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12-7-16 Still missing you little friend.

1-14-16 Ray crossed over today, I hope you both were able to finally see one another. I miss you Pep, but I'm really sad and missing Ray right now. Give him a big lick for me. Dad

10-25-13 Sorry not to visit anymore my little buddy, but life goes one here. I was in an accident last year that left me injured pretty badly, still recovering. Ray is hanging in there; he'll be coming to stay with you, hopefully not soon, but in the near future. There's a little boy living here now; Joelle had a baby in May, his name is Noah. The Mamma and I haven't lived together in a year, but we're still friends. She doesn't say it, but she still misses you too. Your are still missed little buddy. Dad

11-25-11 Well my little friend, another year has gone by, hard to believe. Life goes on, we love Sedona. We miss you still. Dad

11-9-10 My little friend, it's been almost 3 years since we had to let you go, but we don't forget you and talk about you all the time. Ray is doing well, I really love him! The Mama and I aren't getting divorced after all, but we'll continue living apart for a while. I love you Peppy my friend. Dad

10-15-09 Hey my friend, it's been nearly 2 years since you left and a year since I've visited. Sadly to say, "The Mama" and I are getting divorced, but you'll be coming to live with me and Ray. I still miss you a lot and wish you could be coming to the Dog Park here is Sedona with me and Ray. I hope I'll be able to keep your Residency page open, but with the divorce and moving all coming at the time of renewal I may have to let go. But I'll always have you in my heart. Love, Dad

11-29-08 My dearest pep, it's been a year. I think of you every now & then. Your name comes out of my mouth at the most strangest of times and then I know that you are thinking of me. I love you. Marisol - the mama.

11-29-08 Peppy my little buddy, I can't believe you left us a whole year ago. It's been quite a year, but you've been missed every day. Janna and Brayden, our newest little boy, came to visit on Wednesday for Thanksgiving; Janna misses you too, especially since she was your favorite. Ray is doing well and has adjusted to being the top dog in the house. We love you and miss you a lot and hope that you have found peace.
love, Dad

5-3-08 My Little Friend - A lot has happened over the past few months. The OM turned 60 and there was a houseful of people visiting us here in Sedona. The girls missed you a lot! Jesse's Maebel was very sick and they had to let her go last month - you remember Maebel, she has the same color hair as you but she's a lot bigger - make her feel welcome, show her where she can run and swim. We miss you a lot and still find ourselves calling your name when talking to Ray, who has adjusted real well since you left us. We all miss you and love you a lot.

1-18-08 My Friend - We bought a home and we're moving this weekend, so life for us goes on. Just wondering if you've been visiting us, especially Ray, because he is beginning to act more and more like you everyday. He is a lot less anxious these days - I think before you left us he was really concerned about his place in our home, but he is now more sure of himself. We miss you and think of you often - we will make a special place for you in our new home.
Love, Dad

12-13-07 Peppy my little friend, it's been 2 weeks since you went to the Bridge and I miss you a lot. Your ashes came home today, so we have a part of you here with us again. It's not the same around here without you, but we know that you are in a better place. Until we meet you at the Bridge, know that we love you and we take solace knowing that you are no longer suffering.
Love, Dad
Pepperoni Geraci is the greatest of all the pets we've ever had. His nickname is Peppy, and that's what we call him around the house. We've had him about 5 years and we didn't buy him. When I was in 1st grade and my sister in 5th, we found Peppy coming to our house about three days in a row, so my dad, the softy that he is, took the lonely dog in and gave it a home. That day when I came home from school I looked in my backyard and to my surprise I found a big brown-eyed puppy. It had looked familiar as I gazed into its eyes, and I couldn't help but cry and give it a bath. We fed it that day and boy was it starving, and we've loved and cared for it ever since. Since we didn't know what his real birthday is we made one up for him and that is May 5, 1991. Peppy acts like a cat you know like rubbing up against you and laying in high places, sleeping at the foot of your bed and he enjoys going outside and getting his hair combed.
(Written by Joelle in 1996 when she was in the 6th grade)
Dear Pep, my little Toot, my Peppoli, my Comforter & Lover Surrogate, you have come a long way and given much along the way to me. At first, I was afraid of you and stayed distant, at all levels. But about 2-5 years later I came to know that joy of touching, holding you, smelling you, petting you, laughing with and at you, crying with you. I finally had a friend who loved me unconditionally. It was a give and take, a dance of love. We parted for a while, but I kept you tucked in my heart, deeply protected in my soul. I saw what the years had done to your body, but your beautiful, magnificent heart, mind and soul stayed true to who you are. I finally have physically reunited to you, but find that the ravages of age are slowly taking away YOU. I feel psychic pain when I see you slipping away, so much so that I also hurt physically. Sending you Reiki has made me realize that you do not want to continue in this manner. It takes away from your dignity and integrity of being a dog and you do not want me to see you and care for you in this way. Therefore, respecting your wishes and desires, I willfully release you to go forward into your transition to another life. You came to me in a cloud and you leave me with a whisper! You will always be a bright light in the corner of my soul!!

Love, Marisol (goodbye letter read to Peppy the night before his passing)
Dear Peppy,
This is a very sad letter for me to write because I know that saying goodbye will be forever. You have not always been my pet, but I still feel very connected to you because it was I who brought you into our lives.

I will never forget those big brown eyes staring back at me the first time I saw you. You were a mess, but your eyes spoke to me and I knew I had to take you in. That you see nothing out of those eyes now is very painful for me.

To see you wandering in circles and bouncing off walls and furniture is not the way I want to remember you. I want to always remember the way you'd run wildly through the house when Jesse would pound on the floor with his hands. I want to remember you bouncing up and down the stairs at the apartments. I want to remember how excited you'd get going for a ride and jumping into the car.

You have been a good pet and companion for all of us. To hold onto your life now is a selfish thing to do - the best thing for you is to let you sleep and end the turmoil you must be experiencing.

I've known that this day would come. I've visualized your passing many times. We could wait longer and hope that you fall asleep on your own and don't wake up, but we take the chance that you will deteriorate even more, which could mean more real suffering for you. I don't want you to be in pain. You deserve to go with as little, or no, suffering as possible.

I will miss you very much, but I will never forget you. You have been my first real pet and I've grown to love you as much as I do my children.

Thank you for many years of joy and laughter. Your spirit will live on and perhaps one day our spirits will again cross paths.

I love you
Dad (goodbye letter read to Peppy the night before his passing)

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