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Memories of Petie Carroll
Petie (my Cockatiel) learned how to say I love you and learned how to say I Love Petie Bird. Every time I would walk in the door he would sing to me. When I would leave the room, he would always start chirping as if to say where are you going. When I went to bed at night,he would sing out, I love you, I love Petie Bird. When he was younger, I would stand across the room and he would fly over to me and I'd walk around the house with him perched on my shoulder. If I was laying on the couch, he would fly over to me and fall asleep while sitting on my stomach. My six fur babies, who are all here at Rainbow Bridge, grew up with Pete and they never bothered him because he let all of them know that he ruled the roost. He learned how to sing jingle bells so that at Christmas time every year,he would always do his song for us. Every time I would sit down to eat, he immediately went into his cage and started to eat his food as if he were saying, I'm not going to let you eat alone. He is now with my 6 fur babies, Buster, Puss, Taylor, Pooh Bear, Shadow and Lucy Carroll and I know that they are all watching over each other until the day that Mom comes for them and we are all reunited. I miss all of you so very much.

Please also visit Buster, Lucy Carroll, Pooh Bear, Puss Carroll, Shadow Carroll and Taylor Carroll.

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