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Memories of Pepper
Our wonderful girl Pepper got her angel wings today November 1st 2017.
We adored her so very much for the 13.5 years she was with us but we knew in our hearts that she wanted to say goodbye. No words can ever describe how utterly and completely devastated we are at this moment.
Pepper was certainly one of a kind! She came in to our lives so full of joy and such a basket of energy. I named her Pepper because she was like a red hot pepper, so on fire with a fervent lust for life. Eating us out of house and home and digging that many holes in the garden you could see through to China. She made us laugh and cry at the same time and brought so much happiness to every person she met. She loved everyone and everything even if the reverse wasn't always quite the same. The neighbourhood cats can attest to that. She loved to run and jump and play hard all day long. I often wondered whether she even had an off button. As she grew old though, time caught up, she got tired and became so ill that there was nothing we could do to bring back that energy. We had to let her go! We miss her so very much. She is no longer digging those holes except the deepest one she has dug into our hearts.

My darling girl its been 3 days since daddy and I said goodbye to you and we are still so very sad. It seems like the pain we feel from losing you is never going to go away. We miss you and love you so much!! Daddy has been very busy fixing up the house and doing the extensions which we had very much hoped that you could enjoy too. So much more room to run around in. Jarvis misses you too, he still keeps looking for you after having dinner, you know how much he loved gobbling up any tiniest of morsels that you would leave in your bowl. He needs to go on a diet! He seems a little down when he goes outside without you there to guard the house with him. The "dynamic duo" on patrol. Mummy has been making some really beautiful memorials of you to put in the new part of the house. I am going to have it all there in a special little place with a nice chair so I can sit and look at all your lovely photo's, think of you and remember you forever. I hope that maybe you can come visit sometimes when you are not too busy running and jumping around with all your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Sleep peacefully my princess!! xxx ******************************

Hello my beautiful girl! I know that you were here with me last night and this morning. I heard you, felt and saw the signs that you were near. Thankyou princess. I wish I could have scooped you up and held you in my arms so tight and felt your "tickly kisses". Mummy always loved those!! I have to go to work tomorrow but I will be home a bit later on. Knowing you are not there to greet me as you did all your life hurts mummy like mad. I hope you come back and visit again real soon. Mummy misses you so much xxx
Hello my princess. Daddy and Jarvis picked me up from work today and I was sad because you weren't in the car with them to greet me. I also found your name tag on the driveway today, it had fallen off your collar which made me shed a tear or two. I put it back on your collar which is now hanging on a photo of you when you were a young dog and we were living in our old house. I love that photo, you look so expressive and bright. Mummy has so many memories of our wonderful life together when you were growing up. So many fun stories to tell. You were such a special dog, so much more than a pet. No matter how bad a day I was having you were there to make me smile. You just had a way of doing that. I so want the agony of losing you to go away but I never, ever want to forget our happy life together. You were my "Little Pepsi", I used to call you that all the time. My loyal, loving, intelligent, happy bundle of energy I so wish you could come back and make me smile again but I know you need to be where you are at the Rainbow Bridge. We will see each other again, I just know we will. Luv u, miss you xxx
Hello again my princess. I just wanted to tell you that Mummy and daddy got a beautiful card from the vet surgery today. There were lovely words on it from Dr Mark and all the other vets and nurses, it was so lovely and thoughtful that it made mummy cry again. We put it next to your photo in the lounge room. I haven't stopped thinking about you for one moment but I guess that the pain will slowly go away and Mummy and Daddy can smile when we think of you and speak about you. How beautiful a girl you were! Miss you so much my "Pepsi". xxx
Hello darling girl. We got your ashes back today. Mummy shed a few tears over them, everything is still so raw and upsetting, there are reminders of you everywhere. We have put your ashes in a beautiful wooden box. It has your name carved on the top and a lovely golden plaque that says "Our beautiful girl we will always love and miss you deeply" "Sleep peacefully princess" and has the day you were born and the day you passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. It is sitting on the night stand on mummy's side of the bed. We are thinking about placing them in the garden with a lovely engraved memorial stone because we know how much you loved the garden, maybe we will do that later on but right now mummy needs you close to her. Luv u and miss you very much xxx
Hello beautiful girl. It's been a few days since I have been here. Mummy and Daddy are still missing you as much as we did on the very first day we said goodbye. Mummy talked to Auntie Heather today and she told me how she thought how much of a special one of a kind girl you were. How much you loved all types of people and all types of animals. You were a beautiful soul who loved life so much. I think that is what mummy misses the most about you, your kind soul. Mummy has been getting lots of messages and kind words of comfort from people on this site. They too have had to say goodbye to their furbabies, maybe you have met some of them already. I am sure you would be loving them all the same way you loved all the friends you met here. I hope you are running happily and free with them now. Miss you and love you so much princess!
Hello my darling Pepsi. Mummy thought about you so much today. It wasn't a good day as my tears are still flowing for you and the pain of losing you is still so strong. Daddy was busy again working on the house so I just had a quiet day keeping Jarvis company. Jarvis is being a bit more attentive towards me than he used to, after all he is really daddy's boy. Maybe he knows how sad I am. Daddy and I have been talking about maybe getting another puppy someday once the house is finished. I am not too sure and don't really know whether I can love another dog again and go through more heartbreak again. What do you think? They say that "sometimes a dog comes along that changes everything"......you were that dog. You were my everything, we had been through so much together and I am not sure if I can be the same mummy to another furbaby. Missing you my beautiful girl, loving you heaps!!


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