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Memories of Peanut
We miss you so much, little Peanut. There are holes in our life right now and always will be. You filled them when you were here. You never cared much about playing with toys or balls. Your main purpose in life was to snuggle and love your Mommy and Daddy and you did that every chance you had, in the morning in the back yard, during the day on Daddy's chair with him, in bed with us at night. You loved to sleep on Daddy's pillow. He wants so much to be able to share his pillow with you again. You loved chicken and when we brought you some home you would spin around and say "Hellooo!" Oh, how you loved your walks! So many messages to read and so many to leave! You always knew the way to go to find the pennies that came from our family in Heaven. We found so many over the years because you led the way. You were our life, little boy and we were yours. Come visit us now and then, okay?
By now, I know you have found Ticky. I know you missed her. She will introduce you to Ricky, Bambi, Daisy and Ming Lee. There are many other friends you will find there, too, little guy. Have fun. We'll see you there some day, baby boy.

6/24/09 It has been almost a week since you left us, little buddy. It has thundered and stormed a few times since you left and I know that now you are no longer afraid of the storm. I saw a fly today. We don't get too many of them here in Orlando, thank goodness. You were so terribly frightened by a fly or even a gnat. I guess you just didn't know how to fight back. I don't know if there are flies on Rainbows Bridge, but if there are, I hope you will learn to live happily with them. They don't want to hurt you, little fella. We love you, little Peanut.

6/28/09 We picked up your ashes yesterday, baby boy. It was so painful. But we know that you are not in that little container. You are with us often wherever we go, day and night and when you are not right here you are playing happily with all your friends on the other side at Rainbow's Bridge. Try to let us know, sweetie, in some way, when you are here. We will be watching. Daddy says, "Nighty-night, little buddy. See you in the morning time!"

7/5/09 Yesterday was the 4th of July... the 26th anniversary of when your human big brother crossed over. It always makes me sad. We would have dressed you in your patriotic clothes yesterday, little guy, and you would have pranced so proudly. You knew when you looked good! Daddy said he felt you on his legs last night in bed. Thank you for letting him know you are okay, sweet thing. I could almost see you running in front of us on our walk yesterday, looking back telling us to hurry up, after all, you can really move out now, lil guy. We miss you all of the time, Peanut, and we love you with all of our hearts.

7/7/09 Yesterday I saw a FLY on the screen outside the kitchen window... a FLY! Then this morning there was a fly in the bedroom on the window! We don't usually have flies here in Florida, Peanut. Are you trying to tell us that you are no longer afraid of flies? Was it a message? I hope so. We love you, little boy and we miss you so much! Have fun, sweetie, til we meet again.

4/13/10 Hi little Peanut. Daddy said that you visited him again the night before last. Thank you, sweetie. Daddy has felt you several times at night since you left. I could not imagine it. But then, one afternoon when I was not feeling well, I lay down on the bed to nap (which I just NEVER do!) and suddenly I felt you on my legs! I opened my eyes to see what it was. There was nothing to be seen but the pressure was there and I knew you were laying there on my legs to comfort me. What a blessing that was, sweetie!

We are really missing you so much. Would it be okay with you if we found a puppy to take care of? We have looked at several, but none of them responded the way they should if you approve of them, or better yet, if you were right there inside them ready to start again with us. We will know for sure. The spark must be there. ALL puppies, especially chihuahuas are cute, but cute is not the only thing we are searching for, Honey. We want you back, but if not that, then we want a pup that you approve of, how's that?

We love you, our little boy. Have fun now and keep us posted about a new pup or not, okay?

6/10/10 Today was my birthday, little Peanut, but it will never be the same. It was on my birthday last year that you were attacked by that black dog. We thought you might just make it, but eight days later it was over. No celebration today. We miss you little boy, with all of our hearts and souls!

6/18/10 Hello, our dear little boy... It was a year ago this morning that we had to allow you to slip over to the other side to reside at Rainbows bridge. We just could not stand to let you keep on in that broken little body. You hurt so badly!

