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Memories of Petite Verdot
Verdot was the apple of our eye, together with her sister Petite Syrah, they were with us for 2 1/1 short years. Verdot was a special little dog at just 6 1/2 lbs and a very sweet and sensitive creature. She was my shadow and best friend. Wherever I would go, she would follow ... at my desk in my office, either in my lap or at my feet, in the laundry room on the counter top while I folded clothes, on the couch watching t.v. She also liked to be with me while I did my make-up in the bathroom where I had a special fluffy bed for her placed on the counter top next to me. She had a special way of leaning her head against your hand when you went to pick her up, which she wanted you to do a lot 💟 and would make the sweetest little sounds when she was excited to see us after we had been away for a few hours or when she wanted something. She was frightened of thunderstorms (she would hide in the closet or pantry), was not sure about strangers or other dogs until she knew them better, and was a picky eater. She loved her treats and Starbucks puppy lattes! There are too many more endearing and special attributes that this little girl shared with us, but I can only bear to write what I've gotten through this far. I hope it gets easier, she was the love of my life, somehow this one feels much more profound and deep than I've ever experienced. But, I am putting one foot in front of the other every day and keep hope that her memories will bring me peace and joy again instead of heartache. I will forever be better for having her in my life. Sweet dreams my tiny angel. Mommy and Daddy love you so. xx

Three weeks and 2 days since you have gone on Verdot and you are still the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing at night and every hour in between. You lived a very short life my little one, but you made such a huge impact!! We are doing ok, your sister Syrah still wonders about you as we go about our routine without you by our side. I think little by little we are learning to cope and we know you are watching over us and we feel your love. Thinking of you precious.💓💓

Here I am again little girl. Two month now and we are in our new home in Napa Valley California. We had so wanted you to be make this move with us and your sisters. It was so hard to imagine leaving our home and memories of all our times and special walks in Texas. You always loved California though I think, there are no thunderstorms here to be scared of. But. you had to go on a different journey all on your own. I am sorry, baby girl, that this was what happened. We are doing okay and Syrah is better and thinks of you every day I am sure. As we do. Everyone here in California that knew you asks about you and feels your loss as well. I
know you must be making many friends over the bridge, who could resist your sweet face and loving little character. You must be so loved there as well!!! Mommy is trying her best to not cry and only remember the good times. Love you my sweetness.😇

Hi sweetness. This is a quick one. Just to say I am thinking of you all the time even though life has gotten busier! I wish you were here to help me through the tough days of this new life in California. I've gotten a little braver about maybe finding a new friend for your sister, but of course no one can replace you and I don't even know how to begin to try ... I promise to not be too sad when I think about you, I just miss your little angelic face and all the character you possessed in that tiny 6 1/2 lb body!!! You are the most precious of all my girl! Missing you. Sweet dreams, Mommy. xoxo

6/12/17 Hello again little one. How time goes by... I can't believe it has been almost a whole year since you were taken from me. I still think of you every day at some point or another. And, of course I am working in a winery again, and have to mention your name every day I am there~ it used to be very hard not to tell people who were visiting that I had a very special vintage Petit Verdot 2014 of a very different kind! :) Your portrait that we had painted of you and your sister turned out very well and we have it placed on our mantle, but I think you know that already. We finally brought a new friend home for Syrah, she has been so lonely since you have gone and then we lost Genna too in January ... I think you might like him, maybe not at first, but I think in the end you would have been big friends. He's very very sweet like you and loves everybody. He has helped Mommy move on from my sadness a lot, and while he will never be able to fill your tiny shoes, he does have a big heart and he makes me laugh ... he is such a goofball! Syrah likes him too, but she keeps him in his place, you know how that goes, ha ha. I think you would want that for me. Your sister is well, still barking at everybody that goes by in the neighborhood! She is different without you, but that is what it is, she reminds me of you my angel and in that sense a part of you still walks beside me still. That is all my updates for now, it's been quite awhile since I've written, life is busier again now with my work and the changes we have been through in the recent past. But, you know how I loved you and still do. There is no amount of time that passes that can ever change that. Til next time, have fun and keep an eye on Mommy, I'll be looking for you. Kisses and more kisses. 😘😘

8/10/2017 And, here it is ... tomorrow a whole year after you have crossed over the rainbow bridge. I have not been sure how I would get to this point and what pain it would bring. My dear little one, there are no words, still ... that can possibly express how sorry I am that we have lost you~ the pain is still real, I remember every moment of those days when you fell ill, I believe I always will. With the pain though, I can now celebrate your big little life, every inch of you was so precious, you are a special doggie. I will watch video of you tomorrow with Daddy and drink a nice bottle of 2014 Petit Verdot in your honor, you must remember how mommy & daddy love their wine, lol! We are always on the lookout for 2014 Petit Verdot's, they are special and harder to find, just like you ❤️ Syrah sends her love, though I believe you two must still have a ethereal connection that we humans don't know about, she always loved her sister. And, she watches over her new brother and I think cares about him more all the time. But, of course, he can never replace you or the bond you two shared. It is good for her, and you would like him I'm sure. So hard to comprehend that a whole year has gone by, and all that has brought with it. I have to say that Mommy is still not quite the same, but I am making strides and little by little I believe I'll be whole again. Oh Verdot, baby girl, hope you are happy and well and free of all cares~ our love to you as always. See you on the other side one day girlie.... I gave you a new big bone to chew and am and sending mommy, daddy, Syrah and Toai kisses to you! Hugs, hugs, hugs! 😢💞💞🐶

8/11/2018 Hello sweetness! Oh how I miss you 😟I can not believe two years have gone by without my little heartbeat at my feet! 💓I hardly know what to say more than that over and over and over again ... It's hard to imagine the loss I still feel. I know you would not want me to be sad, but on this day (and the whole week), I can not help but let the grief rise in me. So many changes again, Mommy and Daddy have move again (and again), it would be so much easier if you were with me. Mommy is strong though and I keep my feet forward and try to be positive. Life is short, as we know, and precious, just like you. I hope you look down upon me and let me know you are there. Perhaps today is not the best day for Mommy to write to you. I love you baby girl, I will write again soon. With all my heart, Mommy. 💞😘😘

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