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Memories of Pepper
You certainly have to be the most handsome dog I had ever laid eyes on. Your face was perfect, how I envied the natural eyeliner you had. There is no question about it Patrick was your people. I can still see the two of you sleeping in bed. You with your head on the pillow stretched out along side him, blankets up to both your necks with his arm laid across you. Nothing could entice you to get up unless he did. Rofl, sometimes it took a lot to entice him out of bed. You two were content to spend your days just enjoying each others company.

You were too smart for any of ours good. I remember the time Kellie had brought you guys some balls to play with (coconuts) you obviously knew there was something inside worth getting too. You just could not crack that nut like the Pecans. When to all of our amazement you picked up the coconut and carried it over to the old fashion rocker and placed it under one of the rockers and put your paw on top of it and pushed down trying to crack it. Of course it did not work but it just blew our minds that you even came up with that concept. I am just glad others besides me witnessed that because no one would have believed me. Dumb animals, huh? Yeah right. Society should be so dumb. The world would sure be a wonderful place to live in then.

I remember when Chris was born you immediately appointed yourself his guardian. You would watch by his crib. When he was laid on a blanket on the floor you laid beside him. But oh my how concerned you got when he started crawling. You would latch onto his diaper and try to drag him back to the blanket. LOL Pampers weren't very appropriate for that as a cloth diaper would have been.

You were a happy dog and you loved life and everything about it. Even playing crack the whip with the horse. And I reallly do think you two made that a game. You would grab her tail and she would go running with you hanging on and not touching the ground; then she would suddenly turn and you would go flying and rolling across the pasture. And then you two would go at it again. I have to believe it was a game with you both because she never kicked you.

Can you tell me something? I wonder about this because it happens more often than not I think. Why does the moment of truth always come after vet hours or on weekends? You played and ate as usual then late evening you suddenly lost all energy and vibrancy. The night was so long for you and me, waiting for the vet's office to open. Where did the pain suddenly come from, you would latch onto my arm and cry out, but never hurt me. But then I was hurting so bad for both of us I just may not have noticed. The vet's office opened an hour earlier that next morning (course with incentive from me). You looked so relieved at the vet when she was preparing you for the injections. Then you laid you head down with such peace in your eyes waiting for her to release you from your earth coat. Your loss is no less painful than Smokey's but the shock of the pain was bearable, because we knew this time how badly we would be hurting. My handsome handsome prince I miss you so much. You were the 3rd born and the 3rd to leave us.

DEC 24, 2010

Hi Pepper, it has been quite a while since I wrote here. It is hard to find the words to tell you all the things I want too. I miss looking into your beautiful wise eyes. I miss all of you so much Pepper. Oh every tear has been worth it for the time we had together but I would gladly give up the tears to be with you. I know you are in a better land, and with God's blessings I, one day will be there with you all once again.

Merry Christmas my prince.

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