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Memories of Peanut
Peanut is always loved by his mommie Erica, grandma Clarisse, grandpa Bob and Auntie Megan. We thank God for the 5 -1/2 years we had Peanut with us. He was always a happy an loving furbaby. He loved his mommie and grandma and grandpa and Auntie. He loved meeting new people and new pets. He lived in Ann Arbor for the first few months of his life with his mommie at college. Then he moved to Chicago with his mommie and lived there with her for 4 happy years in two different apartments. He loved his first roommates Julia and Megan and his next roommate Chris and his next roommate Elijah. He also loved his mommie's friends: Marissa and Elmo. He had doggie friends too including: Octavious, Maggie, Hercules, Augustus and Brady. He also loved his grand uncle Joe and grand aunt Mel. He made lots of car trips back and forth between Dearborn, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois and was always a good boy in the car. He loved playing with his little orange balls and loved chewie sticks and nylabones. He also loved his big green toy and big orange toy. He also loved his Teddy Bear family especially the little teddies. He was a good protector and enjoyed doing yard checks and perimeter checks of the yard. He was very brave and was never afraid of thunder or fireworks. In fact, whenever he heard thunder or fireworks or sirens he wanted to run into the yard and do his checks and bark. He also loved to deliver the mail in Dearborn with his mail lady Sue. He and his grandma would walk with mail lady and Peanut would like to even go up to the porches and he loved it when people would say hi to him and pet him. Mail lady would reward him with treats. He had a Facebook page and had over 2,000 fwends from all over the world who followed his daily life every day. He loves his fwends always and they love him. He liked to give the weather report when he did his yard check and he would say: Happy Monday fwends! It R sunny and 90 out today! He loved listening to the birdies sing, rolling in the grass and snow, sniffing the air, going on walks, watching for chipmunks, squirrels and bunnies. Most days he would pick one of his toys to go outside with him to do his yard check and do the weather. He liked it when neighbors Maggie and Hercules were out and he would run along the fence with them. The neighbor humans all loved him too. One of his other favorite things was going in his doggie pool and biting at the water from the hose when the pool was filling. In the winter he loved plowing through snow piles and rolling in the snow. When Peanut turned 4 in 2013 he came down with auto immune disease and his mommie saved his life by rushing him to the specialist for a blood transfusion. He was treated for that for 5 months on medications. During that time his mommie had to work longer hours so in June 2013 he went to live with his grandma and grandpa in Dearborn. He was taken off meds in August and was ok for 7 weeks and then relapsed. He was then treated by a specialist in Ann Arbor and put on two kinds of meds in September 2013. He was a super brave boy throughout the hospitalization and two different rounds of treatment. He was on his meds from September 2013 through March 2014 and did very well and seemed to be cured of the auto immune disease. He was med free and living life to the fullest. He was tested in July 2014 and all his counts were good. He was enjoying life and playing ball and playing with his toys and going on walks. Peanut was a super brave boy during the year and a half that he was treated for autoimmune disease and he had a great quality or life and did all his favorite things and enjoyed life to the fullest during his entire 5 -1/2 years. When he went to the Rainbow Bridge on 8/29/2014 it was a shock to his family and friends. We miss him so very much. He was a complete joy to all of us and to all his friends who loved to see his posts and his picture every day. We love him always and we know he is always with us and we will see him again one day. <3
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