you at the bridge. And babygirl, don't give up on me, I will be there one day. I'll never forget you honey. Never in a million years could I ever forget the Happiness and love you gave to me. Never. I love you honey, I love you. And I miss you.

My baby loved her balls! She would love for us to play catch with her, and if for some reason we didn't play when she wanted us to, she would take her tennis ball and drop it into her water bowl untill it was soaked. She would then get it out and slowly drop the soaking and dripping ball into my lap. Talk about all of a sudden being up for a game of catch, I woulld be!! And she loved Christmas trees and the presents she would find under them. I would wrap up beef jerkey treats and place then under the tree for her. She loved to find them and 'unwrap' them. Once we wrapped up a bag of chocolate kisses we planned to give as a gag gift, she found them and unwrapped the bag and by the time we found what she had done she had eaten three fourths of the bag of kisses. And knowing that chocolate can be very bad for dogs, it scared the daylights out of us. But she was fine, maybe a little put off because she got caught in the act and didn't get to finish the candy, but other than that she had no ill effects. She loved to go for walks and if one of us said 'ready to go?', she would sit by the front door with her leash in her mouth and once she was hooked up and out the door, she was happy as she could be. She was my baby and I will always miss her and am looking forward to the day I can see her and we won't ever have to be apart again.

October 8,2008
Hi sweet baby, I just want to tell you again that I love you. You have so many other babies to play with now and I know you are having a wondeful time. I miss you so much honey, you are my sunshine. Little Peanut is doing well, he has cataracts on both his eyes now and is blind, but knowing what a sweetie you are-well I imagine that you've been to see him and keep check on him like the angel you are. I know you are having a good ole time up there at the Bridge and have met up with your daddy. He loved you very much too, just like me and Tracy. Having your daddy with you I'm sure has been wonderful but one day we will all be together again and we'll never have to tell you goodbye again. You play sweet and share your balls with the other furbabies and watch over them. Mama will be back to see you baby. I just wanted to tell you I love you and that I know you're with me and Peanut everyday. Run and play with the other babies honey, you have a wonderful time. I love you! Mama

October 27,2008
Hi sweetie, it's so good to be able to write to you, you've been on my mind so much lately. The weather is changing and it's cooling down a lot. The leaves are blowing and it frosted pretty heavy last night. You seemed to love the cold weather, when it snowed you loved it! You would slip on the ice but get rightback up and chase the stick or ball we threw to you. Honey I can't ex[lain how I feel about you, it's like you was a part of me, a part of my soul.I'll love other furbabies, but honey not like I loved you. Somehow I always thought you would live untill I died, that you would never leave me, but that didn't happen. I miss you little girl.You was there with me when your daddy died, you was always an arms length away from me. When I would fall asleep on the sofa you would either curl up on the floor beside me or climb up and take a nap at my feet.Memories like that are so special to me. You was the little queen of the house, me and your daddy took more pictures of you than we did Tracy. I still have some of them out in frames along with the other family pictures. I'll always love you so very much honey. Always. Maybe one day I'll be able to write to you and not cry like I am now. I know you're happy and having fun, just please don't forget your mama. I love you baby girl. Mama

October 28, 2008
Hi baby girl, it's mama again. I forgot to tell you last night that your daddy's birthday is coming up Nov.8, would you please give him a birthday hug from me? And yours is soon too. I miss you both so much, and I know I will see you again one day. That's about the only thing that keeps me going. And have you seen my daddy yet? He's there with you and your daddy. You know he loved you so much, I still have the chew toys he brought for you. I know you loved Tommy too but honey it just didn't work out between us. I think you know that, but I'll never forget how good he was to you. I know that when he found out about your passing to the bridge, he came to visit your grave. I wasn't here, but I know he came. He really loved you so much like everyone else that met you. You was a special baby, everyone fell in love with you the minute they met you. I love you baby girl and I look forward to the day we will be together again. You're always in my heart...Mama

November 24, 2008
Hi baby girl, I sure wish I could see you. I know you're happy and running and playing with the balls and sticks you always loved. It's time for your birthday honey. You know I really don't know exactly what day you was born on, but it's near if not already past. Forgive mama honey, I just never knew the exact day you came into the world, but you came to us on Christmas day. Remember? You was a Christmas present for your daddy and oh mercy he was tickled pink. You was just a little bitty ball of fur, I still have pictures of you on that grand day. But you grew up into a grand lady, so pretty and all white. Except for your eyes, one blue one and the other eye was half brown and half blue. I knew you would be a special girl and I was so right. We're all okay here as I'm sure you know. Peanut got his teeth cleaned this week and even though he wasn't very happy about it, he seems to feel better. Are you with your daddy? When you 2 see me coming, ya'll come out to meet me now.Mama loves you and misses you so much. And I'll see you again one day.When you see me coming I'll have my arms outstretched so I can get that big hug from you. Oh honey mama misses you so. I'd better go for now before I start blubbering really hard. I love you baby girl...I'll always love you honey.

