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12/4/2013 petie you just left us about 2 hrs and 25 minutes ago & our heart's r broken big mama :(. I sure hope little sis kc is there to greet you at the gate's & shadow so you 3 can go play together like you use to. pizza pie you know it is you little sis's birthday tomorrow and u wanted to be there with her. im happy you are with kc now & shadow.we miss you all 3 so much & I just can't believe kc just left us on oct 15th 2013 & now pizza u had to go only one month and 18 days later. my heart is so broken big mama.i'm so tired from our trip to the er with you today & i'm going to close out & come back in the morning. I love you so much petie & cant believe your gone! god bless my big mama. love,mommy ,daddy & brother ceasar.12/5/2013 hi pizza pie mommy misses u big mama & the grand's have been crying for u so much & I will let them write u one day this month ok baby. I hope u found sis & shadow & r having fun & u r not n any more pain now. petie remember your 1st Christmas with us shadow was up in the tree & Jonathan was home with you both to baby sit & while shadow was messing up the tree u tore into Felicia's gift's & ate the swifter liquid & the bulbs on the tree & jon had to call the vet & be on watch for u to get sick & we were in Florida on vacation then thank God u never got sick & all was well. you & shadow could really get into some trouble & then we had to move to Kansas & shadow passed away & you were all alone & daddy went & got kc when we got there & you were so happy to be a mama to her & she loved you so much. im sure you girls r having a good time about now on her birthday. mommy got a cake & ceasar had ice cream paws & he got a new bone for his birthday today & he turned 8 today & kc turned 11. I just wish God did not need you girls & shadow so much & I could have you back with me. but one day soon we will all be together. & you can give me kisses like you use to all the time & shake all over like u did with joy to see us & greet us at the door like we had been gone for yrs. it was so cute. you loved playing in the snow in ks with k.c & going to the ball park when daddy took you to run in the field. I miss you big mama. my heart is broken pizza pie. it is coming up on 24 hrs u have been gone & my heart is broken & tore apart. :(.love,mommy12/6/2013 hi petie mommy was missing you & wanted to come check on u n c how u r & give u some love & kisses big mama.i miss u with all my heart. xoxo mommy,daddy & ceasar12/10/2013 petie you were in my dream this a.m & you woke me up barking real loud. you wanted to go out & potty. I miss you baby girl.mommy & ceasar sleep until 9a.m some times & it is nice. but we miss you & sis so much.xoxo love, mom,dad & ceasar12/11/2013 petie mom forgot the other a.m you were in my dream sitting by my bed waiting for me to get up. I looked over at you and u were so healthy looking & happy & then u were gone. :( mom love's u girl n misse's u so much. today u have been gone 1 wk. we have not gotten ur ashes back yet & the house feel's so empty. I wish they would hurry with ur precious body. :( my heart is broken pete,pete.love,mom,dad,&ceasar12/15/2013 petie sweetie girl mom & the grand's sent balloons up 2 u n kc n shadow 2 day. we sent them for kc's birthday since it was such bad weather for the past week n 2 days so we did it today for baby girl kc. Alexandra n Joshua wrote on the balloons to u n kc n shadow 2 day. it was lovely. we miss u 3 so much honey. :( and we cried 2 day. mom loves u petie girl & kc & shadow. love,mom,dad & ceasar12/16/2013 petie tonight is your candle light tribute & 1 4 k.c since she has been gone 2 mons now :( mom misses u girls so much & shadow. it will take me a long time to get over you fur babies of mine. I look @ ur pics every day & we r having some paintings done on canvas of u 3. love,mom,dad & ceasar12/18/2013 petie 2 day u have been gone 2wks & we miss u so much & love u more than ever. I hope ur doing well big mama. love,mom,dad & ceasar12/23/2013 petie today I picked up your ashes & I'm so happy to have u home for Christmas big mama & the house just feels like home again with you here. :) I love u girl 's and shadow & miss u so much.love,mom & ceasar12/24/2013 merry Christmas big mama just in case I can't get on here tomorrow. I miss u so much & can't believe u r not here 4 the first time in my life n 12 n half yrs. I miss u so much. my heart is broken.but u r home with me now. I love u petie. be good 2 sis & shadow 4 Christmas. love,mom & ceasar p/s I wrapped u n ur Christmas blanket I got u yesterday when I picked u up & u were just warm n cozy. :)12/25/2013merry Christmas petie. it seems so empty with out u n sis here this yr. I miss u so much. I gave ceasar the blanket u got him & he loved it. be happy big mama & love ur sis k.c & shadow.love,mom,dad & ceasar we miss u 3.12/30/2013 petie mom stopped by to say