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Memories of Pookie
Pookie, thank you for letting me be your momma. You were a beautiful kitty, with big beautiful eyes. I will never forget your sweet meows and purrs. I loved when you'd sit on my lap ( on your terms of course). Thank you for letting me care for you. You provided me and Tony with such joy. Mopsy misses you too. I see him walking around, looking for you. Especially when we play with the feather on the stick. He likes your nunchucks too. We always have cheesy craze treats here for you. No more discomfort or fear. No more darkness. May your eyes see the sunshine, the birds, and all your new friends. Be happy and free. Find that spot in the sun that you love. I will think of you when the sun shines in a spot on the floor, and on your window perch. You will always be my baby, my babycakes. I love you my sweet baby girl.
Your momma- Shannon and Tony

3/15/2016- It's been a month since we lost you sweet Pookie. I still have a hard time sometimes, especially when something reminds me of you. I made a nice photo collage of you and Mopsy, to be hung on the wall. I can't wait to see the finished product. Mopsy and I say good night to you every night. I just shared my favorite video of you when you were "begging" for wet food. I love it. I hope you found friends, and you're happy again. I love my memories. Good night babycakes.
Your momma-Shannon

5/15/2016- 3 months have gone by. I can't believe it. I still say goodnight to you every night. I still miss you so much. Mopsy has a new fur-little sister. Her name is Chloe. She is so pretty , and nice. We wanted Mopsy to have another friend to play with. She is perfect for him. I think you'd like her too. She will be 1 year old this week. Mopsy is showing her the ropes around here. I found Mopsy on your fridge one time. I teared up. I frequently do. I miss you my sweet baby. Good night for now.

9/18/16- wow, 7 months. I miss you so much kitty cat. I think about you every day. I tear up often. I watch little videos so I can hear your meow. You will never be forgotten. Momma loves you.

10/1/16- Happy Birthday Baby!! Momma loves you.

12/17/16- Hi baby. I can't believe it's been 10 months since we lost you. I still say good night. I've been thinking about you a lot. I have your stocking under the tree, right next to Mopsy and Chloe. I just thought I'd write a little note. Love you baby.

1/2/17- Good morning baby. I watched some videos. I miss you

2/15/17- Good morning baby. 1 year. I can't believe it. We think about you all the time. This has been a sad year. It's still hard to believe you are gone. Mopsy is doing well, and he and Chloe get along great. He's happy. I just hope you have no pain, you see all the birds, and you find those sunspots to take many nice catnaps in. Love you baby.

9/22/17- Hi Baby !! I miss you so much still. I think about you all of the time. Well, Sad day yesterday. Mopsy was very sick with cancer, and he was no longer eating and lost a lot of weight and strength. We sent him to be with you yesterday. I sure hope you met him at the gate. Please show him around, your new friends, your sun spots. I miss both of you so very much. I think of you all of the time, and I watch videos. I'm happy you two have each other again, no pain, bright skies, unlimited cat treats, whatever you want. I love you Pookie, and I love you Mopsy.

10-1-2017- Hi baby girl. I sure miss you .
Happy Birthday!!! You and Mopsy would have been 14 years old today. You two were the best. I watched a video today, and of course I teared up.
I love you baby.

12/6/17- Hi baby girl. Just started crying out of nowhere. I miss you so much. I'm sure I will again when I bring out your Christmas stocking. We're all good here. New kitties are getting along. Say hi to Mopsy. I love you baby.

1/29/18- Hi my pretty baby girl. I've been thinking of you a lot. Revisiting photos and videos on my phone. They easily bring tears to my eyes. Love you!

2/15/18- Hi baby! Its been 2 long years here without you. I went through some picture, and watched a video over and over of you begging for your wet food. I sure miss that. The new kitties enjoy the daily treat. I wish you were here to meet them. I hope you & Mopsy are having fun and eating lots of treats. Find those sun spots. I miss you. Love you always-momma

10/1/18- Hi baby! Happy Birthday to you and Mopsy. I miss you so much. I love looking at pictures. Love you baby girl.

2/15/19- Hi baby girl! I sure do miss you... so much. I tear up quite often thinking of you and Mopsy. You've been gone 3 years now. Still unbelievable. Things are good here in the new house. You'd like it. The new kitties like it here. I hope you and Mopsy are okay. I miss you. I love seeing pictures. Love you baby girl. Your momma ❤️❤️

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