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Memories of Poppet
Dear Poppet,

I am looking at the receipt from the day I brought you home just over seven years ago..."Chinchilla-Grey-Male". You were the last chinch left at the pet store but I remember how you scampered up my arm and sat on my shoulder and I knew you were meant to be my little guy. Such an affectionate social fellow! You loved your belly rubs and you would almost fall over when you offered the underside of your chin for "scritches". You had those bright black button eyes that were always watching to be sure you weren't being left out of the action! You would hold your treat with both of your soft, tiny "hands" and you would bank off the walls with your padded springy little hind feet. Let's not forget spinning in your wheel in the middle of the night and "popping and bopping" around your house whenever Trix got underneath it to do his hijinks! Just two days ago you were flipping and dusting in your chilled Saturday night bath...

You arrived here to live with Sophie and Trix. Sophie, "the more the merrier" golden girl that she was, welcomed her new "brother". Trix...well, you two came to an understanding at best, but it worked. You knew when it was Sophie's time to leave us as you were both so quiet, almost respectful, the night before she went to the Bridge. You were my last tie to that life with "the girls" even though Sara was already gone. I am sure you two have met by now. Elsie joined us, then sweet Lucy came along, and the "family" became two dogs, a rabbit and a chincilla. Now Elsie is the last one left to feel yet another loss this year. How???...why???

I am trying to come to some understanding of how quickly things happened last night and I just can't make any sense of it. I have lost faith...in myself because I know I have always been intuitive about the health of my "fur kids" and Dr. Modglin has affirmed that. My heart is heavy as I wonder how I failed you...I keep asking myself if I was missing a symptom. I have lost faith in the emergency veterinary system, two times needed these past months for Trix and now for you and that too failed. I have lost faith in the god that will not hear my prayers for healing the most perfect, selfless, joyful creatures that you, Trix, Lucy, Sophie, Sara, Wilson, and Chopper were...are. I do not want to waste time, energy, or emotion being angry with that god as I reflect on your years of antics...but the anger is getting in the way as yet another sad reality this year sets in.

I was so lucky that your were that last chinch because you were the BEST chinch! You will be painfully missed and sweetly remembered my tiny buddy. I have to try to find some comfort in knowing that you have a whole "Bridge family" to look after you now. I do believe you are there Poppet because you came to me in that time early this morning of being asleep but being awake at the same time and when you looked at me with those shiny eyes I knew you had arrived.

Love always and forever your mdrc...

December 29, 2015...

Hey little buddy! I am remembering you and missing you as today marks six months since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. The end of the year is almost here. 2015...I'm relieved that this year with all of the sadness of losing three precious fur kids is over but also nostalgic because at least I had all three of you for awhile.

I am saddened at losing Lucy and Trix this year, but I think I am finally at peace in my mind because I knew that both of their times were upon us. You, tiny friend...I still blame myself because I don't understand what happened to take you so quickly. I just wish I could hold your soft furry little body and "tweak" your whiskers and offer you a special treat.

A very kind someone left a beautiful message in your guest book wishing that our fur kids would send a little sign to all of us back here during this Christmas season. This morning I held your tiny box of ashes and I know I felt a little tug on my heart...love forever, your mommadograbbitchinchilla

June 29, 2016...Hey Poppet! I have been thinking about you almost non-stop these past few days as your first anniversary at the Bridge was upon us. Your mdrc has been having a difficult go of it as I revisit your last day in this life over and over...no, my heart is not yet dry of tears and my mind has not yet come to acceptance. There are things I want to say about that time but I cannot do it on this page, so I will keep those words for the times when I am sitting outside looking at the stars and talking to all of my sweet fur kids. For now I just want to tell you that I wish I could give you a raisin and watch you spin in your wheel to "Cracklin' Rosie". I wish I could offer you a chilled block to sit on and towel you off after your Saturday evening dust bath. You were a tiny fellow with a large presence that is very sadly missed. I love you little guy...forever, your mom.

June 29, 2020...Hey Poppet! Today is your five year to the exact day anniversary since you went to the Rainbow bridge. There is so much insanity on this side and at least I know that you and Chopper, Wilson, Sara, Sophie, Lucy, and Trix are all safe with one another. I miss you so much my tiny friend...my curious, free spirited, impossibly cute, and absolutely amazing little creature!

June 29, 2022...Dear little Poppet! This is a particularly bittersweet anniversary. I brought you home on June 24, 2008 to enjoy seven years of fun, mischief, and indescribable cuteness. Today marks seven years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge, there for as long as you were here...and I miss you as much as the day you left. You experienced loss during your time on this side; first with Sophie, then with Lucy, but I believe you especially grieved when Trix made his journey. Maybe I just didn't see how much that affected you and that I will always regret. I have tears in my eyes now, but I can smile when I think of you all racing and chasing, bouncing and playing with one another!

Please also visit CHOPPER, Lucy, Sara, Sophie, Trix and Wilson.

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