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Memories of Peanut
Peanut, (1/28/2009) You got so sick Mom was giving you antiboitics trying to get you better. But your lungs were getting filled with fluids and you were not able to cough like you were suppose to, I could tell you were suffering. I called Doc Gilliam's office they said to bring you in early but I waited till the afternoon to take you so I could spend time with you, love you, pat you and just sit by you and hold you before you had to go, when I took you in the afternoon Doc said he had reviewed his notes and it was time and was I ready to let you go I told him no but I knew it was better for you since you were suffering. You were getting air in your lung but not able to get air out. So my little man it would have been just a matter of time. I'm sorry I could not stay and hold you but it is just hard for Mom to do that. I do miss you. You have always been so faithful, always happy to see me even when you felt bad. You have been my sweet little man and my best friend my bed partner. Sally and I miss you so much, Sally looked and looked for you that day.
I left you at the Vets to go on to the Bridge in the meadow to be with Katie.
I told Katie this:
Katie my sweet girl look for Peanut at the Bridge, he left here on Wednesday January 28th. Doc Gilliam said it was time he was not able to breathe very good and me and Doc have did everything for him that we could it was time. It was hard letting him go but I told him to go and be with you and that I loved him and you and him could play together and be buddies once again at the bridge and you both will have no pain and all of your body functions, legs, paws and all will work just fine.It was hard losing you Peanut you were like family, you and Katie both.
I love you and miss you, Mom xxooxxooxxoo

2/4/09 Peanut you have so many friends they have all signed your book and they all know that Katie and you are having so much fun now playing with all the other fur babies there, just running and chasing butterflies and rainbows and one another like you did when you and Katie were here at home. Take care of Katie. Send me a kiss and hug and a little smile now and them
I love you my lttle man. Sally & I miss you. Mom xxooxxooxxoo

Peanut it has been 2 weeks and one day that you went to the Rainbow Bridge. It's not the same here at the house without you. I do miss you and Sally is very lonely without you. You always were by her side when you napped when you were not sick you liked to lay close to her. I would put you by me on the couch but you would end up at the other end of the couch laying by Sally. Guess she was a little warmer with all her fur. I know by now you and Katie have met up and have made friends with Zander and all of the fur babies that all the nice people whose babies have gone to the Bridge ahead of you. So many people have signed your book you are a blessed little man and Mom misses you so much. But now I am getting where it's hard to handle Sally with the physical pain I have been in lately. Hopefully after this surgery I will be free of some of the pain and can play more with Sally and maybe even walk her.
I need to close now so Good morning my little Peanut man, kisses and hugs to you and send me a little kiss soon. Love you!! Mom & Sally xxooxxooxxooxxoo

2/13/09 Peanut you have so many friends that have signed your book I hope you find the bunnies and all the sweet fur babies like you and Katie. I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you so much.
2/14/09 Happy Valentine's Day my sweet little Panut Butter you are so missed. Have a wonderful day today playing with allthe fu babies, stay close to Katie she loves you so much.
Sally and I miss you terribly. Mom & Sally. Kisses & Hugs.xxooxooxxoo

4/12/09 Happy Easter My Little Mann, I have been been home getting over back surgery, Sally stayed at Lynn's (you all's groomer) she stayed there 5 days she was relly happy to be home. Mom is doing better but will take a long time to get completely over this. I just wanted to wish you a Happy easter, bet all your friends and you are haveing fun with the bunnies today. I want you always to know Mom still misses yo and Katie so much you are both in my thoughts every day. Till I see you again.
Love and Kisses, Mom & Sally xxooxxooxxoo

12/3/09 My sweet little man, I know it has been awhile since I visted you, I am working it is still so hard for me to come on yours and Katie's sites it still feels likeyesterday that you left me I know it's been a almost 11 months. But you are still in my heart and will be with me till I die and join you and Katie there. I'm sure you get to see Katie,Bart, Gramma and Grandpa and all the other sweet fur babies that you knew and that are there with you running the hills and valleys of the Rainbow Bridge It is getting cold here really feels like winter is here to stay. Sally has been sick with skin allergies infection in her ears and throwing up and not eating she went to the Vet today had a shot a medicated bath and antibotics. She is sleeping now hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow. Back in August she had surgery for cancer she had 4 masses removed. She seems to be doing better from that however there are 2 knots on her now the vet doc Gillam seems to think they are fatty tumors and I pray they are. He said he could take them out but would rather keep a watch on them so that's what I will do and if the one gets close to her front leg I will have him remove it. I will always take care of my sweet fur babies that's a promise. I sure tried with you but our Heavenly Father decided he needed your there at the Bridge to greet me when I come and to be sweet and loving to all that needed you up there. I think of you every day and miss you ever so much.
So until the next time I love you my sweet little manand miss you not a day goes by that I don't think of you. till next time Love & Kisses, Mom & Sally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxooooooo

12/25/09 Peanut, Sally Ann is with you now she has been there a little over ten days I'm sure you, Katie and Sally are running about chasing butterflies and loving each other like I loved you. I miss all of you so much. This is Christmas day and it is a sad and lonely Christmas without Sally, Katie and you Peanut. I miss you all so much. Mom

1/28/10 Hey my little man it has been a year now sinceyou went to the bridge to join Katie, I know you are enjoying being there with Katie and Sally running and playing chasing rainbows and butterflies and chasing a squirrel like you and Katie use to when you were here. I miss you my little man. But now you are whole with a new body and can do all the things you use to do again. Sally and you can snooze together like you all did here. I do miss you my little man I miss all of you no one can ever take your place. But we will see one another again one day soon. I love and miss you. Good morning until we meet again. xxooxxooxxoo

1/15/2011 Peanut I think of you,Katie and Sally every day. I miss you so much you were a such a good boy. I wished you were here to help with Abby she is such a hyper Yorkie really to much for me. You three were no trouble compared to her. She is trouble daily any way hopefully she will get better soon. I hope you have found new friends to play with and have Sally & Katie by your side to watch over you. Love you Good Morning until we meet again., xxooxxooxxoo Mom

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