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Memories of Pocus
My Precious Pocus

My most, precious Pocus, I'll never forget the day I came home and Mom was so excited, beaming "honey today I met the most cutest and cuddly Rabbit named Pocus". She said I told my friend if they ever can't care for her I would love to have her. Well, a couple of months later Christmas came early on December 9th as you came into our lives and the miracle known as "Pocus Puff" was born. It took only a couple of days for you to adjust and become a part of our family, home, and hearts. Each day our love and happiness grew and grew with all your personality, spunk, and love exhibited towards us.

From the first time you ran figure-eights around Dad, to playing in the curtains, to standing at the baby gate waiting as Dad washed your veggies for dinner, your were so much fun to watch and play with and the mutual love we shared between us was so evident. Dad didn't even mind when you claimed him by doing your business when you sat on his lap. During our 17-months together it became ritual to kiss you good morning and good night and treat you like our little baby.

Your exterior was so beautiful and your personality was so vibrant (feisty at times) that we had no idea cancer was within you and gradually taking over. We're so sorry that we didn't get to say goodbye the way we wanted and feel that we let you down even though we spoiled you like a first-born and gave you the best medical care with Dr. Ness.

You are the most special Rabbit in the world to us and to Chubbs, Pumpkin, and Kitty, even though Kitty held a grudge because you ate her cat food. All of us think about you every day and miss you very much. Not a day goes by that we don't wish you were here to play with and sit on our laps, and feed you blueberry yogurt drops -- your favorite treat.

Mom misses the way you would snort and grunt when you didn't want to be bothered and the way you would kick up you feet in protest when we carried you downstairs every day, even though you loved to play in the living room and kitchen. Our house was your playground and you had so much fun and were so entertaining to watch all the new things you would discover on a weekly basis. We'll never forget the first time you ate Kitty's food, climbed the baby gate to get at your veggies, went wild tearing the paper off of the treats we gift-wrapped for your first Christmas with us, and chased Pumpkin down because she tried to dominate you. You were so sweet and yet when you meant business -- "you meant business" -- that's what we love about you, you have so much love and personality and every day you were with us was an absolute joy.

Not only did you bring so much love into our home but you taught us so much, especially how to love each other more. You left us too early but your love and our love for you will last into eternity. Pocus you're our "Angel" in the heavens, our shining star that will always shine bright in our hearts, watching over us and your siblings, every day during our life on earth until we all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Pokey you are and will always be our most precious baby girl! We love you with all our heart......Now Kitty, Pumpkin, Chubbs and Baby Ollie are with you baby girl and we miss you all so much xoxo

With Love,

Dad & Mom, Pumpkin, Chubbs, Kitty, and now Buggsy XXXOOO

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