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Memories of Pippers
[07/30/22] - My Little Pippers, I'll never forget the first time I saw you. You came up to my door, very hungry and somehow knowing it was the right place to go. I remember putting some food out for you and then closing the door while you ate on the porch. I looked out the window and saw you staring up at the door. As much as I wanted to help you, I thought that I couldn't take care of another cat. 2 hours later I looked out the window and you had not moved, you were still staring up at the door. I opened the door and you walked in and lay down on the floor. The other cats came up to you, curious who this new stranger was. I remember telling you "don't get any ideas, I'm sorry, you can't stay here." Well, you had other ideas, you climbed into one of the cat towers and fell asleep. Your mission to steal my heart was complete. I remember thinking what a little Pipsqueak you were, so that's what I called you at first. It quickly turned into "Pippers" or sometimes "Pips" for short. I can remember how you would come and lay down on next to me when I was sleeping, you would just purr and purr non-stop. You were so happy to find a home and I was so happy to have you. For 14 years, you were my Little Pippers and my heart was crushed when I found out you had cancer. Not again! I lost too many of my babies to cancer. I did what I could to keep you comfortable for as long as I could, but the day came when it was time for you to take your journey across the Rainbow Bridge. I hope all the other kitties were waiting for you when you arrived. I'll always love you Pippers and I'm having a hard time believing you are gone. You'll live forever in my heart!

[UPDATE - 07/30/23] - Little Pippers, it's been a whole year since you left for the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much! I miss having you curled up next to me when I'm sleeping. As you know, it's been a sad year. I hope you were waiting for Tweety last year and Buddy Scrunchers should have just showed up last week. I hope you are showing them around. I bet they are glad to see you again! I'll always love you Little Pippers, please come and visit when you are able!

Please also visit Ally (Mommy Cat), Baby, Kimbers (Tweety), Kitters, Little Baby, Nibbers, Scrunchers (Buddy), Squeakers and Tuckers (Rooster).

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