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Memories of Pepper
Pepper came to my doorstep as a puppy 14 1/2 years ago one snowy winter night. I was about to go to bed when I heard a noise at the front door. It was small black dog, a basset-lab mix, who apparently was looking for food.I took her in and went out to buy some dog food which she readily ate. At first I tried to find out if she belonged to anyone(no collar) but gradually I became attached to her.
Her basic demeanor changed little over the years. When I would wash the floor, she would just rest her head where she lay, looking towards me with an expression of sort of bored acceptance of what must have seemed to her foolish, unnecessary behavior.

It has been over three months since Pepper is gone and I may miss her now more than ever. Although she required a special home-made diet the last couple of years and had some health issues, she was mostly fine until the last few days of her life, barking at the feral cats, eating grass, even soliciting play.
So sad that she is gone, naturally worse during the holidays. I love you, Pep, wherever you are.Until we meet again.

Pepper is gone almost a year now and I still miss her. I still have not be up to taking down the ramp I made for her to get up the porch steps when she could no longer manage them.
For me,having a pet for over 14 years makes it hard to get over the loss.
I only hope Pepper is in a better place.


It was actually more painful the second year after Pepper was gone. It is better now, but the last year was rough. A strange thing happened in July of this year. An other stray animal appeared at my house.
This time it was the abandoned kitten of a feral cat. This kitten cried under my deck all night as I waited for his mother to return-he was about 3-4 weeks old. In the morning he was still crying so I fed him and took him into the house,since it seemed his mother was not coming back; I knew who she was and
never saw her again.
Long story short, I still have him;now he is about 3 months old. I did not feel ready for another pet
less than 2 years since Pepper's passing, but somehow once again,a pet seemed to choose me, rather than the other way round.
Is this Pepper's reincarnation? Was it intended I have this cat? I don't know. All I know is that
I have this cat and did not really intend in ever getting another pet.
Pepper,rest in peace,or welcome back.

It's been three years since I lost dear Pepper and I still feel bad. In a way my new pet,a cat, has
deepened my grief because just having a pet again reminds me of Pepper. The cat's name is Spot, but
sometimes I mistakenly call him Pepper. Not sure why I still feel this bad; almost seems like I feel
worse than the first year after the loss. I thank Ginny for her wise words that grief is not measured in time.I miss you Pep, and hope we will meet again.

Still feel bad losing Pepper, four years later. Though my cat-now two years old- is a dear pet, I still miss
Pepper. Ginny's email was a comfort, and reminded me of some things I tend to forget.
I do trust that Pepper is in a good place with all the dog treats she wants, a comfy bed, and animal friends.
I miss you,Pep. Until we meet again.

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