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Memories of Penney (Little One)
Penney was the sweetest and most feisty little dog imaginable. She had a heart like a lion and, no doubt, that's what she saw when she looked in the mirror.
She and her sister, Nikkel, were so close (Nikkel is still with us and totally lost today without her sister). They used to lick each other's faces after eating to make sure that there was no scrap uneaten and cuddle together under blankets and with us. Penney liked to bark particularly at the mailman and pull the mail through the mail slot with her teeth.
Penney was so playful and got every one of our dogs to play with her, even our 15 year old deaf/blind dog! Penney was also very much like a cat....would only sit with you and let you pet her when she wanted....very had to call her....loved to climb on the backs of the couches and chairs.
She was my cuddle bug and constant companion. I will miss her so much.

Later on today - Baby girl, I hope that you were able to find Daisy and Miko. I left them a message as well to be sure they are there to greet you. Run, play, bark.....the yard people are here right now and do you know that NO ONE is barking since you are not here to lead them? You were such a force in such a tiny body. Miss you, sweet girl.

2/4/17 - Little one, it's hard to believe that we are midway through our second day without you. Your daddy has a lot of video of you running and playing (and barking) and it gives us a chance to see and hear you even though you are no longer with us. I missed cuddling with you last night and missed having you lick my feet under the covers. Nikkel did her best but she misses you, too - we put your collar on your bed and she curled up next to it to sleep last night. Penny and Joe are wondering what on earth happened to you. Molly, your foster sister, is leaving soon for Connecticut so she is in boarding today - she has made lots of new friends there but she certainly missed you this morning when we went out to get the paper...she will be home on Valentine's Day evening to say goodbye to Penny, Joe, and Mia before starting her journey. We hope to have your ashes back by then so we can take them to the same
bridge that we visited when we lost both Miko and Daisy. Just as we did with them, we will toss them into the bayou along with rose petals....but we are also saving a little bit to take to the old lake where you used to chase the ducks when you were a puppy, remember? Your daddy has video of that, too. Run and play, sweet girl, and know how much you are loved.

2/6/17 - Today, I found your sister and litter mate, Nikkel, sitting in your bed and crying. She misses you so much, despite how the two of you used to fuss and fight. True sisters!! Lots of people are sending you prayers and good wishes and I hope that you have found a bunch of new friends to play with at the Bridge. I miss you every minute, sweet one. I'm still hearing your bark every time the mailman comes, or the pest control guy, or when someone walks by with a dog....and I look only to find that I can't see you. But I know you are here. I love you so much!

2/8/17 - Baby girl, our house is so quiet without you! We had no idea what a ringleader you were when it came to barking at the mailman, the other dogs walking by, the yard people, and anyone and anything else. Joe, Penny, and Nikkel seem to be listening for you to start the chorus....the only one still barking is Mia.
How we miss you! I've uploaded a picture of you sitting astride the sofa here in my office, watching out over me. Love you so much, Little One!

2/9/17 - It was a week ago today that we rushed you to the emergency hospital - hoping for the best but fearing the worst. Yesterday, Nikkel was searching the back yard for you and she was so blue that I took her for a latte. I've uploaded a picture of you enjoying your own latte just a few months ago in Dallas and a picture of you and Nikkel as well. She misses you and we miss you, baby. Your dad can hardly speak your name without wanting to cry. I'm comforted to know that you are with Daisy and Miko and that you are all healed of your afflictions and playing in the sunshine.

2/10/17 - You've been at the Bridge for a week now and our hearts are there with you. We miss you so much, Little Penney! No one is picking the dental floss out of the trash anymore! I wish you'd had more time on earth with us and I will always look forward to the day that we meet at the Bridge and you can cover my face with your sweet kisses.

2/16/17 - I picked up your ashes and paw print yesterday and we'll be going to the bridge Sunday to cast them into the water with rose petals, just as we have done with all our beloved fur babies. I still hear your bark and the pitter patter of your paws running through the house. I miss you so much, little girl, and think of you every day.

3/3/17 - My dearest little girl, it's been one month today since you left us. I just finished baking your paw print - couldn't bear to do it before now - and it made me think of how you used to drag your paws when I first met you. Remember how we tried all kinds of booties and you just would not keep them on? The simple solution was just to let you walk in the grass as much as possible, and detach you from your strong willed sister so you could walk your own path. Nikkel is laying in Joe's bed in the sun right now as I write - I can almost see you laying next to her....how you loved to catch the afternoon sun through through the big picture window!
I still think of you many times every day and I miss you so much, Penney! I hope that you are running and barking with Miko and Daisy and that, somehow, you have all found Chrissi, Kita, and Holly. What a fun pack you girls must be - I'm sure you are the group ALL the others want to play with! I know that I will see you again someday and I can't wait to curl up with you under a comfy blankie! Love you so much, my little one.

5/5/17 - Little One, your friend, Beaux, crossed the Bridge this morning. Please keep an eye out so that you, Daisy, and Miko can welcome him and take him to play with you. Missing you and your sweet litte kisses, my love.

10/15/17 - Little One, I am missing you! We are going to (finally) get your ashes into the bayou with your sisters before we leave for our new home. With the floods, it's been difficult to get there. I know your spirit was in the house last week as you FINALLY returned the red Kong you hid just before we lost you. I know that all of my girls are together there at the bridge and that you are having a great time together.

2/3/18 - My sweet girl, has it really been a year since you left us? I was thinking about you just last night and the way you enjoyed our walks together! You always had such a big smile on your face! Penny, Nickel, and Joe all miss you, and I'm sure Mia wonders where you are. How I wish you were still with us and could enjoy the new house and big yard. You would be running around, barking so hard that your whole body would be into it, chasing squirrels and loving life. Give Daisy and Miko hugs and kisses from me as well and if you have found my darling Chrissi, Kita, and Holly, please know that I look forward to the day that I join you all at the bridge. I miss you, Little One.

8/15/18 - Hey, cutie - I hope that you and Mia have found each other by now. I was watching a video of the two of you with Joey the other day - y'all were so cute! I can imagine you playing like that right now, but with Austin instead of Joey. I'm sure that Mia was so happy to see her brother again! I miss you so much, sweetheart. Those of us on this side of the Bridge long for the day when we all see you again. I love you, Penney.

1/1/19 - Little one, how we miss you! We were looking at your picture yesterday and telling stories of your fierce and loving heart. Run and play with your pack mates that have crossed the Bridge. Happy New Year - love you!

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