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Memories of PEPPER
Pepper was one of the most awesome dogs ever. He always brought a smile to everyone's face. He loved walks on the beach with his Sister Sasha and his Brother Diddy. Rolling on seaweed was one of his favorite beach activities. He loved peanut butter! It was his favorite treat. He was such a strong, loving boy. He will always be loved and remembered in our hearts. ❤️ I know he will be watching over us as he runs free on that wonderful green grass up there. You are a shining star buddy, keep on shining ⭐️💫

4/21/16: Today makes one week since you've left us. I hope you're doing well up there. I'm sure by now you've made plenty of friends! We miss you terribly. Sasha and Diddy are pretty sad. Sasha wasn't eating for a while, I had to hand feed her. I'm pretty sure it's because you weren't there to eat her food with her lol. I can't stop thinking about you. I see so many things that remind me of you, and it makes me cry. You are always in our hearts sweet boy, and I'm sure you know that. ❤️

4/27/16: The vet called today. We went and picked up this nice little box with your name on it. You're home with us now my baby boy. I'm sure you know, as I know you are looking down on us all the time, you have your own little shelf in the living room. Your cute little box along your collar sit up there above the tv. I'm trying to find my favorite photo of you to keep up there as well, but I need a little time to find the perfect one. I just love every picture of you, it's so hard to choose! This is a very emotional day for Mommy. I'm happy that you're home, where you belong. I'm also still very sad that you had to leave us to cross the rainbow bridge. Send me a sign so that I know you're doing ok up there ❤️ We love you buddy.

5/8/16: Mommy is having a rough day today. I can't stop thinking about you. I was walking around the house today and I realized how many little pebbles I was finding. Then I remembered why. You used to be a sneaky boy and try to chew on the pebbles you would find on the floor when they would come out of the bottom of our shoes. I have no more pebble control 😢 These little memories of you make me realize how much I love and miss you even more. I know you're happy and pain free up there, but I would do anything to have you back here with me. I miss your stinky kisses ❤️😘

7/2/16: I haven't visited you here in a while, I'm sorry. It's been hard lately. With each month that passes, I miss you more and more. It's summer now, so Daddy and I have been taking Sasha and Diddy to the beach. It's not the same without you. Although Diddy has taken over your love of rolling in seaweed 😂 We think about you everyday. Grandma's kitty Dale had to cross the rainbow bridge last night. You probably remember him. Take good care of him up there. Show him the ropes, I'm sure you're an expert up there by now. I love you buddy.
P.S- I gave you some new music to listen to 😘😉

12/19/16: Hey buddy ❤️ It's almost Christmas time! 🎄 I was terribly sad when I was making Sasha & Diddy's ornaments this year. I wish you were here to make one too. Our tree doesn't look the same without you in front of it. A picture of you comes up on my Timehop almost everyday. It helps me remember all the good times we had together.
I hope you have a great Christmas up there. I'm sure you're going to get lots of boneys from santa to chew on! We are all sending our love, but you already know that! I'll talk to you soon my beautiful old man ❤😘

4/14/17: Hey Peps! Today makes a year since you had to cross the rainbow bridge. We all miss you so much. Me and daddy took Sasha and Diddy to the lake park today. We stood on the dock and watched ducks, just like you and I did a year ago. You probably saw us, I know you're watching 😉. It's still hard for us, but knowing you're running around at turbo speeds up there helps ease the pain a bit. Sending lots of love today and always little man ❤️ We love and miss you more than words could ever describe. ❤️

4/16/18: Hey Bud! I know mommy hasn't visited in a while. It's been so hard without you. It's been 2 years since you left us now, and our hearts wish you were still here. We are doing good, your Hooman sister Tatiana lives with us now. Sasha and Diddy are doing great. We are going to go to a pet show today. Remember the one I took you to a few years ago? We will have lots of fun for you. Diddy and Sasha are going to borrow your stroller if you don't mind. They don't like walking around a lot of people. Big chickens! You didn't care about that. You wanted all the love and attanetion from everyone!
It's almost summer soon! We wish the sun would come out so we can go to our favorite lake park. I was looking at all the fun pictures we took there and it made me cry, because you will never be able to go back. But I know you're happy and pain free running around up there with Harley. I hope you gave your twin a proper welcome when you saw him.
Be a good boy buddy, mommy will come back and visit soon. We all Miss you more than you know ❤️🌈🐶

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