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Memories of Poohbear
Poohbear was the "runt" of the litter when she was born but she was a little fighter. Poohbear was with another family member but through circumstances we then purchased her from them when she was 1yr old. she has the same birthday as my husband which made her all the more special,
She had the cutest face and could be a total diva but could make me smile and could melt my heart at anytime.

she loved to steal your warm chair that had just been vacated, it was hers and you had to find an alternative.

for christmas 2011 poohbear received a cat fire engine and she loved it.
She was such a star, i Lost her so soon after I lost my mum and probably still cant believe that both are gone.

she was the baby I never had, when I met my husband he had already had his family

poohbear was my little companion especially when my husband was nightshift, she loved to come into the back yard with me in the summer, she had a diamante collar which glittered in the sunshine, her best friend was jack from the apartment below, he is a lovely black and white 3 legged cat and they were like an old married couple.

On the 15th April 2012 (poohbears birthday) i got a tattoo of her put onto my shoulder, it was so strange that i got this done and she passed away not long after.

My husband and I went on holiday in June 2012, i always hated going and leaving her behind and couldn't enjoy it the whole time i was away, i said goodbye to her and off we went for a week, on the day we were coming home I received a phone call from my neighbour whilst at the airport to tell me she had come into my house and Little Poohbear had passed away, I was absolutely gutted and to this day wish i hadnt gone away although everyone said that it was probably best that i hadn;t found her. Our vet assured me that it didn;t look as if she had suffered and that she had gone to sleep and never woke up.

Poohbear we have your ashes up on the windowsill in our bedroom that was one of your favourite places, the blind is never closed fully just like when you were here so that you could look out, you used to get so mad when you saw jack in the yard lying in the sun i knew by your face and movements that it was time to go see him!!!, whenever you spotted Tia sitting in her backyard you kept your eye on her in case she dared venture into ours!!.

Around the top of the urn is your diamante collar and the urn is standing inside your food bowl, I asked Ronan the vet to cut a little piece of your fur off so that i could still smell and feel you when i was sad, most of it is inside a little gold satin pouch at the side of the urn, "fishy" is guarding you to the left and "shark" is guarding you to the right and your little pink ball is right in the dish too. Last year on my birthday i got a beautiful silver locket from your dad and have a picture of you and a little piece of fur inside it so that your near to my heart as well as in it. I got a beautiful canvas made which hangs right above the bed, ih yout's a picture I had taken of you whilst you were sleeping, everyone who saw it has said how beautiful it is. At christmas time Andrew gave me another canvas of you, this is the picture of you with your toy "meerkat". Oh i miss you so much poohbear :-(

31/03/13 You've been in my thought's a lot recently Poohbear, I miss you so badly, I'm in a bit of pickle at the moment, I've been asked if I would be interested in looking after another cat and I'm so torn as part of me thinks it will be good company for me again but I feel sooo disloyal to you plus I need to think of would it be fair on another cat if we go on holiday plus we are looking after Goldilocks (the Hamster) at the moment and that really wouldn't be fair on her!!! The cat in question is really quite beautiful although not as beautiful as you and is a cashmere Persian which is slightly different from you but i'm just so unsure and probably afraid of getting too attached again as I couldn't bear the heartache again. take care little one.

15/04/13 Happy Birthday Poohbear, you would have been 12 today. I placed a lovely bunch of white roses in the little vase on the wall in the garden, that was your favourite spot, you could watch all the birds from there and all the people passing by. Today is also your Dads birthday, we stood all his cards up but I felt really sad tonight as ussally when we stood them up you would knock them down!! we are looking after little goldilocks the hamster for Maisie but i miss you so much. I hope you've been a good girl today and I hope you had lots of fun on Rainbow bridge playing (although you always thought you were too posh :) ) Always in my heart and my head, Good Night my Sweet Gorgeous baby XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

28/4/13 Hi Poohbear its mum here, just checking in with you, I miss all your furry cuddles and "cat chat", dad became a "grandpa" this week to little Jamie, he is a little brother to Maisie, big john is his dad and I suppose i'll be his grandma too. I thought about you when he was born and thought how scared you would have been when we brought him to our house, you didn't like kids as you were scared of them and hid under thebed especially when Maisie wanted to see you !!!! I'm sure in years to come if you had still been here with us he would have been investigating you and trying to pull your fur but i would have protected you the way i always did. I can;t believe where the time has gone as in another couple of months it will be a year since you passed over. Night Night my gorgeous girl XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

