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Memories of Peanut
Oh Peanut.. The way you bounced and twitched your body from side to side like a little jumping bean whenever I came home.. And shook your little nub tail..

How you would get your lip caught up on your gum and your little piranha teeth would poke through..

My Fuggles, Butters, Bud-buds, Nutter-Butters, Biscuit, Cutie Pie..

How you loved your new toys! And, let's not forget CHICKEN!!


When you fell asleep in my arms.. ❤

11/24/22: Happy 🦃 Day! I'm thankful for every single moment I was blessed to have with you!! Loving and missing you always!!! Hugs ❤️

Peanut, two years.. I miss you every day. Life without you is less joyful and a part of me gone. I only take comfort knowing you're at peace. I feel you with me quite often and it helps with missing you so much. And now, you have Bella. May you both be filled with every joy imaginable! I LOVE you more than life and MISS you more than I can bare..
Hugs and always in my pocket!! Mama xoxo

7/24/22: I LOVE YOU BUTTERS!! Missing you always.. Mama hugs💗

4/17/22: Happy ✝️ Easter my sweet girl. Mama LOVES you and misses you every day. Always in my pocket..💗
🌈 🥜 🌞

Miss you every day Bud Buds..

12/24/21: Merry🌲Christmas my sweet angel. Rejoice with the ✝️Lord, sleep with the 😇 and know mama ❤LOVES you!!!

10/23/21: I LOVE & MISS YOU!!

When I came home to you, the world's roughness washed away. I never yearned for something to do, as your belly always called. You always provided me with laughter, my own private joker. Oh the worry you put me through and the patience you taught. You made all the moments have special meaning because you were there. You taught me lessons everyday. You were the best little sister and gave so much to Bella. Our lives shine a little less without you here. The void will never go away. I miss you every single day and love you more than I can express. My life had meaning because of you being in it. I love you Peanut. Mama

7/31/21: Oh Fuggles, I miss u every second of every day. You are and always will be my 🌞sunshine. Know mama is always thinking of u and missing u so very, very much. I can't believe it's coming up on a year without u.. I carry u with me always my sweet angel. I LOVE you!!! ❤🌞🌈

6/13/21: Ain't no sunshine with you gone.. Only missing you every day.. Ain't no sunshine with you gone and this house just ain't no home.. ever since you went away.. Missing you Peanut and mama loves you!!

5/16/21: I love and miss you my sweet angel. Every day you are thought of.. as I put you in my pocket! Hugs and kisses ❤🌈🌞

5/9/21: Mama LOVES you Peanut!!

I miss you every day Peanut!!

4/4/21: Happy Easter my sweet angel.. Rejoice with the Lord, sleep with the angels and wait for me at the 🌈 bridge. Mama loves you sweet girl!!! ❤🐰✝

3/17/21: It still takes my breath away every time I think of you and how badly I miss you sweet angel.. I love you!

2/27/21: Thinking of you always and mama loves you. 🌞❤🌈

2/18/21: Every day there is a piece of me missing.. I love and miss you so very, very much.. I will never be truly happy without you!

2/7/21: I Love and miss you Nutters.. Hugs 💜💙💚❤💛

1/26/21: I miss you every second of the day.. ❤ Love you angel!

✝ 01/04/21: Four months today you have not been by my side.. I miss you more than words can ever express. I love you more than any distance, time or space between us. I know you are near, although I cannot see you.. I pray that some day my heart will be mended and I can see your sweet face again.. Forever my baby girl, mama loves you Peanut! ❤🌈

12/24/20: 🎄Merry Christmas🎄 my sweet angel -- I miss you so much! Mama LOVES you and know we are together always. Rest in peace, sleep with the angels, rejoice with the ✝Lord and wait for me..🌈 HUGS ❤💚❤💚
(🎅 left u a 🎁)

🌈 12/12/20: Hi baby❤girl.
Oh how I miss your sweet face. What I wouldn't give to hug you. Mama loves you forevers! "I DO!" (Mama left u a 🍟treat!) 🎄🎄🎄🎄

12/7/20: I love you.

🎄11/28/20: Every day you are thought of and missed.. There is not a minute that goes by that you are not in my thoughts and prayers. I love you.❤

11/26/20: Thinking of you this Thanksgiving and always. Mama loves you sweet girl! HUGS❤🦃

11/20/20: My sweet girl, how I miss you. You are thought of each and every day, always with me. I would give anything to just hold, hug and kiss you! My 🌞sunshine, mama loves you so much... 🌈❤

11/9/20: Thinking of you.. You are my 🌞 and mama loves you! 🌈❤💜

11/4/20: I LOVE & MISS you so much Butters.. You are always with me & always thought of. Each day is not as bright because I don't have you here by my side. But, I cherish every memory of you & my life was truly blessed because of you. Forever my baby girl, hugs & kisses -- mama loves u!!!

10/31/20: Happy🎃Halloween sweet girl - I LOVE YOU!!

10/21/20: I miss you.. 💓😞
💜Forever in my pocket!💜

10/17/20: My sweet girl. Thank you for your visit last night in my dreams! Just to see you and love on you, it was so peaceful. I know you're near🐾
💜 Hugs my angel, mama loves you! 🌈❤

10/15/20: I ❤Love You.

10/8/20: My sweet girl, mama misses you so.. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of how you touched my life. You are such a blessing and I love you so very much!!
❤4❤ 🌈

10/4/20: Six years ago we brought you home.. You were the light of our lives and are missed every single moment of every day. Mama and Bella LOVE you sweet angel! 💕

9/27/20: I LOVE YOU! 🐾🌈

9/7/20: Mama came by just to say.. I LOVE YOU SWEET GIRL! I left you a picture of you and Bella for comfort.

9/8/20: Hi baby girl. Hugs & kisses all over your face - I love you my little Pikachu! Sweet dreams..

9/9/20: I miss you with every breath I take.. I'm gonna put your face in my pocket! Mama loves you!!!

9/10/20: Hi sweetheart. Mama bought you some flowers today & put them in the living room - leaving you a picture too. So many blessings today & signs that you must be okay. Woke up to a praying mantis sitting & staring at me out on the patio stones. Given their symbolism, God himself was messaging me peace and stillness. I feel my faith deepening and signs that you are near and that is so comforting. I know you hear me.. so I LOVE YOU and I am always here.. until I am not, but I am coming over that 🌈 bridge..

9/11/20: Oh Peanut.. It's been a week today since u took ur journey, and we miss u so very, very much! I spent time going through all the pictures I have of u and it brought me some comfort and made mama laugh and "aw" at how silly and adorable u are!!! I LOVE U SO MUCH SWEET GIRL.. I need u to come to the end of my recliner and lay ur head down on the footrest and when mama asks "you want love?" for u to shake your little behind in a "yes mama, that is what I want!"❤ Sweet dreams my love, I left u some pics of your cuteness..💜

9/13/20: Hi baby. Mama misses and loves you so much!! I left u some comfy love. ❤4❤

9/18/20: Hi sweet angel, mama loves you! 💛❤💜💙💚

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