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Memories of Petunia
Dearest Petunia,
I know that your brother Tremor greeted you with open paws :)) he left us 51/2 years ago just as suddenly as you did my sweet. I used to joke and tell people that you saw dead people because you would look around and trust me nothing was there but you would bark and bark. You were so darned goofy....you walked like a platipus with all your fat flat paws sticking outward. It was adorable and I loved to let you back in when you had been outside and you would come running like that to me. It always made me smile.

I rescued you when you were about 1 years old because I already had your brother Tremor. You both went in to have the same surgery the same day but Tremor did not come home. I always felt a little guilty because I have to be honest and admit that I resented the fact that you came back but Tremor died. He had been with us since he was 8 weeks old and you had not been with us but about 1 year. I did love you though babygirl...more than you will ever know. I treated you exactly the same as far as health issues and food but I feel in my heart that maybe I should have rehomed you after Tremor died because maybe you would have known more love. Paw Paw says I am beating myself up for nothing because we loved you just as much as we love all our fur babies. I just hope that you know that Mamboo did love you very very much and thought you had the most beautiful fur coat of any bully baby.

You were such a brave girl Petunia....you came to us with issues and needed immediate surgery within the first week you lived with us. You had a tumor that the vet said would have killed you in about a week if we had not rescued you when we did. Then you had to have eye surgery, throat surgery, tail surgery, and many skin issues. You didn't let that get you down sweet girl and you were always so gentle all the time. You took your treats and medicines like such a good girl. I used to tell you that I wished all the fur babies were so gentle. All I can tell myself now is that you are in a place where you have no issues...you see great, your skin does not itch, and your paws no longer hurt all the time.

It was so hard that morning sweet girl...coming into my office to let you, Emma Rose, and Jethro Bodie out of your kennels. Only you did not move Petunia you just laid there looking like you were alseep just like every other morning. Only you weren't sleeping sweet girl you were gone. I walked out of the room because I just could not deal with it in my heart or mind right at that moment. I told Paw Paw that you were not moving but he thought I meant that you were being lazy and still laying in your kennel like you would do at times. So when he went in and you were gone he started to cry Petunia...he loved you so much too!! I love you Petunia and do miss you so much. I miss seeing you in the red chair in the bedroom as I got ready for work in the morning, I miss the fact that when I got home you did not greet me at the door and fight for my attention with the other fur babies you waited patiently on the couch because you knew that when they were done being crazy I would come and greet you all by yourself.

You were a good good girl Petunia and yes you had issues but I would have cared for and loved you forever babygirl....you left Mamboo way too soon.

Dearest Tunies I know you already know that Ottis is there with you now and I hope the two of you are playing and happy and especially healthy. Your Daddy followed you less than a month later goofy girl and I miss you both so very much!! That was absolutely the worst few months of my life and I just knew that God hated me and that I must have been a really horrible person in a previous life. I think of you both every single day and wish you were still here....you with your silly platapus walk always made me smile. It has been raining so hard here and that always makes me remember how much you HATED going out in the rain...I thought you just hated rain but read a article that said some dogs hate the rain because it actually hurts their ears. I am sure that was why you disliked it goofy girl because your ear canals were so small and you always had ear troubles. I hope with all my heart that you are totally well now and can see, hear, and run with the best of them uo there. All my love always Goofy Girl, Mamboo

I can't believe you have been gone for 2 years now Tunie Tunes....I still miss you everyday and will always love you goofy girl. Saturday the 16th I thought about you all day and wondered what you were doing that day at the bridge. Were you playing with your Brother Tremor and your Dad Ottis as well. I miss all of you terribly. Your Sister Emma Rose had to have surgery a few weeks ago and she has to be fed with a syringe....she had a mass on her tummy but thankfully it was benign. I know in my heart all of you have been watching out for her but can you please tell her how badly she needs to eat now. She has gone from 45 pounds down to 29 pounds and is so weak. I just can't lose her now too Petunia it is just too soon although I know she would love to be with all of you and playing like a young pup again. She misses all of you too and so does Lola Belle and Jethro Bodhi....you were all such good friends.
I sincerely can't wait to see all of you again and love on you and spread kisses all over your faces like I used too. Sometimes you liked it and other times I think it made you crazy with Mamboo kissing all over you guys all the time. I just hope with all my heart that God will take me into his kingdom so that I can be with all of you again. Seeing you again my goofy Petunia as well as Ottis and Tremor is my biggest hope and prayer in this life. All my love forever my babies!! Mamboo

Miss Emma didn't make it Tunies so she is up there with you now. I just haven't had the heart to put her on Rainbow Bridge yet but I will soon. I miss her too everyday but just knowing that all of you are together makes it the tiniest bit easier. It is so hard losing my babies and I pray everyday through the tears that I will get to be with all of you again someday. Jethro and Lola miss all of you too but thankfully they are still here to help me keep going. Love you Petunia....Mamboo

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