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Memories of Penny
Penny Lane you came into our lives so quickly and so unexpectedly and you left us the same way. You were only with us for one month but in that short time you taught us that we could love again with our entire being. You fell in love with your daddy, I truly believe, the very minute you laid eyes on him. Though we spent our days together walking through the woods and playing with your buddy Griff from next door you could hardly wait until you heard the garage door open and Daddy came through the door! Your little stub of a tale would wiggle and wag so much it made a sound like humming bird wings! Daddy nicknamed you Gidgy because of your tail! We knew nothing of your background except that you were abandoned and had puppies recently. You didn't know how to play with toys or balls but after watching Griff catch his frisbee for a week or so we tried to play ball with you again and low and behold you ran after it, caught it and brought it back to us!!! We laughed, we clapped, and we cried all at the same time. You were so excited and proud of yourself. You were finally becoming the puppy you never had a chance to be in your previous life. You were so happy to finally have a home and a family to call your own and you showed us nothing but love every single minute of every single day. You became my lap dog I always wanted even though you were 35 pounds and a bit heavy to hold I never minded. You'd curl up on my lap and all was right with the world for both of us! Yet in reality it wasn't. You tried to protect Mom and Dad when we didn't need protecting. Your doctor said that you had wires crossed in your brain more than likely from prior abuse and probably because someone took your puppies away from you in an abusive way as well. You could not heal from those emotions. No amount of our love could change the way you reacted to certain people. You were unpredictable with everyone and everything except with Mom and Dad. If we could have put you in a plastic bubble and protected you from yourself and others we would have done so. We even hired a behaviorist to try and help us help you but it was not meant to be. You now reside in a beautiful stained glass urn along with the beautiful white rose you came home with on your Daddy's nightstand. You will never know what it did to both Mom and Dad to lose you like we did. Please know we loved you so and we think of you every single day and mourn you with our broken hearts. We love you Penny so very much and miss you every single second of every single minute of every single hour each and every day. We know you are at the Rainbow Bridge where everything is now alright in your world. No more fear, no more uncertainty just warmth and love. We know your playing ball with your sisters because you learned how to here with us. Keep playing little one until we meet again, remember you are loved. 10/6/06 One year ago today we lost you our sweet girl. The pain of losing you the way we did is still with us. Please know that we loved you and we miss you terribly. We lit your white rose candle last night and watched it float as it burned away. We said the prayer that came with it when we received your ashes and we sent a big hug and kiss to you. We named our boat the "Penny Lane" after you my dear baby girl. Please know you are always with us and you will never be forgotten. Love you baby, Mom & Dad 10/6/07 Two years ago today. The pain is still with us Penny Lane. You made such an impact on our lives and we will truly love you forever and ever. We miss you baby girl.10/06/08 Our sweetest little girl Penny, we thought of you today as we do every single day. Our hearts are heavy with our memories of you. We always wonder about the "if only's" what could and should have been. We miss you baby girl and hope you are at peace. Mommy and Daddy.12/8/10 Our dear sweet Penny, Mommy has been thinking of you so much lately and missing you as always. We have your ashes in a beautiful carved wooden box with a white rose attached and we look at you and remember what could and should have been. We love you Penny Lane and we always will. Mommy and Daddy. 10/6/11 Remembering you with so much love today Penny. We miss you and what could have been more than anyone will ever know. Sleep well our precious girl until we meet again at the bridge. Love, Mom and Dad 10/6/13 Thinking of you today our dear Penny Lane and Loving you Always. Until we meet again at the bridge know you are and always will be truly loved. Love, Mom and Dad
11/24/15 So many years have gone by PennyLane. We miss you more than you can imagine. Your picture is still on the nightstand and we'll be decorating the tree this week and your photo will go on it as always. Loving you still. Mom and Dad 12/4/16 Penny Lane your ornament is back on the tree once again. You are and always will remain in our hearts and we love you and miss you still. Mom and Dad 12/9/20 Penny Lane Mom and Dad finally buried your ashes 2 weeks ago under a beautiful tree in our side yard. It's where you would always run to fetch your ball once you learned how to play! It was hard letting you go but we knew after 15 years it was time. You will always remain in the yard you loved so much. We miss you baby girl. Don't doubt that for a second. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge running free of all lifes difficulties. Love, Mom and Dad

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