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Memories of Pixie
Pixie was born in June of 1992 and was initially a replacement for my 1st Calico cat that had passed away in February of that year. She surely became more than just a replacement. She rode home in the car on my shoulder. She continued to ride on my shoulder her entire life. I chose to take care of my Mom until she passed away in 2004. My Mom was never fond of animals, so I was worried it would be stressful for her. However, Pixie became my Mom's favorite cat. She loved to sit in her own chair at the table and watch my Mom and her friends play cards. I would find her in Mom's lap each day when I came home from work. She demanded cat treats anytime anyone passed by her in the kitchen. She loved to lay on the top of the cat tree and survey her kingdom. She loved all people and merely tolerated all other cats except her buddy Jasper who passed away in 2003. Her liver failed on April 27, 2006 and I had to let her go. She has now gone to the Rainbow Bridge to be with her buddy Jasper and her grandmother. I know they were there to meet her and I am so grateful. Smooth sailing, Pixie. I will love you forever.

5/8/06--Linda picked up your urn last Thursday. I'm sure they will call tomorrow saying I can pick up your ashes. I really miss you tonight. None of your young brothers and sisters sleep with me like you did. None of them sit in my lap yet. Could you send a message down and let one of them know I need a lap cat. I haven't been able to move the carrier you always slept in. It hurts so much to look at it without you there. Tell Ajax, Comet, Moie, Jasper, Kodi and Lucas hello and I miss them tonight very much. Tell Mom I miss her too. You were so pretty. I miss your loving purr and the great colors of your fur. You know me, it's like it is just now registering. Must be strong in the moment and then it all hits like a ton of bricks. I miss you licking away my tears. Ride the biggest cloud you can find tomorrow and be with me when I pick up your ashes. I love and miss you!
5/11/06--Your ashes and pictures are now placed with all the others. My whole family I moved back to Georgetown with has gone on before me. I miss you and will be there soon. Pockets, Annie and Murphy say ride the clouds for them. I love you!

10/16/06--Well, I have a new kitten named Praline. She reminds me of you. She is a calico, has much energy and very sweet. She will never rule the house quite like you did, but I think you sent her to me. She sits on the kitchen table just like you and sleeps with me every night. Thank you!!! I miss you and think of you every day. Tell everyone up there hello and I'll see you soon.

11/9/06--I'm thinking of you tonight. I still miss you every day. I love my new brood (Pockets(almost 3), Annie(almost 2), Murphy (1) and Praline(4 months), but they will never replace you(almost 14), Comet(18), Moie(19) and Jasper(12). It seems like my life will be taking a new direction soon. I'm looking to buy a farm. I hate leaving this house with all the memories of you all and Mom. But, life must go on. Help me to move on when the time is right. Thank you for loving me all those years. You were the best!

8/3/07--We have now all moved to the new farm. The new brood has to learn to live with four dogs and seven horses. It's going pretty well. I brought Goblin with us. She is now 14 years old along with Pockets, Annie, Murphy and Praline. They tolerate the dogs. I know you never would have. I love them all, but I still miss your firey personality. I hope you are are having fun on the bridge. See you as soon as it's time. I love you!

4/11/08--It's been two years and I still remember you like it was yesterday. There's been another addition, so now I have six. Pockets is now four, Annie is three, Murphy is two, Praline is 18 months and Stormy is one. Stormy just showed up in a storm outside the window. He had major sinus problems and was not fixed. He got neutered today and is feeling pretty rough. Goblin doesn't care much for him, but he is very cute. When I went to pick Stormy up at the vet, a clock on the wall played the song I chose on this site. I'm sure it was you telling me you're doing well. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. Thanks for always letting me know my beliefs still hold true just when I'm having the most doubts. I love you!

4/6/09--It's now been three years and again it seems like yesterday that you were here. No new additions thank goodness. Even with six, none of them are you. I love them, but you were the one who stole my heart forever. I still miss your firey personality. Goblin is losing weight and is now 15. I can tell I'm losing her soon. She still loves to go outside, but her energy level is declining. Pockets hurt his leg last week, but is doing OK now. Annie still rules the roost and is my little clown. Murphy loves all the animals including the dogs, but is very afraid of most people. Send him some courage. Pralene is still very sweet and loves all animals and people. Stormy loves Pralene, but is scared of the storms. He hides in the bathroom. Send him some courage, too. I hope you're still having fun at the bridge and everyone is with you. I'm sure you're telling them all what to do. I love and miss you!

1/9/10-It's winter and snow is on the ground. Goblin went to the vet last Wednesday and we're pretty sure she has cancer. She now only weighs 6lbs 5ozs. She doesn't seem to be in pain. We gave her a shot hoping it would help her gain some weight. I will have to make a decision soon. Please give me strength. You must have sent Murphy strength as he is now not afraid of new people in the house. Thank you. Again, I still miss you most and love you very much!

