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Memories of Peeps
Dearest,darling Peeps...when you were born 2/02/92 I held you in my hand, you only weighed two ounces.....how quickly the years have flown by ,and I held you in my arms when you left for the Rainbow Bridge on 1/01/08, tears flowing as we said goodbye for a little while. Your body was failing you, but it was your heart that finally made it hard for you to breathe...it happened so fast. You were fine on Friday,went for a long walk, but on Saturday, you were uncomfortable, and by Tuesday, it was time for you to leave.....it is so hard to say goodbye, we will miss you every moment of every day. We know you will be joining your mother Petunia, and brothers Tano and Spanky, and we know all of you will be happy together, but a part of our hearts are with you all, and we miss your happy face and lively spirit. It is so hard to smile at the memories because we want the years and months and days back when you all were with us....time makes it a little easier but not much.
Dearest little Peeps...you are such a happy,uncomplicated little
girl...you love your food,your bed, your bones, your people and your doggie family.Life is good each and every day...it was so hard to watch you the last few hours trying to breathe, we had to help you leave, even though we wanted you to stay so much. You only spent one night in a nospital in 15 years,10 months and 30 days...you were always so healthy!
You are buried in the apple orchard where you spent so much time, and I am so glad we were able to bring you home from the hospital.You enjoyed your last evening with your family, ate all your delicious dinner, and spent a good night with your Mom and Dad, and your doggie family. When you started to struggle to breath again on New Years Day, we had to help you go to meet up with your Mom and brothers at The Rainbow Bridge, we love you so much little girl, please know that you are in our hearts forever.

No little dog ever brought more love and joy into life than you did, Peeps...we love you very much.

Please also visit Spanky, Petunia and Tano.

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