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I'll always remember the way you raise your paw to let me know you needed scratching or help me hold a spoon, your 'puppy' like bark & when you turned around when asked to come up to my lap. You were named "Peppy La Piu" because of your skunk look, black fur with white mustache & paws. You loved sitting on the front stairs & just watch the world go by. I'll still be calling you "Happy Pappy". Please let me know you're still with me!!!11/20/07--It's been over two weeks since you've been gone. This Thanksgiving will be hard without you. I miss the black fur ball that's always following me. I miss the times you come by my bed in the morning & shake the bed so I can pick you up & when I would finally open my eyes, I'd see you laying on the pillow next to me. I miss seeing you stretched on your stomach on the kitchen floor watching me cook. Your brother Booboo misses you too. I'll be waiting for you to raise your paw for me in 'my dreams'12/26/07-Dear Peppy, I really missed you this Xmas, it was not the same. I missed your walking around, banging on the doors when you wanted to enter, & when I take Booboo for a walk, we both look around as if we're missing someone. I can still hear your 'sqeeky' puppy-like call. I still cry a lot when I see your picture but I do still call your name out together with Booboo's. It comes so naturally. I hope you can still hear me. I've had to place a candle at your resting place outside along with the other lighting ornaments. I just received the report from the hospital stating what had happened to you, but I still feel like I should've been able to save you like you had always looked at me for help with those beautiful dark eyes. I miss you terribly, I hope Monique has you in her care. You never met her but she really loves animals. I know that at the Rainbow Bridge you will never suffer again.**7/11/08 Dear Peppy, Sorry I havn't written anything lately, but I did plant flowers on top of your grave. I'm sure you saw them because they're blooming already. We have a new member of the family (Pippo) black Pome just like you except he's bigger. When I see him I always think of you, of how you used to be fast and quick until the asthma started to get to you. You were only five years old but you had suffered a lot. Now that I see Pippo & how healthy he is, I'm sorry that you had to suffer so much. Booboo now eight years old is starting to slow down too. I often wondered how his life is going to pan out & worry that he too will suffer. God only knows when he's ready to take us. In the meantime, I think of you all the time and know that you're in good hands. Love, Mom**11/2/08 Dear Peppy..It's been a year already,at almost the same time 8:00pm although it was on a Friday night. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. I put a candle on your resting place so you can see the light from 'heaven'. You have enriched my life as a campanion and have helped me move on & I will always love you for that. Brother Booboo misses you too. He has a brother Pippo, never to take you place, but to keep him company now that he's getting older. Love, Mom
6/22/11 Dear Peppy, you'll be happy (I'm very sad though) to know that your brother Booboo has joined you in the Rainbow Bridge. Now you'll have your brother to play with along with all your other friends you made since being here. LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!
11/04/11..It's hard when the anniversary comes around because I think about how hard (as I do all year) it was to lose you & how you suffer when you passed away. You couldn't breath, the trip to the Hospital was long & by the time we got there, your heart gave out.K hope now you can share these sad stories with your brother Booboo because he also suffered after he had his teeth cleaned & had minor eye surgery. His heart also gave away. You both had weak hearts but for me you had the BIGGEST HEART ever..We had very few good memories as you were still young (5 yrs. old) but I will alway cherish, remember & LOVE YOU...XX..Mommy...
11/11/13-Dear Peppy, your anniversary Nov. 2 (all Souls Day) has come & gone but I really don't want to remember that awful day..you have brought me lots of joy & good memories. I'm sorry that you had to suffer with asthma for such a long time. I should have taken you to another vet when I noticed he wasn't helping you much. Thinking of you all the time, but I know that you're with your brother Booboo, who watched you died & buried. XX Mom
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