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Memories of Pinky
10/29/17 Pinkster, I love you!! I don't know what to say yet... I loved you every day with all may heart.. I was so blessed you chose me that morning. You were such a constant in my life and loving and caring for you felt like the only thing to keep me going.. I miss your love, I miss your snuggles, I miss your face lickies.. Such an amazing critter. I miss being able to love. I will always love you buddy. Though you didn't suffer long, I'm glad you are at peace. It's been three years, you have your sight back! You can see again!! No more bumping your noggin into things! You had an amazing power of self preservation. Thank you for allowing me you hold you in my heart. Right now I'm a mess but maybe that's how you felt when I would work late. I love you so much!! I hope I gave you what you needed in your time on Earth. I want to see you again so badly.. A lot of nice humans have been sending me kind and thoughtful feelings and I know you have been making friends with the other fur angels. Daddy loves you!!!!

10/30/17 Pinkster, first of all I'm glad you don't hurt anymore. You have your sight back!! I'm just picturing you running back and forth, Simba backing out of the way. So this morning I stretched my legs out and I didn't bump a fluffy friend. I felt empty. I bawled my eyes out on the way to work. I hope you heard me talking to you all morning. Daddy loves you!! I saw white fluffy clouds just like your white fluffy angel face. Thanks for the comfort nuzzle. When I got home, I don't have a dog to walk anymore. I don't know what to do with myself. I miss you so much Pinky.. I love you dearly.

10/31/17 Happy Halloween Pink!!! I felt some guidance today and I need to thank you for that. You never liked "stay" so I think it's time for me to "run". I love you with all my heart and miss you terribly!!! The nice lady who has you ashes said "Pinky is ready to come home" so I can't wait to be with you tomorrow!! Love ya Pinkster!!

11/4/17 Pink, it's been one week since we parted. All the signs you've been sending me really touch my heart. We're going to see Nicole today. My heart still feels empty but warm with all the love you have been sending down the past week. I will never stop loving you, you're the best friend I could ever hope to have. Such a beautiful creature. I love you Pinky!!!

11/11/17 Hey Pink, thanks for visiting me in a dream last night. Life is real lonely without you, but do not worry about me. The signs you keep sending keep me going every day. Feeling your love in my heart is wonderful and it makes the space a little less empty. I love you so much bud!! I treasure all the time we had on Earth and hold every sign close to my heart. You truly were the best friend I could ever have! Love you always Pinky!!

11/18/17 Pink, you really left your pawprints all over my heart! My sweet little angel face is now my guardian angel. You know I don't stop and "feel good", but all the wonderful things you're sharing with me, I actually feel good. First time in my life I can say that? I love you so much Pinky, and I miss you every minute, but I'm so glad you don't hurt anymore, and you'll be in my heart forever. Love always, Dad

11/23/17 Happy Thanksgiving Pinkster! I'm thankful for all the love we shared together, for you being the family I hadn't had, I'm thankful that you chose me, I'm thankful that I had the pleasure of loving such a gentle spirit, I'm thankful for the face licks, the nuzzles, the snuggles... I love you buddy!! Feast well tonight!

11/25/17 Hi Pinky. Well, it's been a month since we parted. I miss you and there is a part of my heart that's broken and empty. But you have also given me so much more! You have given me timeless memories. You have shared unconditional love. You have made me complete. I cherish every moment we were able to spend together, and I am eternally grateful you're still watching over me. That feeling of calmness I get when I look to the sky. The signs you send me that you're still around. The love we shared is real and can do nothing but grow stronger. I love you very much and miss you every day! You've always got a special place in my heart.

12/2/17 Hey Pinks. A lot has changed as you know. I really really wish you were here with me. I need a warm snuggles. I miss you so much buddy. I'm glad you don't hurt anymore and it's reassuring knowing you're my guardian angel now. Well, you always were. You got me this far and I know the love you send is enough to give me the strength to keep going. How's the meadows up there? Lots of grass to sniff? It's been really hard but I'm being strong. For you. I love you Pinky.

12/9/17 Thank you for the shooting star. Everything about that moment came together perfectly. The love we share for each other is eternal, and I know it can only go stronger. I'll keep you in my heart and thoughts, and I hope you continue to watch over me and Nicole, my little Angel Face. You're always in my thoughts and heart and I love you

12/25/17 Merry Christmas Pinky! Having you always in my heart makes the cold nights warm and the days filled with joy and love. I'm glad you're running and playing in the meadows and sending your love down here to those who cared for you. I hope you feel how much I love you and we are only apart for awhile, we have all of eternity to nuzzle and snuggle and play. I love you my sweet Angel Face!!

1/1/18 Happy New Year Pinky!! No fireworks in Paradise Meadow for you to growl at. Thank you for all the love and the signs you've been sending me. Thank you for the little dog who licked my hand yesterday.. I miss sweet face lickies. I love you so much Pink. God Bless

1/28/18 Hey Pink, it's been three months. Our love really does grow stronger every day. You are such a tender and precious soul, I was truly blessed when you chose me. I take comfort in knowing your health and sight are restored, and can only imagine how much fun you're having. Until we meet again, I LOVE YOU

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