Hi sweetheart, Merry Christmas!! It's Christmas Eve and it would be wonderful if I could see you again - even if only for a few minutes. This Christmas is tough for several reasons, you know I just got out of the hospital last week and you know your mama, well I have to be up and going or I'm not happy. You always will be the most special Christmas present we ever got. I'll never forget that 1st time I saw you. You was just a little bitty ball of white fluff and the most precious thing I had ever seen (other than Tracy naturally), and oh how we loved you baby girl. You was always into something and you was like a little kid-so inquisitive and nothing scared you. When you thought you was in trouble you would crawl up under the sofa or loveseat to hide. Remember? And when granny or pawpaw would come to see us you would run to greet them, tail wagging and loving every minute of them being there. Pawpaw always brought you a special treat and really spoiled you rotten right along with the rest of us. Christmas is one of the most special times of the year for me. It's the time of year we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus and honey when you see Him, tell him I said thank you for letting be your mama for a little while. Of course I've already told Him that, but you can tell him too. Mama loves you baby girl, youre the light of my life and always will be. Nobody knows just how much I love you and how much I miss you. I haven't seen you in a while now, but I know without a doubt I'll see you again, I can't even begin to imagine the joy I'll have in my heart on that wonderful day;But it's gonna be here before we know it honey, it will be. I love you my baby girl! Merry Christmas!!
Debember 13.2009
Hi baby girl, it's about Christmas time, the time of year you came to live with us. And I miss you honey. You have a couple of friends that came to be with you-Mimi had cancer her on earth, but I know she's well and happy. And Gretchen, Janice's baby- oh her mama loves her so much -almost as much as I love you I'll bet. (Tracy says to tell you hello honey and he loves you). When you see them, take good care of them and show them the ropes there. Their mama's will be there as soon as God says it's okay to go and I will be there a soon as I can get there. I miss you baby girl, you was the sweetest and the best. I love you, have a good time running and playing. I wish I could see you just for a couple of minutes but no matter how long it was it wouldn't be long enough if I had to tell you goodbye again. I love you honey, Merry Christmas.

Hi babygirl, I love you and miss you. Christmas is over with now, it's time to get back to the regular routine around here. Christmas was the time of year you came to live with us. Do you remember that bag of hershey's kisses you got into one night when me and your daddy went somewhere? They had been wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree for a gag gift. You sniffed them out and helped yourself. You ate over half that bag of kisses. What still amazes me to this day is how you got them unwrapped. And chocolate is supposed to be bad for doggies but you never got sick. You might have had a tummy ache but you never let on if you did. I'll always remember that. And I'll always remember the time I took you out to papaw's and granny's in the country. You jumped out of the car and started running around so free and you were so beautiful. You almost floated like the angels do, it was really a beautiful sight and it will be etched in my memory untill the day I die. Loose and free, nothing was going to stand in your way, you ran like the eagle flies. Wild and free.I have an ache in my heart honey, I'd love to just put my arms around your sweet little neck and hug you one more time. But I know I'd never be able to let you go and I don't want to stand in the way of you being happy and content at Rainbows Bridge. My tears will dry and time will go on. But one day honey, one day.....one sweet day we'll be together again. And we'll never have to say goodbye to each other again. I love you babygirl.

May 1, 2012

Hello my baby girl, how are things going at the bridge? I'll bet you are taking command of every ball there aren't you? It's been 7 years since you left me honey and I still miss you so much. I have MS now sweetie and each day I realize more and more how limited I am in doing things, but it doesn't change my heart! I miss you so much!! And I love you! I'm staying with my mom now for awhile because she hurt her back but hopefully it will be better soon. Peanut has cataracts now and is blind but he's so tiny I can hold him constantly. Yeah he's spoiled and he is so fortunate to have you as his guardian angel. Be sweet honey and remember-share your ball with your friends. I'll see you again soon. I love you so much- mommy.

October 24th,2012
Hello precious baby, I just want to say I love you, I miss you and You'll always, always be in my heart. And while you're running and playing at the bridge-keep your eyes open for me because one day I'll be coming for you and we'll be together again. Oh honey, I miss you so much. I still have the snapshot of you having your little birthday party when you turned 13-a teenager!! And in that photo you had your birthday hat on. I have that hat to this day bay. It's precious to me. All your pictures are still out. You're the model for all doggies to follow. But of course I'm very prejudiced! Tracy is turning 40 Thursday -can you believe that? My one and only child will turn 40. But you my precious furbaby-you will always be that precocious teenager that I love so dearly. You could be so mischievious and I loved you even more for that. There was nothing you could do wrong in my eyes. But I gotta tell you honey-you scared the heebie jeebies out of me and your daddy after you ate that bag of Hershey's kisses. But boy wasn't it good!! Honey, I've been sick and it took the doctors a long time to find out what was wrong with me and as it turns out I have Multiple Sclerosis. I've kind of had a struggle getting used to my changing health conditions, but Jesus is by my side and is helping. And baby-keep watching over little Peanut. I know you're his guardian angel and he could lose one of his eyes. His cataract in his right eye got too heavy and it fell backwards into his eyeball and the doctor has him on eye drops to keep the irritation down. But she told me that the day will come that the drops will stop helping and the only thing left is for them to remove the eyeball. He's blind in it honey, he's blind in both eyes. But he's still a 5 pound ball of fire and will try to hunt out and run off anything that comes into the yard.
How are things going for you doll baby? I know you have plenty of room to play, and that you have a lot of friends. Watch honey because we all could be coming to heaven one day soon and I want to catch up on those doggie kisses you loved to give to us. I know you're taken care of, and I know you're probably being spoiled but that's good. I love my little girl so much and I'll never stop missing my love. I'll be back later sweetie-mama loves you with all of her heart! And one day that special happy day will come and I'll get to see my precious little girl again. And to thank Jesus for watching out for you while you're with Him. He loves you little girl-He made you!!! And a fine job he did too!! I love you honey-mommy.

January 20, 2014
Hey precious babygirl, how is my baby? It's been a while since I've been here

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