Even before the attack, your life was not as much fun as it used to be, was it, little one? So many things going wrong with that little bitty body. That happens when we get older. But why did you have to be taken in such a manner? I will never understand. I know you are not hurting anymore, though. Daddy and I are hurting from not having you here with us and we miss you every single day! When God decides it is time, you will see us up there with you, little Peanut. Don't forget us. We love you!

May 30, 2011
I know you were watching as we chose little Fancy to become a part of our family last November. She is very, very shy and frightened of so many things. We are hoping now to find a little companion for her in hopes that it will make her feel better. We are looking for a little male chihuahua. We can never find one who could replace you, Peanut, and we don't want to. You are still in our hearts all of the time. This week, little one, we will be looking at several little guys. I don't know how it works, but if you can guide us to making the right decision, please do! We love you, Peanut, very, very much.

June 18, 2011
Little Peanut, it has been two long years since you left us and we miss you so very, very much. I hope that you are happy there on Rainbows Bridge, little one. One day we will join you... when God decides it is time. Until then, little boy, just don't forget us. We want to see you running up to greet us when we make that journey. God bless you, lil buddy!

We have not found another male chihuahua yet. We are looking for an older one, one who really needs us. If you can, sweetie, guide us, okay? Until later.. kisses from daddy and me. XXXX

July 31, 2011
Thank you, little Peanut. You did it! You led us to a dear little 1 year old dog, part chihuahua and part Italian Greyhound. He was found wandering the streets up around Pensacola. He is black. We did not think we would ever get a black dog because the dog that attacked you was black. We named him Tiny. When he and Fancy first laid eyes on each other it was love at first sight! They just started playing and have been enjoying each other so much.

We had looked at so many little dogs, Peanut, but the right one just didn't seem to show up until, when we went about 60 miles away to look at another little rescue, this little dog just bounced on in and your Daddy and he knew it was right. That was a little over a month ago.

We miss you, little guy, but we know you look in on us once in a while. You have fun, sweetie, with Tickie and the other babies there. We love you so much and we will see you one of these days at Rainbow Bridge.

May 14, 2012
Good morning, our dear little boy. We want to thank you again for bringing your daddy and Tiny together. Tiny will never, ever take your place, but your daddy needed his company. He is a dear little dog and we love him. We are very worried about his aggression towards other dogs and strangers, though. I hope we can find a way to cure him of this. He is only about a year and a half old, so hopefully, there is time. Little Fancy is still scared of many things but she is opening up a bit because of Tiny's influence.

Peanut, I still think of you every morning when I eat my cereal. I always saved a spoonful of milk for you and have continued to do that ever since. I just said, "I love you, little Peanut" and then poured it away. Then Tiny acted interested and it appears that he wanted that last spoonful, so he is drinking it now, but I still think of you each time.

We love you, our little boy.

June 18, 2012 Three years ago today we went through such pain having to lose you. Your pain ended that day, ours is still there deep inside. Peanut, I hope you run around and play with the other little babies there. Remember us, little one. We'll be there to see you whenever God says it is time. We love you, little buddy!

June 18, 2013 Well, it has been four years now since you left us, little fellow. We still miss you so much. You gave us some very precious memories, Peanut. We love you!

June 24, 2015 Good morning, our sweet little boy! I hope you are enjoying playing with all of the other pups (Ticky, Ricky, Ming, Daisy and Bambi) and other pets there on Rainbows Bridge. I placed your picture and all of our other babies' pictures on your daddy's Fathers Day Card, Peanut. He loved it. WHen I was going through the pictures to choose the right one, I couldn't help but feel the loss and shed some tears, but just tears for us. I know you are happy and are waiting for us when we come to see you. Your daddy almost did, in January, when he had a heart attack, but thank God, he pulled through. It wasn't time for him to go yet, little one. We love you so very much. I wish they had visiting hours there!

October 12, 2016
Good morning, our sweet little baby. I want you to look for the beautiful little female Chihuahua named Fancy that you helped us find in November 2010. She has been in our family for six years. Fancy had cancer and went to Rainbows Bridge on October 10, 2016. Little Tiny (whom you also helped find us) misses her and doesn't know what to do. He does not know what happened to her. I don't know how all of this works, but maybe you could tell him she is there with you! We love you, little Peanut, and think of you always. You will always be in our hearts.

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