hi n I have been sick and just do not want this yr to end for us since it was our last yr together. it was out of the blue u being taken from us to soon. god needed u more. I just wish u and sis n brother could of lived like me n dad for a long time. we will c u all again in heaven. I love u n miss u 3 so much. happy new yr.love,mom 12/31/2013 sweet pizza pie, mom misses u so much & looks for u to wake me ec a.m to feed u n ceasar & u r not there :( my heart is breaking. :( and now I must say good bye to 2013 and u and k.c r not here anymore and it is real to me. the house is so empty and lonely. ceasar looks for u girls daily. just as I do. I miss u so much and now I only have one to look after and I miss u girls so much and shadow. so im sad to say good bye to 2013 it is all I had left of u n sis kc but I pray 2014 brings me peace so I can move on and u 3 will be in my heart daily and forever. u will never be forgotten or replace that is for sure. me and dad will grow old with your pictures all over the house.happy new yr big mama. love,mom,dad & ceasar 1/4/2014 sweet girl petie today is 1 month since u left us for the big blue sky in heaven & joined sis k.c and ur brother shadow the cat. I miss u so much & was thinking about the day I let u n sis n ceasar out side & checked on u about 30 mins later & u all 3 were gone. somebody opened the side gate & k.c was on the front porch & u n ceasar were running back to the house. it was so cute u both had been out running around checking out the yards & seeing if there were any dog's or cat's to play with. u were both so tired. that was a cute little journey u n brother had that day. thank god u were both ok. mom love's u petie & I know u r alright & god is watching over u & sis & brother shadow.love,mom & ceasar * u r always in my heart & on my mind daily :)2/4/14 o my petie girl,mom loves u so much & misses u more today u have been gone for 2 mon's & it is killing me inside. I try to look all good on the out side but inside it is no good. :(. u & k.c & shadow were the best babies a family could ever have.& ceasar is looking for u kid's all the time. it breaks my heart he does not want to go out for the fear of not coming back like you 3 did. :( & I have no answers. I love u petie girl & guess it will get better with time honey & I think of u every day girl.love,mom & dad & ceasar xoxo I pray all the time & offer up prayer's at mass for all of us when our time comes to be together :) & I will look forward to that until then I love you girl's petie,k.c & brother shadow.2/14/14 petie sweet mama happy valentine's day our 1st one with out u here with us :( u n k.c r in heaven together now. mom had to spend her valentine's day with ceasar & we missed u girl's so much :(. it has been snowing here the past few day's n I know u would of loved playing out in the snow. ceasar had so much fun in the snow. we miss u girl's n shadow. love mom & ceasar3/4/14 sweet petie girl 2 day makes 3 mons u have been in heaven sleeping waiting for mom & the family to join u. we miss u so much honey. it is so hard with out u here & ur sis kc & shadow. one day soon we will c u n b so happy. I love u n miss u so much. I think of u every day n u r always on my mind. :( I love u pete.pete. love,mom4/4/14 sweet girl petie,2 day makes 4 mons since u been gone :( we all miss u so much n know u had to go it was ur time to b with the lord n ur sis n brother :( soon big mama we will all b together n rejoice n the Lord :) n live together like before.it is so hard to live with out u here. we had u 4 12 1/2 long yrs the Lord gave u 2 us n that was very good n we loved u every minute of it n it was so special to us.we still love n miss u petie. love mom,dad n ceasar xo today will be hard on us like every day without u here. :(.5/4/14 petie,2day u have been gone 5mons n i miss u so much big mama n think of u every day n all the fun things u use to do & soon it will b ur birthday on the 11th. i love u girl. love,mom & ceasar5/11/14HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG MAMA UR 13 TODAY AND HOW I WISH YOU COULD OF LIVED TO BE HERE WITH US. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH PETIE,& 1 DAY WE WILL B TOGETHER. LOVE,MOM & CEASAR 12/4/2014 petie, my precious girl it has been 1yr now since u went 2 heaven. where has the time went :( I'm so sad & miss u so much. I think about u all the time 1 day soon we will b together. love,mom,dad & ceasar 12/4/15 petie 2 yrs ago today you went to heaven, my goodness we miss you so much big mama. The year's are really going by fast. Ceasar will be 10 yrs old tomorrow, and he thinks he is the king of the house. Big mama we miss you so much sweet girl. I love you baby girl. Love, mom, dad, and ceasar we will be together one day.12-4-16 big mama, 3yrs today ,we miss u so much. soon we will b together. love, mom ,dad, n ceasar

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