26 May 13 Hi poohbear mum here, ive had a turbulent couple of weeks, I have been over a couple of times to see spooky the cat thatI was asked to take on, i didn;t think my heart was in it and last night we had her over to visit for a ittle while to see how she and dad & I got on together, she was all stressed out when she came in and she just reminded me of you when I took you to grans house. she was hiding for a bit and gradually came round but she wasn;t really happy, it made my mind up for me that we're not ready for another cat and dad did admit that he doesn;t think he wants another one. I am feeling a bit sad today about it as i hope she goes to a good home, I need to let the people know of my decision, i may need to get dad to go and see them rather than me. Little goldilocks is still with us, she is o funny but isn;t you, anyway im signing off now, higs n kisses to you XXXXXXXXXXX

12 June 2013 Well Poohbear its now been a year since you left us and headed to Rainbow bridge, i feel so lost at times as I miss your furry cuddles and our cat chat. I put some flowers in the back yard for you in your favourite spot and I reminded everyone of your anniversary. I hope your behaving yourself and not being a pretend diva. Oh I so wish you hadn't gone as it still hurts when i think or talk about you. Hugs n kisses night night darling XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

27/06/13 Hi Poohbear hope you are behaving, i made my decision the other day and told the people that I wouldn't be taking their little cat. I don;t think I am ready for another cat and don;t know if I ever will be. I miss you too much girl but have got used to not having you around. I need to start coming to terms with it. you'll alway be in my heart but just not in mysight. ive got lots of pictures of you and can remember all the cuddles n kisses. Dad says he misses you but doesn;t miss the "fights" you had a brushing time or when he was trying to get your hair off the carpet!!! big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 August 2013 hi poohbear, hope your a good girl, not been on line for a few weeks,my birthday has come and gone and i so missed you knocking down my cards which was your favourite game. Ive seen your old pal jack a few times, he is still enjoying the sunshine but isn;t left outside himself now, hes still licking his fur off!!. Dad and i going on holiday in a couple of weeks, not really been looking forward to it as it brought back memories of when we last went away :-( lots of hugs n kisses from me to you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

10/11/2013 Hi Poohbear not been on for a little while, that doesn;t mean that Im not thinking of you, i still look at your picture every day. Ive decided the time is right now to help out a little cat and have decided to contact the Cat protection place to see about adopting TWO cats now. They are called Willow & Wisp and are totally ddifferent looking from you. these little cats are Black and white. You will always be in my heart and I will ever forget you, I feel as though over the past couple of months ive come to accept that you are gone. I want to give these little the girls the chance to live out the rest of their life happy and content the way you did. Night Night Precious babe, sleep tight always in my heart and thoughts xxx

1/12/13 Hi Poohbear Mum Here, hope your behaving and being a good girl. The last time I sent you a message it was to tell you that mum n dad were going to look after two other little kitties, unfortunately that fell through but we have been to see another two cats today and we are going to be taking these ones instead, we collect them on the 20th December and will bring them to there forever home just before Christmas They are two little boys, they are both short haired Persians, they are 7 months old. One of the little Kittens had sadly lost an eye but it doesn't appear to be stopping him. I really miss you poohbear and felt there was a big hole in my heart that needed to be filled. You will always be my number one and I will never ever forget you, I look at your picture every night and every morning and will do so till the end of time. I hope you'll be okay with me taking on the other Cats and not come and spook them, you can come and play. big hugs to my baby and lots of big giant kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4/2/14 Hi poohbear its been a while, things have been a little bit mad around here, we took on the two kitties, Teddy and Winston and they are both full of fun, they have settled in well. they will never replace you but are both adorable. Unfortunately in january we sadly lost goldielocks the hamster to Rainbow Bridge, she became very sick and had to go to sleep. hope your being a good girl, your always in my thoughts XXXXXXX

15/04/2014 HI poohbear, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, you would have been 13years old today. I still miss you every day and I look at your picture every night before I go to sleep. the boys are good fun and have been told off for knocking over your picture, they don't mean it and I have told them you'll come back and sort them out yourself!!!
have a fab birthday, im sure you'll have met up with little Goldilocks and will be having the time of your life playing and chilling in the forever sunshine. night night babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

18/02/17 hi poohbear I've not been on your page fora while. I still miss you but I'm pretty sure you've been keeping an eye on the boys as they seem to get a little spooked at times. I've decided that once the weather changes and I can get into the garden I'm going to scatter your ashes. The Times right now and it will be at your favourite spots. Night night my wee doll xx

15/0418 Happy Birthday my beautiful girl, I hope you've had a day full of chasing paper, eating tuna and snoozing in the sun. You're still my brightest star🌟. Xxx

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