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Memories of Pookie
Our little Pookie was 13 when she passed away on Monday, March 23, 2009, at about 2:45am. We miss her so much and the pain is still too fresh to write about it now. We will visit and write more soon, but for now, we wanted to be sure she was all settled in at Rainbow Bridge with our other dog, her Uncle Mackie in time to share Easter fun with him. We love you so much Pookie!

To continue, Pookie came to live with us in February 1996. My daughter was 14 and wanted a Yorkie puppy of her very own, and paid for her out of her allowance. We went to pick out Pookie in Parkersburg, WV. She was an "only child", so tiny, with cute little black curls all over. She actually DID fit in one hand! She would grow up to be a silver and gold Yorkie.

So, my daughter is actually "Mommy", but Pookie has always lived with us, her Gramma and Grampa. OUR first dog, was a beautiful Sheltie named Mack and he became Pookie's Uncle Mack. He accepted Pookie right away and they even played tug with some toys. As time passed, Pookie started taking all poor Mack's toys, and tried to claim his bed every chance she got. When Uncle Mack died in 2007, he willed all his toys, and his big cozy bed to Pookie.

Pookie was a good little girl all her life and loved to be held and cuddled with, but especially loved a good game of fetch with either a tennis ball or her favorite toys of all time...hairspray lids! She taught herself an amazing trick...she could carry two of these cups at the same time and it was her favorite game...playing "cups". (You can see Pookie's cup trick at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDN0-PiiEkE - if this link works!)

Poor little Pook eventually became incontinent in her sleep and had to wear puppy diapers. So she was usally seen wearing a denim bottom with red suspenders during her last 2-3 years! Pookie was playful and as spry as ever right up until she died. That's why it was such a shock to us when she started breathing heavily and couldn't get settled one night. I was on vacation with a friend and poor Grampa had to go through this horrible event all alone. And I was a wreck because I couldn't be there, or say goodbye, or hold her again.

Grampa took Pookie to the emergency vet and she suffered 2 heart attacks. The vet said she would not recover, it was best to let her go. So Grampa called me and we went through the whole thing together over the phone. I hope Pookie could hear me. The next week was one of the saddest of our lives. You feel like you will never get over this, or be able to stop crying and missing her. But we cling to each other and think of all the happiness Pookie brought to all of us. She was such a huge part of every minute of our lives, so much joy in a tiny little (usually scruffy!) package. I say scruffy because although she was a purebred Yorkie and could have been a gorgeous little show dog, her personality was that of a "tomboy" and she was a ball of energy all the time.

We miss you so much Pookie, and you will be in our thoughts and hearts forever. We love you!

Please also visit Mack.

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