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Memories of Pepper
Well, good morning Precious. Who is the most beauuuutiful Border Collie in the whole world, well that's you. Larry and Mommie love and miss you so much.
Back in August 2006 when you had your stroke, I thought what in the world am I going to do without my little Pepper dog. You were so strong, and such a little fighter, Larry and I nursed you back with lots of love and all that good baby food. You were able to compensate for your lack of coordination so well that we know you were happy to be here and that it was just not your time. You just wanted to stay here with us for a long, long time. What a strong little baby you were, we are so proud of you!! You loved your special breakfast Larry made you each morning, your lunch and dinner time treats so much. You drank water like a little horse. We used to love the way MistyLou and you would play tag team begging for more treats in the living room. You knew we just coundn't not give in to you with that little bark and sweet little face.
It broke my heart to watch you looking at the doggy door and want to go out so bad by yourself, but you just couldn't coordinate enough to push thru. Larry and I gladly carried you outside to go potty whenever you told us it was time to go. We would have taken care of you forever.
It was so beautiful to watch you and MistyLou lay in the grass and keep us company when we were working in the back yard. It is such a beautiful day today, maybe it's a gift from you as I write this.
You were loved by everybody that ever met you. This was truly "Pepper's House" and everybody misses you so much. You were such a lovable, adorable girlie girl!! It's just not the same without you.
We spoke a different language, you and I. You will always be my best friend and I know you know this is so hard for me.
On that Friday morning, 3/2/2007, I just knew you were having another stroke when you could not get comfortable and had another spell. I slept with you on the floor that night and when it was over, you were calm and slept like a baby. But, when you woke up, you could not even stand up anymore. Larry told me you didn't want your special breakfast, not even a drink of water, and it was then that I knew I had to let you go.
You and I had a long talk that morning, and it was painfully obvious to me that you were too tired to go on. I promised you then that mommie would be ok, and sometimes that is the only thing that keeps me going is my promise.
I know you are at Rainbows Bridge now, and that I will never get to clean your face, rub your tummy, smell your smells, hear you bark, watch you play with MistyLou or have any more talks with you. Oh, the secrets you took with you, little one.
I miss you so much, but I know that you are in a happy place now, fetching golf balls, Frisbees and new toys and making new friends. As for me, things will never, ever be the same, my heart is broken.
I want you to know that I am so happy and proud that you were my little dog. There will never be another like you. You were so special to us and to everybody that was lucky enough to know you.
It's hard to believe that it has been two weeks since you have been gone. I hope you are having alot of fun with all the other babies at the Bridge and that you will never, ever forget Larry and I and how much we love you. MistyLou misses you so much, we are taking extra good care of her for you.
Til we see you again, take care of you, Precious, and don't forget to be sleepin sometimes, little un-forgetable you.. We will love you forever.. Larry, Mommie and MistyLou
Easter Sunday, 2007.. Happy Easter, baby.. A little bunny came into the backyard this morning from across the street and was hanging in your spot.. I bet you sent him to let us know you are in a happy, peaceful place now. It is just not the same here without you, Precious. We think about you all the time and MistyLou is still a bit lost.. This will always be Pepper's house and you will always be my little Precious Baby who I will never, ever, forget. Play hard, have lots of fun and some Easter treats and take care of you.. We love you forever and ever..
July 9, 2007..While opening one of my birthday presents today, OUR song came on just as I was un-wrapping a little plaque that says "Life is a Song, Love is the Music" I am so sure that you are with me always and thank you so much for the moment. I miss you so much and will always, always love you, Precious!
October 29, 2007 Good morning Precious.. I am so sorry to say that I have lost your little doggie, MistyLou to cancer. We loved her so much and took such good care of her after you left us, but now I must give her back to you. I don't think she ever got over missing you and she will be so happy to be with you again. Show her your new places and friends and take extra good care of her again for me. I miss you and think about you every single day.. We love you both so much and always, always will. There can never be another you, Precious.
Christmas 2007.. Merry Christmas, Precious.. Things just aren't the same without you and MistyLou. It is so lonely. You girls are such a big part of our lives and will always be. I am sending your Christmas toys and treats to heaven this year. I know you and little MistyLou are together and are being my Christmas Angels, helping me be strong and get thru the holidays with a smile.. I will love you forever, there can never by another you, Precious.. All my love..
Valentines Day, 2008.. Happy Birthday, Precious. This is my first Valentines Day without you, no birthday toys, no special treats, I miss you so much.. All I can do is write this to you and hope that you are having a special birthday party at the Bridge with my little MistyLou and remember all the happy memories you left me with.. Happy Valentines Day too, there will never be another you.. I love you and miss you both so much.. Take care of Lou for me.. All my love always..
March 2, 2009 I just had to come and see you today, Precious, I think about you all the time and your picture and collar are next to the bed, where you always liked to nap. We now have Gracie, Rocky and Tasha, three gorgeous little rescued Border Collies. Somehow, it is like they knew you and MistyLou. They seem to have taken on some of your little personality traits, they like to rest in your spots and little Gracie is always the last one out of bed, just like you. I am now helping out at the rescue group in your honor. I hope MistyLou is with you and that your little souls are running free.. I love you, Precious, there will never ever be another you, you are my girl..
April 27, 2011 I just needed to visit you today. We have just learned that a very sweet girl named Chevelle who we adopted out from Border Collies in Need passed away last month. She was so sweet and just wanted to be loved after her owners relinquished her after 6 years. Just to be sure she will always have friends, you and MistyLou find her and keep her in your company for me. She needs lots of love and good playmates and loves her tennis ball. I love you and MistyLou and feel like you are with me always. Sometimes I don't write for a while but, you know I am always thinking of you, Precious. Please find Chevy, love her and make her your forever friend. Til I see you both again.. I Love you
February 14, 2012 Happy Birthday, little Pepper. It seems so appropriate that you were born on Valentines Day because I couldn't have loved you more. I really think you are my little soul mate, because there just can't be another you, ever. Think about you all the time, sometimes it feels like you live on thru little Gracie and all her girly mannerisms, just like you. Be happy, be free, love MistyLou for me.. still love you and always will, Precious
March 2, 2012 Well, little one, this is your anniversary at the Bridge. I remember this was the saddest day ever when you left me. I am sad to say that I am sending you another angel today to take care of for me. You see, my good friends,Steve and Bette are sending their handsome Border Collie, Max, to the bridge today. He is having too many seizures and is just not comfortable here anymore and needs to be with you. They are so heartbroken and they need his spirit to be with them forever, as yours is with me. Please welcome Max, and keep him with you and MistyLou and Chevelle and care for him and play with him until we see you again. You will love Max, he is fun and handsome but he is going to leave a big hole down here with Steve and Bette. You see, Pepper, we are still connected only now you are happy, healthy, and have a wonderful set of friends to care for and play with. Keep all the Border Collies and all the shelter souls that never made it out safe and happy at the bridge and I will keep volunteering and rescuing as many as we can here,so they can find their forever homes and love life here, just like you and Max. You are in my heart, always, Precious
February 14, 2021 I miss you still and always will. I trust you are now with Gracie and Rocky, happy and healthy til I see you all again. So much love, always

Please also visit Chevelle and MistyLou.

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