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Memories of Pickles
Pickles knew how to greet me when I came home. I would walk in the door and call out, "Pickles!". I immediately heard his bell come running down the stairs. The moment he saw me, he would plop sideways, roll around on the floor and purr until I pet him. Then I would carry him up the stairs, put him on the bed, and give him loves and cuddles until he was just plain tired of me. He always came back a few minutes later for more. He would lay on my chest when it was time for bed, and rub his head into the curve of my neck. He purred the loudest when he was cuddling with me. He even lay between me and my boyfriend and cuddled with both of us, but he always fell asleep with his nose in my neck.

When we first got Pickles, we were told to be a little rough on him. To toss him around a bit. It better equips them for the world. We would toss him over a shoulder, facing forward, then throw him back over so his legs swung over his head and he lay on his back on the bed. We called it a kitty slam. He knew exactly how to react. He let his body go limp to better embrace being tossed around. After he was kitty slammed onto the bed, I would rub my face in his belly and give him all kinds of pets and kisses. Eventually, he learned when a kitty slam was coming. I would toss him over my shoulder, facing forward, and he would purr. He knew the loves were coming. The loves and the snuggles.

Pickles had a thing for cheese, string cheese in particular. I would snack on them all the time. He knew the packaging. He would see it, walk with me to sit down, sit on my lap and wait for me to open it. After pealing off the wrapping, he would chew on one end while I ate from the other end. He always got the last bit.

Aug 15th, 2013: Spooky came into Mommy's room to look for you today. She's here keeping Mommy company. We miss you so deeply. It isn't the same without you.

March 5, 2014: We picked up Zucchini (aka Mr. Z) from the shelter in October. Mommy was so lonely without you. We also brought Daddy's other kitty, Gaby over. They both stay in Mommy's room now. They're both great, fun kitties. You would have liked them both. You and Mr. Z would have been awesome buddies. We still love you and think of you all the time. We'll always miss you. We have your tunnel saved in a special place. Look for Maddie on the bridge. She's a good girl, and she likes kitties. <3

July 31, 2015: Daddy and I are packing up to get ready for the lake, remembering how difficult this was for us a couple years ago. We still love you, Pickle Baby. We still miss you. I keep you by my side every night. Mr. Z makes sure to visit you multiple times a day one his way over to get treats. You would have gotten along with Mr. Z. I could see you two getting into all kinds of mischief. You two could annoy Gaby together, then all have a cuddle afterwards.

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