4/29/10-It's now been four years. Still seems like yesterday. I had to send Goblin to you today. I really hope you were there to meet her. She went to you from the same room you left from. Linda was there with us and brought her some flowers since she loved the outside so. The house seems empty tonight without having to worry about her not eating and complaining to go out. I miss you both. Please help her to feel loved there. Let her know how much I loved her. Rest in Peace, Goblin. Thank you for picking me to spend the last few years of your life with. You were very special. I hope you got to see your first mommy today when you arrived. I know she loved you too.

4/4/11-It's now been five years. There are so many animals now it's getting hard to feel you. I had a heart attack last July and have felt very alone and afraid since. I miss you very much. I miss Mom. I hope you're doing well and Goblin is with you and all the others. I need reassurance that it's not dust to dust. I hope you'll let me know if you can. I love you!!!

4/28/11--You left 5 years ago yesterday and Goblin one year ago tomorrow. I hope you're both doing well and I miss you both. Vickie said she misses you both, too. We hope you met Cosmo this past year in December. Seems like we lose someone every year. Tell everyone hello and send me a sign. It's been way too long and I'm still afraid much of the time. I love you!

4/7/12--Almost 6 years ago for you and two years for Goblin. We lost Mikey this year. Again, seems like we lose an animal every year. However, we still have PityPat, Maggie and now own the next door neighbor's dog Scruffy along with 8 horses. I still miss you and Ajax, Coment, Moie, Jasper and Mom. I'm not quite so afraid now. Even if it is dust to dust, at least we can be happy in the present. I really hope to know your spirit again in another realm. Pockets, Annie, Murphy, Pralene and Stormy are all fine. Tell everyone I miss them.

4/12/13--7 years for you and three for Goblin. At least we didn't lose any more animals this past year. We've gained 2 horses, so now there are 10. Pockets and Annie have become my lap cats, finally. Pralene and Murphy don't ever get in my lap. Stormy just wants to be petted by any person or any other animal. I still miss you and all the ones before. I hope the next realm's lessons are not so difficult. Don't give up on me, I'll be there before you know it. Just keep running and playing and having a great time. Take time to teach the others how to have your confidence. I love you and Goblin and Cosmo and Mikey and all the others. There's getting to be too many. This group is my last. Tell everyone I love them.

4/8/14--8 years for you and four for Goblin. We lost a horse named Luna this year but there are still 10 more. Too many to name. We, also, lost Vickie's mother just a few weeks ago to lung cancer. It's been a tough winter all the way around. I hope you're still watching for me. I am very up and down these days and can't really put my finger on exactly why. All the cats and dogs are doing well, but PityPat is getting older, 10 now. You would have liked her. She has never had one iota of guilt or remorse in her life and it's her way or the highway, just like you. I love and miss you and all those gone before. Again, you seem to be drifting further and further away in my memory and I just hate that, but I guess that's how time works. However, I will not stop updating this site until I'm gone myself and with all of you in spirit again.

4/22/14--Today we lost Murphy, the big red. His kidney's failed and he was way too young. Only 8 1/2. He left from the same room as Moie in the front of the vet's office. Vickie, Linda and I were all there with him. I know you never really liked other cats, but please help him fit in as he is very shy but on the other hand he is very brave. He was having a hard time seeing so be his eyes. He loved Pralene, so he will be your protector if you need one. RIP Murphy. There is such a void in the house today. I don't know what's happening, but tons of animals and people are exiting this earth lately. Please still wait for me.

4/28/15 - 9 years for you, 5 for Goblin and 1 for Murphy. We came close to losing Pity Pat as she was attacked by coyotes. They slashed her neck and side but she drug herself home and we got her to the vet in time. She has a will of iron. I still have your picture by my bed and will never take it down. I still wish you were here riding on my shoulder even after all these years. Tell all our animal spirits we miss them and tell Mom too if you see her spirit. I love you all.

5/7/16 - I'm late with this update. We moved from the farm to a much smaller house beside Linda. We have now gotten rid of all the horses. We still have all three dogs and all four cats. 10 years for you, 6 for Goblin and 2 for Murphy. Seems like yesterday you were all here. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and Vickie, Linda and I all dread it. I hope you're spirit is still waiting to see me again. I miss everyone, Mom, Dad, Aloma, Ajax, Comet, Jasper, Moie and of course, you! I love you!!!

4/27/17 - 11 years for you, 7 for Goblin and 3 for Murphy. Still have all 3 dogs and four cats. The house is so small and dark compared to the farm. We really miss the farm but it's OK. We're going to Florida in June and we may look for places to move there at some point. I now have COPD and can't do nearly as much as I used to do. I miss and still love you. There will never be another animal who will capture my heart as you did even though I loved all the ones I've ever been had the honor to live with. Take care and see you soon!

8/9/17 - We lost Pity Pat tonight. She was in an anxiety state. We think she had dementia. There will NEVER be another dog that will steal my heart like she did. Today is actually 4/18/19 and I can just now write about her. It was her way or the highway. She never had one iota of guilt. She got treats whenever she wanted as I could not tell he no. I miss her to this day.

