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Memories of Peewee
Our Best Friend's memories are here at the Rainbow Bridge,
where he will meet us again. He was always kind and full of love,
and we gave him lot's of kisses and hugs.
He was always spunky, we even called him "Little Monkey",
He is always in our hearts, so we never have to part,
Until we see you again, Rest our Little Friend.

Please don't cry, I see your face, for I am where the birds fly
with easy grace (Peewee).

Through God's grace, love lives forever.

9/16/13: It has been 3 weeks today, I miss you so much my dear sweet boy. I think about you all of the time. I have visited your little grave and put pretty flowers out for you. Harley, Annie, Hannah and Hollie all know that you are gone. Harley especially has been a comforter. I let him in the house, he plays with some of your toys. Also, I have made a little bird sanctuary on the back porch for the Cardinals. They take a bird bath almost daily and I have seed in a little bowl. They too comfort me. I love you my little Peewee.

9/23/13: It has been 4 weeks now, that you left to cross the bride to Heaven. I know that you are happy and young again and playing with all your new friends. I miss you my little darling boy. I keep your little blanket in the bed and the chair that you and I shared. Hannah came in the house yesterday, ran over to the chair and nudged your blanket, then realized that you were not there. She looked at me with disbelief, then I realized that she remembered that you are gone. We all miss you little Peewee. Have fun in Heaven, let Papa know we are alright.
Until I see you again, I will visit your grave everyday. Love, Mama

10/12/13: It is now past 6 weeks since you went to heaven. 2 days ago I brought home a sweet little boy, we named him Jerry, like we used to call you. He looks just like you Pewee. Jerry is 11 weeks old. I took him out yesterday to visit your grave. He was very intuitive and seemed to know. Harley, Annie, Hannah and Hollie all love him. Nanny saw one of the dogs staring at your grave when I brought Jerry home. She said that the dog seemed confused, he watched you being buried and now it seems you are back. Peewee I know that you directed me to find Jerry. He reminds me so much of you which comforts my heart. We will give him the love he deserves, which I know that you would not have it any other way. You always wanted me to be happy. I appreciate you for that. Love always to my little darling boy Pewee. Love, mama.

10/29/13: It is now 9 weeks since I last held you sweet Peewee my darling little boy. It is so precious how Jesus comforts me by just knowing that you are with him in heaven. I can envision you with Harley Don our son we lost with a tubal pregnancy. I can see little Harley Don holding you in his little arms. What an amazing Lord we have to feel this overwhelming joy in my heart that you are with my child. We will all be together soon in the calendar of eternity in the bright beams of light from our Father's throne, with no pain or sorrow.
You will always be my sweet little Peewee and I will never ever forget you. Love, Mama

11/29/13: It is now 3 months since you went to heaven. Hi baby boy, On your birthday we had your favorite dinner, baby-back pork ribs, rice and steamed carrots. You always loved your birthday dinner. This was our last time in memory of many birthdays with you. Even though we have Jerry now, I still look at your grave and pictures that your Nanny gave us. Me and daddy still miss you so much. Little Jerry is not like you at all, of course, he is still a puppy. We are trying to make new memories with him now, but it is so hard for us. Nobody can take your place little sweet Peewee. This will be our first Christmas in 16 years without you. The holidays make me sad without my little baby boy. I am going to go and buy one of those new kind of Christmas trees with the lights already on it. I will hang some of your pictures on the new tree. Also, Annie had her puppies Monday, they are 4 days old. She had 7, 4 girls and 3 boys. I remember how you used to watch her giving birth. You are so precious my sweet baby boy. We love you Peewee. Love always, Mama.

1/12/14: Hi my sweet little Peewee. All of Annie's puppies have gone to their new families. I missed you helping me out with the pups. Jerry is almost 6 months old and I know that you helped him to settle down some. I tell him about you all the time and have showed him your pictures. Aunt Cyndi made arrangements that I can visit your memory at the Rainbow Bridge for 2 more years. God bless her. We sure missed you at Christmas with the family. We all went over to your cousin Michael's house. I bought a Christmas Tree Ornament with your name on it. I will hang it on the tree every year. It's a new year now my little boy, it's now 2014. On my birthday I went down and bought a new truck. I miss you riding with me.
You would love it. Then again, sometime I can sense you with me. I know that God created you with a spirit and that you are in heaven. Maybe he let's you come to me now and then to please my heart. I love God, and he is awesome. Missing you as always, I will write again. Love, mama.

8/26/14: Today, 1 year ago my sweet baby boy Peewee went to Heaven. I miss you everyday. You are always in my heart. I always think about the cute little things that you did. I miss my little buddy going "bye bye" with me. My darling sweet boy, I love you with all of my heart. I thank God for giving you to me.
Love always, Mama.

12/25/14: My sweet little Peewee, today is Christmas and we sure miss you. I put some of your pictures on the Christmas Tree to make the tree beautiful and to keep you close to our hearts. We love you so much my little boy. I know that you are overjoyed to be in heaven and able to walk again, you have lot's of friends there. This is the 2nd Christmas that you departed to heaven. I wanted to let you know that I'm always thinking about you. I'm sure that you are running around with Harley, Heidi and Bubba. I know that Papa is taking care of you. Play and give lot's of kisses my dear sweet boy. Mama loves you more than words can ever say. Merry Christmas Peewee. (Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice so that we can all be together again, Praise be to the Glory of God). Forever in our hearts, never apart. Love Mama.

12/10/15: It is now 2 years and another December without you my sweet boy. I have put your christmas ornament and a picture of you in your little Santa Clause Suit on the Tree. I love you so much. Jerry is now 2 years old. We are trying to create new memories for him. But, you will NEVER be replaced or forgotten. Every time I think of the Rainbow Bridge, I have a great deal of emotion, I remember the Pain from the day you left and crossed over the Bridge. 16 years takes a toll on a persons soul. 16 years together. Even though, I don't have to look far because you are right here, in my heart.
Merry Christmas my baby boy! Love, mama.

8/26/17: Today my sweet boy has been gone to Heaven for 4 years. We Love You. Your memories will last forever. You will never be far away because you are right here in my heart. Peewee my dear sweet boy, I love you so much. May Jesus hold you and fill you with Joy. Love, mama.

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