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Memories of Petrie
Petrie was just 1.5 lbs when he came to live with us,a small bundle of black fur known as a pomeranian. but that didn't stop him from being king of the castle. He took over running the house and our 2 yr old Rottweiler Bear. I recall one time when we were camping at Turlo campground, Don had taken Petrie for a walk. On the way back Petrie ran ahead of Don to the point where he couldn't see him anymore. Don was running thru the brush as best he could, but Petrie was able to go under everything and made it back to our campsite long before Don. By the time Don arrived Petrie was sitting looking at the bushes like what took you so long? Although he was jus a little guy in size he made up for in attitude. He was willing to take on any dog that he felt shouldn't be around us. In May/June of 2000 we took him on a roud trip to Kansas with us. He spent most of the long drive under the passenger seat of the truck. As soon as he would notice that we were stopping he would pop out from under the seat and be ready for whatever adventure we were going to encounter. There are so many great memories that he is leaving us with. Petrie you will never be forgotten. We miss you dearly already. Bye baby boy.

2/15/10 My dear Pete, Hope you have settled in and made some new friends at rainbow Bridge. Have you met up with Bear yet. I hope he was waiting for you. It's been 10 days now and i still have the same ache in my heart. Daddy is really missing you, he talks about you all the time. Today while I was getting ready for work I heard a bark and it sounded just like you. I even had to look out the window to check. You weren't there physically, but I know you were there spiritually. Bandit is having a hard time adjusting to you being gone. He looks in the closet where you slept, he goes in and lays down but knows its not the same. He has started sleeping on the bed with us which is unusual for him. All the rest of the gang, Lillieanne, Oscar, Buttercup, Squirt and Bandit send you their love. And they will someday meet up with you and Bear at the bridge. Love you little boy.

2/8/11 My dearest Petrie, Hard to beleive that a whole year has gone by without you. You are always on my mind. So much lately that I have been calling Squirt by your name. That just started a few weeks ago. I seem to catch myself as soon as I say it. It's not a bad thing though, just shows how much I still need you. We had a new baby added to the family in August. Brooklyn Leeann joined our family. Things weren't quite the same. Whenever one of the kids had a baby and would bring it to the house, you would always give it the once over. Sniffing from head to toe,, then going about your business. But if you heard the baby cry or fuss you were right there. You wanted to be sure things were ok. Sorry I haven't been on here more often, just can't seem to do it. I'm better with going over to your gravesite. Found a great picture of you. I'm going t0 get a copy so i can add it to your page, so everyone who looks will see just how cute you are. Well baby boy gotta go, but I promise to stop in more often. Please tell Bear and Sophie I'm still missing them also. Loving you always. momma

2/7/2012 My darling Petrie. Man 2 long years. You it is funny how time just keeps on trudging along even after losing a love one. The 5th this year was Superbowl. Dad and I watched some of it. The Seahawks weren't in it so, it just wasn't exciting. We have added two more little dogs to the pack. I adopted a little chihuahua named Popi. He was living in a drug house. Someone was smart and got him out of there and Jason asked I wanted him. Well you know I can't say no. He doesn't like men. He has finally gotten used to daddy as long as I am not home. Then I went to Kansas to visit Vonda, you went with is once. 2 days before I was to leave this liitle white and brown puppy came wandering thru the yard. Jamie wanted to shoot him(I think he was joking),but of course I thought he was just the custest thing. I bought a plane ticket to bring him home with me. I think he is a jack russell, man is he energetic. I named him Max. That makes 7 dogs now. Time to quit. Gotta go back to work baby. Be happy, love you lots momma and daddy.

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