12/23/17 - We had to send Stormy to you today. He got a blood clot and was paralyzed in both back legs. It was very unexpected and I am heartbroken. He had constant respiratory problems and was deaf. I hope Murphy was there to greet him. He was the sweetest cat but he really missed Murphy so now maybe he can run and breathe and hear. We seem to be losing one every year. We lost Pity earlier this year in April. I hope she was there too as he loved her like he loved all animals.

4/27/18 - 12 years for you, 8 for Goblin and 4 for Murphy, less than a year for Stormy and Pity Pat. We are still living beside Linda. She and I are aging as gracefully as we can. I'm now 66 and she is 72. Vickie will be 50 this year. We will be in Florida for her birthday. We're down to Pockets, Annie, Praline, Scruffy, Maggie and Pete the Cockatoo.I love you. Time's getting closer every day. Be waiting with the gang, but you lead the way!

7/23/18 - We lost Maggie today. We think she had colon cancer and was in a lot of distress. Vickie couldn't stay. It was a hard one for me even though I tried to not really bond with her. She was definitely Vickie's dog. The house keeps getting emptier and emptier. I hope Pity Pat was there to help her.

4/4/19 - We had to send Pockets to you today. He had lymphoma. This was a really tough one as he was very coherent and could still jump like a kitten. However, he had lost so much weight and couldn't hold anything down. But, he sure was a fighter. I know you didn't like him when I first got him, but I hope you were able to get Murphy and Stormy to meet him. They were the only cats he tolerated to touch him other than Annie. I miss him a lot. He would always put his paw on my face as if to say, I love you but help me feel better.

4/6/20 - 14 years for you, 10 for Goblin, 6 for Murphy, 3 for Stormy and Pity Pat and 1 for Maggie and Pockets. All we have left are Scruffy, Annie, Praline and Pete the cockatoo. We are in the middle of a pandemic called Covid-19. If I get it, I will certainly get to see you soon as my COPD is the worst underlying condition to have at this time. We think Vickie already had it in January/February but there were no tests at that time. She was really sick. Praline has had a stroke and is blind in her left eye. She just stays close to me at all times. Annie is still my silly little clown. Scruffy is a small dog but his bark would make you think he's a German Shepherd. He protects us. I miss the crew. Tell them all hello. At least we haven't lost anyone so far in 2020. I hope your spirit will know me when I pass over. I love you!

5/26/20 - I had to send Annie to you today. Her kidney's failed. She had stopped eating and only weighed 6lbs. She was in pain but I was not prepared for it to be today. I feel so empty once again. Everytime I lose one it just takes a piece of my soul. She was a little clown, a scardy cat and a devil all wrapped in one. I loved her and I hope she finds you all at the bridge. I only have one left, Praline. That's all there will be. Praline is already 14 so it won't be long for her either. PLease help Annie find a buddy she can feel comfortable with.

02/07/2021 - I had to send Praline to you on 1/17/21. Her kidneys failed. She was very anxious the last two nights and I knew it was time. She is the last one of 13 different cats through my entire adulthood. I feel like I've lost all of you just today. 13 pieces of my soul are now missing. I miss all of you. Praline had stayed in my lap over the last year anytime I was sitting down. She started doing the same thing as Pockets by touching my face as if to say, please help me. I'm so sorry I can't physically handle getting another cat. So everyone please take care of each other and I'll see you all soon.

4/28/21 - 15 years gone by. Now I miss all 13 of you. I wish I had digital pictures of the first four, Ajax, Comet, Moie and Jasper and the two who were only with me a few days, Kodi and Lucas. I surely miss having a cat but I just can't handle the litter box with my back and COPD. All of your ashes will come with me when it's my time. Vickie promised to put all your urns in with me. I really hope I get to feel your spirits when I cross over. I love you all and I'll be there soon as I turn 70 this year. I can't believe I started this when I was 55. Feels like just yesterday. Time is flying. I hope you're all together.

4/27/22 - 16 years today I lost you. Seems like forever since I've had any cats and yet I feel the presence of Stormy, Pockets, Annie, Pitypat, Maggie and Praline. I guess it's because they all came to live in this house. Something is definitely missing in my life. We still have Scruffy and have gained a new puppy. She is a Fox Terrier and very sensitive. Her name is Lulu. I love both dogs, but it's just not the same. I hope you're still running the show, which I'm sure you are. Tell everyone hello and I hope to feel your spirits one more time.

4/30/23 - 17 years. I'm now 71 years old and it seems like yesterday you were swiping at me from the kitchen table on Pueblo. We still only have the two dogs. Scruffy is getting old and has liver problems. Lulu hurt her back legs, but is doing better now. I miss all the cats and dogs, but especially the cats. It seems like forever since I petted a cat and saw the soul. I don't see the dog's soul. Not like a cat. I miss you and hope to see you soon!

10/28/23 - We had to send Scruffy to the bridge today. His liver gave out. He loved the farm but adjusted to being a city dog. He taught Lulu the ropes and she helped him in the end as he was almost blind and deaf. I miss him along with Pete our cocatoo that went to live with Alex. I hope to see everyone when it's my time. RIP sweet Scruffy!

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