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Memories of Penny
The Penny girl that changed our lives forever ~

Our Dear Penny Girl, as the saying goes, if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever! You were truly a amazing dog, just perfect in every way. Your smile would light up a stadium and your bright brown golden eyes were the most gorgeous eyes you ever did see. In other words...You were just beautiful. Your gentle spirit and kind heart were so special and something... we will hold dear always. We are forever blessed that you came into our lives and we will be changed forever from your presence. Penny loved her family and we so loved her. Not spoiled at all. She loved desserts, she had a sweet tooth just like her mommy. She loved her daddy and he so loved her. They had their own love affair going on. This precious one spent over half her life in a puppy mill, as to we can only imagine the pain she indured, during those many years. One of our most memorable moments ever was teaching this baby to run at 7 years old, we will never forget that day! Penny filled a space in our hearts that will never be empty, even while she is gone. She left her mark in us..... and will be so missed by us all, especially me, for she was my baby. Over the years, our love for Penny went unmeasured, but the years were not as kind to our Penny. She had lots of health issues, bad ears, bad teeth, tumors removed, very bad habits (which we never tried to change because we understood) all of this due to very poor nutrition and just pure, pure neglect. When Penny was diagnosed with renal kidney failure on April 1st, 2010 we just could not believe it, we wanted more time with this precious one. We tried every medicine available, they would work for a few weeks then we would be right back where we started. Her little body just couldn't do the things her heart still so wanted to do. For four months and 1 week she was fighting a loosing battle and didn't complain about the condition that just grew worse and worse. She put up a fight worthy of her spirit, but in the end, it was so difficult for us to watch her struggle anymore. She looked so sick, so tired, and so unhappy, and the sparkle in those beautiful eyes was no longer there. Every good day she had encouraged us, but they got fewer and fewer, and we realized she was preparing to leave us. The look in her eyes on her last day told us she was ready and it broke our hearts. The angels came calling and surrounded by the ones she loved most, made her way to the Rainbow Bridge. When we decided it was time to let you go Penny, it wasn't at all for us baby, it was all for you. It was time to give back what you gave to us, that Unconditional Love.........

Penny, you were so brave these last few months...just as mommy and daddy promised, after all you had been through in your little life.... we would not let you suffer.... and that was a promise kept. We know the last week was hard for you...but we just wanted to be sure that we did everything possible for you.

For you, Penny the sun will always be shining. We can only hope that you are running in the sunshine at the Rainbow Bridge along with our Tarby, Mittens and all the others, and we hope with all of our being, that your spirit goes on, and that we will meet again across that bridge from this life across forever into the next dimension. You found your way into the hearts of many over the years, and our only hope is you left this world knowing you were truly, truly loved. We have so many wonderful memories of you...... precious one, that we will cherish forever and ever.

To The Animal Care Center...Duncanville, Texas.... Dr. Gregg Pippin DVM,...... Dr. Chris Gleason DVM...... We have no regrets. On behalf of myself, my husband Rick,
God Bless you & your staff for everything you did for our beloved Penny to make her comfortable in a hopeless situation these last few months, we know you did your very best.

To my office staff, Thank you for caring on those days when I was so upset, and your understanding on those trips home in the middle of the day to check on my dear and precious Penny, for that I will be forever grateful.

To my friend Becky, Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me and comforting your Penny Loafer in her final days, she sooooo loved you!

To my Rainbow bridge friend Charlie... in Heaven, you knew my Penny girl was sick, you knew what she looked like, will you and Caleb please.... go find her and show her the way to the bridge. I so miss you my friend!!

And Last...A Special Thank you....McKinney SPCA of Texas for rescuing Penny and all the others from that horrible place..... for that was the day that changed our lives forever ~

"Farewell Master, yet not Farewell
Where I go, you to, shall dwell
I am gone, before your face.
A moment's time, a little space.
When you come where I have stepped,
You will wonder why you wept."

Edwin Arnold

Please also visit Mittens and TARBY.

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