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Memories of Pepper
Pepper girl, I'll never forget the first time I saw you sitting in the kennel looking up at me with your big brown eyes. When I took you out of the kennel you placed your little paws around my neck and snuggled in, I knew at that moment we were to be together. We have had a wonderful journey together these past fourteen and half years. You have been a real soldier through it all. Following me around the country as I went from duty station to duty station. I can remember when we were at Fort Campbell, Kentucky at my farewell ceremony. I was out on the field and you wanted to come, but I came over, spoke to you and went back to my position and you sat and watched. The Soldier holding you said, you can tell she is the Command Sergeant Major's dog, she minds so well. You have always been a good girl. You've endured my deploying to Somalia for 6 months and Afghanistan for 2 years and both times welcomed me home, as if I never left. You were loved by everyone. Everyone wanted to watch you when I was out
traveling, doing my Army thing. The little kids in the neighborhood at Ft Leavenworth would come and knock on the door to see if theycould take you for a walk.
When I got ready to deploy to Afghanistan, everyone wanted to know what was going to happen to you. I was the one going into a combat zone, but you were the one they we're concerned about. You were so loved by all and we all miss you so very much. Thank you for waiting for me to come home from Afghanistan and giving me so much joy and love these past 9 months, and through the years; I will treasure all our memories. Make lots of new friends in Rainbow's Bridge, look out for Maxx and Samantha!
Until we're together again - you will forever be in my heart!

Dear Pepper,

It has been a year since you went on to be with all the other fur babys at Rainbows Bridge. You are in my heart everyday and our portrait is proudly hanging in the living room. As you know, I love dogs, so I now have a new fur baby, another little beagle named Checkers. She is so loving and some of the things she does reminds me so much of you, that I know you are watching over both of us. I talk to Checkers about you all the time. I know you are having a great time at Rainbow Bridge and watching over us here. Love you baby girl, forever!

Dear Pepper,

It has been two years now since your journey to Rainbows Bridge and off to play with all your fur baby pals. Checkers and I look at your picture everyday and we think of you often. We've moved to a new home and hung your picture in the center of the living room - where we can see you everyday and know that you are watching over us. I know that your having a great time playing with all your fur baby friends, going on long walks with no leash and just laying in the sun! Your are a very special girl and I miss you very much. I know that your watching over little Checkers - she loves to go on long walks just like you and she even sucks on a towel. She is very cuddly and today she has been very affectionate giving me lots of kiss - I think from you! Take care my precious pup and have fun! Love you forever and ever baby girl!!

Dear Pepper,

It has been three years now as you romp and play with all your friends at Rainbow Bridge. I'm certain the weather there is perfect for it is unseasonably cold here in Florida. Checkers and I sat in the living room looking at your picture today remembering all the great times we had together! Everyday I see more and more of you in little Checkers. I think she knows today is a special day and had been very cuddly and has been giving me lots of kisses - from you I believe :)
I know your having a blast with all your fur baby pals and no worries. We think of you everyday and miss you very much. You take care my precious precious pup and have fun! Love you forever and ever baby girl! Keep a watch over Checkers

Dear Pepper Girl,

It has been four years now since you've gone to spend your days romping with you friends at Rainbow Bridge, Checkers and I think you everyday! You picture is dsiplayed prominently in the living room for all to see. Everyone who comes to visit comments on what a beautiful girl you were. Checkers just had a birthday, she is four years old now. She is such a cuddler, likes to sleep right in the small of my back and every morning she licks my face and then rolls over to get her belly rubs!
I know your enjoying the peacefulness of Rainbow Bridge and playing with all your pals! Please keep a watchful eye on Checkers-she needs a guardian angel and I know you are there for her. I miss you my baby and you will be forever in my heart! Love you

Hi Sweet Girl, I hope you are making lots of new friends and enjoying you fun filled and pain free days at Rainbow Bridge! Checkers is doing great, thanks to you watchful oversight. Every now and then she does something only you would do, and I know it's you letting me know all is well. Miss you so much. All my love, your faithful person.

Hi Sweet Girl, thinking about you today. Checkers was carrying around her blanket today and being very protective of it; just like you. I think you were sending me a message. Your pictures are still the center og the living room, we get to see you everyday! We have a new addition to the family, little Ranger a male Siberian Forest cat. Checkers is warming up to him; as for Ranger he is fearless. I hope you are still making lots of new friends and enjoying you fun filled and pain free days at Rainbow Bridge! Checkers is doing great, thanks to you watchful oversight. We know you are watching over us and making sure we are well. Rest in peace my beautiful girl, HUGS and KISSES OXOOXOX

Hey there Sweet Girl, thinking about you today! Hard to believe it has been 8 years since you went to play at Rainbow Bridge. Checkers and Ranger are getting along great and Checkers love for Ranger to chase her and Ranger obliges. Ranger is almost as big as Checkers though. We still have your picture prominently displayed in the living room for all to see and remember you :) We do need to get a picture of Ranger for the wall. I'm off to Disney this weekend for the 1/2 Marathon/marathon weekend and the fur babies are at Ruskin visiting all their Ruskin Buddies. The staff at Ruskin just loves them and they take really good care of them. In fact, when I put Ranger down on the floor, he walk right into his kennel. We hope you are still making lots of new friends and enjoying your fun filled and pain free days at Rainbow Bridge! Please continue your watchful oversight over Checkers and Ranger.Rest in peace my beautiful girl, HUGS and KISSES OXOOXOX

Dear Pepper, Where has the time gone. 12 years but it seems like yesterday. Checkers and Ranger now have a little sister Scout, she's a kitten and so sweet. Please watch over them. Checkers does so many little things that remind me of you every day. We miss you so much. Keep enjoying your days running happy and free and we love you my beautiful girl! XOXOXOXOX. HUGS AND RUBS

Dear Pepper, it's been 17years since your passing, Checkers has joined you at Rainbow Bridge to run and play together. You both are missed every day. Your picture is front and center in the living room, never to be forgotten ❤️ XOXOXO Hugs and Rubs baby girl ❤️❤️

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