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Memories of PEPPER
Pepper came to us in 1999. He was abandoned in an apartment by his previous owner, without food and water. He escaped when the landlord came to inspect the unit. When we came home from grocery shopping, there he was at the bottom of the steps of our 2nd floor apartment. He was so thin. We fed him some cheese, roast beef, with some milk, and then he left. I remember going back to the store for cat food. Three days later, he showed up at our door. He kept coming back and we started to see him filling out, his coat taking on a fresh sheen.

We were packing to move into our new home a week later when Pepper paid us a visit. I asked Dan what would happen to Pepper after we moved. Dan wasn't fond of cats, and we already had Kougar, who was staying with my mom until we moved. But for some reason, Pepper got to him. He said, 'Well, we just can't leave him, so take him to the Dr. Obenski, get him checked out, neutered and declawed, and we'll take him with us'. And so entered more love and laughter. Our new home became comedy central, thanks to Pepper.

Pepper purred so loud we called him 'Evenrude'. I swear people could hear him down the block. He 'porked' out to 22 pounds, ergo, the name 'Porker'. And what a 'motormouth'. When Dan would come home on Friday, Pepper would meow him to no end, informing Dan of all the week's happenings, good and bad. He'd follow Dan all over the house like a puppy. You couldn't do anything without Pepper being smack in the middle of it, and of course, had to have his belly rubs.

Pepper always left you know how much he missed you. When we would leave the house, together or individually, he had this little purple stuffed elephant. It would always be sitting at the door when you got home. Leaving that toy at the door would guarantee that mom and dad would make a really big fuss over him.

Dearest Pepper, we weren't ready for you to leave us. Your sweet disposition and the unending love and laughter you gave us will always be felt deep within our hearts. Your memorial is now along side your sister, Kougar, in front of the window where the sun can shine on both of you. Your candle is lit and the three angels watch over the two of you on the radiator cover. Now, every night before I go to bed, I say goodnight to both of you, blow out your candles, and continue to tell you how much I love you and miss you both.

As I watched you slip away from us, a large part of me went with you. But, there is comfort in the knowledge that you are at peace in God's arms at Rainbows Bridge with your sister, Kougar. Have fun together. I'll see you when my time is over here on earth and we'll all cross the Bridge together.

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