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Memories of Penny
Penny, I remember the day so well that we drove out to Peggy's Cove to pick you up in July 1987. You were so small and cute with not the typical markings of a Papillon. You had only one dark patch over your right eye. This made you more special to us. We took you home and right away you made yourself comfortable. We had a special crate just for you to sleep in which you loved the whole 17 years you were with us.

You went everywhere with us - on family vacations, car rides, out for ice cream. You loved to lick the ice cream cones with us. You loved to play in the snow too with your favorite little red sweater on. You would love to sit on the front lawn and watch all the kids come up the hill from school. They all loved you and always had to say hello to you as they walked by.

When your papa died in 1999 you knew it. You were there when the paramedics came and took him away. You knew he was gone and wasn't coming back. I could see the sadness in your eyes as they filled with tears. It took you awhile to get used to him not being around. You would always keep him company sitting on the end of his bed while he watched TV. You used to love going to visit him at the cemetery with us.

Penny, I feel so bad that I didn't get to say goodbye to you that day (17th)in May 2005. Mom could see you were failing and not eating and took you down to the vet to say her final goodbyes to you without telling me. I didn't find out until 3 days later that this happened. I called her and she told me that you were gone. I am so sorry for this Penny. I hope you know how much I love you. We had you cremated and have your urn with the ashes sitting on the dresser in papa's room.

I hope Pom Pom was there to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. We had Pom Pom - a black Cocker Spaniel - for 16 years. From 1970-1986. I am sure that the two of you are having so much fun playing together at the Rainbow Bridge. I also want you to be there for Tobey and Karley who I recently found out passed away by animal cruelty. Also Mac from UK. Their mommies are working very hard to change the laws about animal abuse.

PENNY Always remember that Mommy and I (Margaret) LOVE YOU VERY MUCH xoxo

TO OUR PRECIOUS POM POM. I hope that you have been having fun with Penny and all the other fur babies at Rainbow Bridge. Mom and I will always remember you and what a special dog you were. Afterall, you were my very first dog when I was 10 years old but after 16 years it was time to say goodbye to you because of age related problems. Your heart was enlarged and the vet said if we didn't say goodbye to you now you would have gone in a couple of days on your own. We just wanted you to be at peace. Papa brought you back home from the vet and buried you in our backyard just outside the fence. I go there and talk to you sometimes. I hope you hear me.


JUNE 21, 2010

Hello Penny and PomPom. I hope you are both having fun at the Rainbow Bridge. I think of you both all the time and wonder how you would like our new little member of the family - Missy. I think you would both love her. Missy loves to go for a walk up in the field behind the house and this is where I think of you PomPom. I pass the spot where you are buried all the time and think about how much I love you. I always think about you too Penny - about what a pretty little dog you were. How you would sit on the front lawn and watch the kids going to school. They all loved you and would always stop and talk to you. Missy sits on the lawn now but somehow the kids don't really speak to her much. I feel bad about that. Anyway, I will visit you both again and always remember that I love you both very much XOXO ... Margaret

June 23, 2010

Penny and PomPom - I just wanted to say hello and ask you to look for little Candy. She's a 7 year old white poodle who somehow ended up in a Miami Shelter. I was helping my friend, Rita, in Florida look for her lost poodle (who looks quite a bit like Candy) and in searching the Shelters saw Candy's picture everyday - what a sweet little face she had ... until suddenly her picture was gone! I panicked! I was hoping that somebody had adopted her. I called and asked what happened to her and they told me she had been put to sleep! I was so so sad and cried. Nobody wanted her! Such sweet little dog and she didn't deserve this. Somebody must have had her as a pet and member of their family at one time so I don't know how she ended up in the shelter. So Penny and PomPom we are going to take her into our family ok. I want you to find her and make her feel welcome and loved. Play with her and make her feel like she is wanted! Not every pet is as lucky as you two were to have a forever home for your whole life. One day when I meet up with you at the Rainbow Bridge, Candy will be there too, as well as Tobey. I will see you all! I love you all and will visit again. Love, Margaret xoxo

July 17, 2010

Hello my sweet girls - how are you today? I wanted to visit to let you know of another little girl (Dottie) that arrived at the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Please look for her and make her feel welcome. I hope you found Candy also and now you can bring Dottie into the group. This loving sweet girl was at a shelter, perfectly healty, good temperment and happy but was put to sleep yesterday because nobody came to adopt her. I am very sad about this because I look at these poor little fur babies and it breaks my heart that nobody wants them. Penny and PomPom you were so lucky to be loved your whole life and to have never known that miserable life of the shelter. I love you always, Margaret xoxo

March 25, 2011

Hello Penny and PomPom. It's been awhile since I visited you and I'm sorry. I just started a new work assignment after being off for quite awhile. I wanted to add a couple of pictures I made of the both of you at the Rainbow Bridge. You both look so beautiful and happy there. I also posted your picture on a couple of Facebook sites about animal bereavement and everybody says you both look so cute. I hope you are having fun at the Bridge and welcoming all the new arrivals. Mom is doing fine and is keeping busy with Missy. You both would have loved her so much. I will talk to you soon and won't wait so long to visit next time. I love you both very much xoxo

May 17, 2015

Hello sweet Penny .... I haven't been here for awhile but was thinking of you today. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years today that you went to the Rainbow Bridge. So now you have mom (Joyce) with you now. I am sure both you and PomPom were there to greet her on June 2, 2012. It is so lonely here without her. I am living in the house now with Missy - the little Yorkie mommmy had. I promised mommy I would take could care of Missy after she was gone. She has been great company and therapy for me after mommy went to be with you. I am glad mommy has you there to keep her company and I send kisses and hugs to all of you ... Mommy, Papa, PomPom and Penny. I Love You All So Much xoxoxo

July 2015
I just found out that sweet little Sassy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. December 2012, just 3 months after her dad Fred. I will miss you Sassy and will never forget our time together. Penny and PomPom I am sure you will find her and have lots of fun playing. Mom I know you will be there for her too. You loved her as much as I did. I miss all of you so much xoxo.

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