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Memories of Pouncer
Herewith are deposited the remains of one who possessed beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of human beings without their vices. This praise, which would be unmeaning flattery if inscribed over human ashes, is but a just tribute; which makes one grateful to now have the privilege, of the happy memories left behind, by Pouncer.

Pouncer came to me one day. It was love at first sight. He came over in his cage, and licked my arm and that was it. I fell in love with him right away. His "brother" Bear stood up in his cage. He was all by himself, stretched and came over to say hello. I grabbed him and put him on the counter. From that point on it was the three of us.
11 years seems to have come and gone so very very fast. I don't know how or why it seemed to slip away but time just did.
A gentle loving soul, he never lost his innocence and great heart. I believe he came to me to teach me a lesson in life. He saw me through my depressions, he saw me through grad school and change careers.
The three of us lived in a single bedroom apartment in San Diego, (Mira Mesa) for 4 years. That was when Bear and Pouncer were babies of 12 weeks. But they moved in as if the had known the place all along.
It seems so sad and ironic that Pouncer died so close to Sept. 11 aniversary. Just his time to go I suppose.
Feeling you Pouncer in the other side,,,the silver cord reaching across to Bear, and to me..I thank you. Run free and happy today and forever. I love you Pouncer
8/20/2011 I am sad that I did not celebrate Pouncer's life here sooner. Maybe I just couldn't bear the loss of such a gentle soul...he had myocardial hypertrophy that caused a saddle embolism to his back legs. He lost the use of his back legs. He was never himself after that, and he went gently and crossed the rainbow bridge with a very special caring veterinarian that day. Bear felt the loss so much, we got Leo not too long after losing Pouncer. Long May You Run Pouncer!!!!
8/20/2011 Hi Pouncer, miss you lots. I saw Bear running around in the living room...today....please tell him to stay with you . He has lived his long life here and deserves to be whole and healthy and snuggling with you again.
8/21/2011 I am sorry I didn't come here more and work to share your memory with others. Please be happy, forgive, and be with Bear again. You were such a loving, gentle, soul, there for me, and never growling or getting cross with me even at the veterinarian.
8/22/2011 Its a bright sunny August summer afternoon Pouncer. Miss you and your brother Bear oh so much today. Hard to do things and keep going today. Please take good care of Bear again today. Love and miss you always.
8/22/2011 Your dad again Pouncer....left a photo of your brother Bear and 2 guys you would have loved ...Izzy and Leo who came here not too long after you left. Izzy and Leo miss Bear a lot. Guess we all fee a bit sad today. Love you always and forever.
9/8/2011 its 3 weeks today that Bear joined you Pouncer. I miss you both a lot. No words can describe how I feel about you. We have been through so much together. I only wish you could have been here with Bear and could have left together. You were called home early because it was your time. I can understand a bit, hard to accept. Izzy and Leo both miss Bear. They never knew you Pouncer but would have been great pals..all of you. Tears today, sad, memories of you and Bear. Izzy seems to have a bit of your spirit Pouncer. He trots to me just like you did so many years ago. Miss you lots, love you always and forever.
9/25/2011 Happy Birthday Pouncer,,,sweet little guy, miss you so much still. Miss Bear too. Please play today, enjoy, say hi to Shoo-fly and Mr. Daisy too. love you always and forever Pouncer!!!
8/17/2012 Its one year since Bear passed over the Rainbow bridge and joined you Pouncer. I miss you both very much. Izzy and Leo are fine. I know you have visited me often through Izzy. I thank you for that joy. I am sad today and miss you both. Guess my heart hasn't quite healed but it will always hold you both in that special place. Rest, be happy and run forever with Bear. Enjoy today and be together always. Love you always.
8/13/2013 Hi Pouncer, I visited with Bear today. He passed over 2 years ago. I know you know that already. I am sad remembering Bear's passing two years already. I know you are and always will both be with me. I hope you are ok. Please keep watch over Leo when you can please. He needs both you and Bear to be there for him. He isn't feeling well. He has lymphoma. He is ok so far. Please help him when you can and help him be well and ok for while longer please. I thank you. Love you always and forever.

2/2/2016 I am sorry Pouncer. Been a while since I have been here to keep your memory alive. Been 14 years now and seems like yesterday you were with me and Bear. Lots of memories, lots of tears. Was hard to say goodbye then and hard to write this today to say hello again to a gentle friend. Leo and Izzy are still here and say hello. Bear says hello. But I know you and he have been together for while now and playing and seeing all the others who have crossed over. Love you always and always.
6/20/2016 Thank you Pouncer for trying to help Izzy just before he passed. I could see you had entered his body on several occasions as he trotted to greet me when he wasn't feeling well at all. I have missed your birthday and others birthdays. Been hard to keep up, change, accept changes and move on.

Please also visit Bear.

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