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Memories of Peanut
Peanut, you were born June 26, 1996 at my Dad's house. I was so excited because I never had a dog growing up and when Mom and Dad split up Dad said he would get a dog for us even though we didn't live with him. Not only did we get your mother, Cricket, but we got you as well. You were the smallest in your litter and one of my first memories of you is a picture that I still have of you sleeping in one of my Dad's shoes. That is why we named you Peanut, because you were so small and with your brown color you just looked like a little peanut. You were so cute. You lived with my Dad until you were four years old and when I went to college I got lonely living alone so Dad let me have you and you never left my side since that day. Soon after, we got Spencer and the two of you were best pals for 8 years. One of the things you loved to do was lay in the sun, even in the hottest of summer days in Florida. I would often let you outside to go potty and then find you laying on your side in the hot sun. You would always look as happy as a pig in mud so one of your nicknames I gave you was Piglet. There are many great memories. We miss you very much. You saw me through first loves, and first broken hearts, a marriage and then a divorce, and finally when I met the right man you saw the birth of our daughter Lauren. You gave me so much love and companionship I only hope I did the same for you. The hardest decision I ever made was to end your suffering but I knew that letting you suffer anymore would be selfish of me. At the end you did not feel well, and your life did not give you pleasure anymore. Until we meet again I hope you are running free and playing with Cricket at the Rainbow Bridge. Don't forget to sun yourself. I put a blanket next to your memorial so you can snuggle up like you always used to do in bed. You will never be forgotten no matter how many years go by. Until the day I meet you at the Rainbow Bridge I will keep you in my heart and love you.

4/7/08 It has only been three days since you went to the Rainbow Bridge and they have been three days filled with tears. Today was hard because when I went to do some errands I put Spencer in his kennel and he was no longer content without you there. He kept making this gut-wrenching howling sound that I had never heard before and it broke my heart for him. Needless to say he ended up in the car driving around town with me.

3/8/11 Hard to believe it is going on three years, yet there are so many days I still say "Spencer and Peanut time to go out!" Spencer will be 11 years old in July which is so frightening because that is the same age you were when you went to the Rainbow Bridge. What will I ever do when both of my long-time buddies are gone? The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that he will be with you at the Rainbow Bridge and for now I am going to enjoy every minute I have with him. I miss you all the time.

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