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Memories of Poochie
Poochie Chamblee was a great companion and loved one. She was loved by many and me and Melinda were lucky to have her for 16 wonderful years. She loved to play and be rubbed and was daddy's little girl. She was a tough little munk to her final days and loved her mommy and daddy with all her heart. She had different relationships with me and her mom. But she knew what we both needed and we were lucky to have her. I still remember the day we got her and the glorious time we all spent together. No words could ever describe how we feel for her however she knew. From your mom and dad we will always love you and we will pick you up at Rainbows Bridge.

Charles and Melinda


Hi Mama Bear,

Daddy really missed you today. It was snowing outside and it just reminded me how much you loved the snow. I remember you hopping around like a little rabbit looking for somewhere to use the bathroom and you would come back on the porch with snow all over your paws and your fur. That is a funny memory of mine when it came to you and snow. My life is changing baby for the better. You have watched over me and you know how much I have wanted to be happy and there is hope now that will happen. Life has a strange way of working out. It just seems like yesterday I held you in my arms. Everywhere I look around the house I see you. I hope to have you a little sister soon. I named her Pepper Potts. you know daddy is a little corny when it come to Iron Man. She will never replace you, she will be there to keep your spirit alive. Like I said tookie nobody will replace you however through your love and kindness you have been my Angel and nothing but good blessings have happened since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. Daddy misses you and I hope you miss Daddy even though I know you are having fun up there. However Daddy will have a carrot for you when I get there. I love you and thank you for the blessings you have sent me. They truly do make me happy!

I love you Poochie Chamblee
Charles Chamblee 02/16/2013

Mamas Munk

Daddy loves you and I think about you everyday. You just sit up there looking at me all peacefully. I know your momma misses you. I told her about Pepper and sent her pictures and we talked about you. I wonder what your doing and if your having fun. Are you getting your rest under the table. Are you sniffing every little thing you can find. Are you eating everything you can get your mouth on? Did you make friends? Daddy has been going to church alot and have been transforming my mind and body. I know you would be proud. Everytime I walk in that room I just see you there. Under the bed. You gave me and your momma your heart and I could never repay you for all the love and joy you brought.... One day my love daddy and mommy will.... We will get you and be a big happy family again! I love you and your momma loves you with all our heart!!! Hold down the fort till we get there...together.....love you always...

Mama Bear,

Mommy and daddy love you and miss you everyday. It was one year ago that we had to let you go. I hope and pray that you are happy and playing and eating lots of carrots and food and crunching your milkbones on mamma's mat. I am sure everytime momma looks around the house and looks underneath your table she see's you there. She has had some changes to her life and I hope you can pray for her and watch over her till we come to pick you up. What is your favorite thing you like about being at the Rainbow Bridge? Make sure you remember all your stories cause mommy and daddy wanna know all about them when we get there. I am gonna have a memorial in your honor tonight so make sure you show up Poochie. Daddy will be waiting for you!!! We love you and pray you are having fun my love. We will see you soon....

Charles and Melinda Chamblee

Hi Mama Bear,

Daddy just wants to let you know he misses you and he hopes you are happy and peaceful. Do you have planty of water and bones to crunch on? I miss you baby. Everytime I think of you I smile and a tear falls. 2 years ago you got sick. Just thinking over the 16 years I had you. I was so lucky. You were such a good girl. I am very proud to have been your Daddy. I love you so very much Poochie. One day daddy will come pick you up with Pepper.... And be one big happy family!!! Love you to the moon baby!! Let me know if you need anything.....

Charles Chamblee

Hello my dear Poochie...

Daddy still thinks about you alot and I want you to know I miss you very much... You would have so much fun with Pepper and Nacho... In the next few days it will be 4 years since you went to the rainbow bridge. Daddy still rides with your collar in the car because you are and always be my protector. Your daddy loves you very much! may you be filled with peace and one day I will be there with you and we can take a nap together...

Love now and always forever

Charles Wayne Chamblee II

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