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Memories of Peaches
We loved you, Peaches, from the first time we saw you. What a wonderful orange and white fur ball you were! Filled with unbound energy and life, we giggled and laughed as you ran up and down the stairs from floor to floor...sometimes softly and deftly banging into doors. We reveled in hearing the scratching of your claws on the floor in a vain attempt to halt the inevitable collision. Oh what fun! We were all so young and innocent then....

Christmas was a special time for all and Peaches, too. When you were still so small--we could pick you up in the palm of one hand--you loved to climb the tree. We always looked forward to finding your two big eyes sheepishly peering back at us from amongst the branches. For Peaches, a shiny ornament was always a new toy to check out. Priceless...

Another of Peaches' favorite past times was to suddenly bolt at an unsuspecting passerby from behind a piece of furniture or a bag disposed of on the floor. The gentle strokes of a paw were all we needed to feel to know a playful kitty was "on the prowl" looking for some love and attention.

Peaches...we greatly miss the sweet, gentle nudge from your forehead to let us know you were nearby; waking up to find you peacefully sleeping on our bed by our feet; the touch of your pleasantly cool nose on our face as a sign it was time to "get up and feed me". Maybe it was just your way to say: "Hello my friend. I'm glad I'm here with you; this is my home."

As Peaches got older you still maintained the energy to gleefully run from one end of the apartment to the other--even about a year before you left us. You never seemed to age until your final days. We always found that amazing. But in my heart of hearts, I knew that our time together was growing short...

You were so courageous...the last weekend before you joined the angels above I could easily tell you were in great distress. That last Sunday, May 20, you left a footprint on the kitchen floor that still remains to this day as I write nearly nine months later. And there it will stay until it fades away or I move on to a new home. I wish to stay here for as long as I can because it is Peachey's Place. Our Home.

I could tell by your actions you were looking for a place to be alone...to peacefully and solemnly leave this world to move on to a new existence in Heaven. You sought out nooks and crannies in which you previously had shown no interest. You KNEW all too well what the future held. You weren't afraid...The trip to the vet the next day bore out my worst fears; your doctor's strange silence told me so. You enjoyed your last meal with gusto...I thought perhaps when I came for you the next day, May 22, we would have more time together...("A brain tumor... Nothing more we can do...He'll only get worse.")...I lovingly held you in my arms so aware of your soft fur and heartbeat that would soon peacefully fade away. I checked the clock in the room. (4:39 PM. I never want to forget.) A sweet pain fills my body; my heart is broken...My best friend was now on his way to a better place.

As I drove home after saying a final goodbye, it was muggy, dreary, and rainy; an early spring thunderstorm coming to an end. At the traffic light as I was about to make the final right turn for home, the sun started to peek through the overcast. When I had the chance to look to the heavens, the sun was just beginning to come forth in all its brilliance. It was as if the angels above were parting the curtains to your new world to let me know you were safely in their loving arms now. You felt so close...

I have your ashes in a simple wood box with your name inscribed and your pictures all around in a place in the bookcase where you sometimes liked to take a snooze. Your ashes will be next to mine in the crypt when my turn comes to join you...I light a single candle for you at home almost every day; the light from my heart...to you from me. I hope you can clearly see from the meadow by the Bridge: When the candle is lit...I'm missing you.

I was blessed to have you in my life every day for almost nine years after your first buddy, my son Jonathan, moved on to begin his own adult life. He and a kitty named, Isabelle, share their lives together today. She's so beautiful: White boots on her paws with an angelic face. Rambunctious describes her perfectly. She's as friendly as can be. Daughter, Sarah, has her own life now, too, and a kitty named, Maxine, who went to the Rainbow Bridge two years before you. Their mother, Kathy, remembers you lovingly when we speak of you. When Jon, Sarah, and their mom first brought you home you were so scared the first night it took Kathy a while to calm you down; you must have thought she was your real mom. They loved your company. They took wonderful care of you, too. They miss you....

The bond between you and me grew from my fondness for you as a kitten and all the love and attention I couldn't resist giving you. It was so easy to love you. Nursing you after a major surgery four years ago made the bond even stronger. I was so happy and touched to see you get better and stronger each day. I LOVED taking care of you. All the trips to the vet were stressful for me because I knew they were for you. We made it through. I NEEDED to do that for you. I feel so grand when someone compliments me for your longevity and how well I took care of you. You must have had good genes. And got a lot of lovin' too.

I hope so much you have seen your parents and sisters from the farm at the Rainbow Bridge. I'd give anything to see that reunion. The thought brings tears to my eyes...(Hey! They were black and white. You were orange and white. What happened to YOU?) Do our beloved companions have a soul? I BELIEVE it is so...

Since you left us the only thing I want to do is hold you in my arms, feel your soft fur on my face and strong, steady heartbeat on my chest. I'd tell you: "It's OK. I just want you to know I love you and I just need to be near you for a while. Holding you is so peaceful and perfect." Oh, how I would love to see you trotting down the hallway, again, to greet me when I come through the door at home after a day at work or the two of us napping on the recliner. Just you and me, our moments in time, made me love you so.

Peaches, you were our best friend in so many, countless ways. You were a genuine "angel pet" here on earth. You were with us for too short a time...and we LOVED AND CHERISH EVERY minute of it. You have filled our lives with so many precious memories...WE were the lucky ones: Jon, Sarah, their Mom, and me. You will live on FOREVER in our hearts. That is what you meant to us. We'll see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge...and next time I won't let you go...Together for eternity, in peace, as it was meant to be.

Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013...There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you, Peachey. I miss you all the time and my tears still flow. I wish I could hold you, now, and tell you I love you, but it is comforting to realize you have many new friends in the meadow by the Rainbow Bridge and that you are doing just fine. The seasons have been changing since you've gone; it saddens me that you are missing it all from your perch by the window. It is very remarkable and beautiful when one stops to think about it. It's only natural. I've been so greatly comforted by people we'll never know or meet who've stopped by your tribute to take the time to remember you. It's been hard to believe but good to know there are many very nice people out there who've shared a loss such as mine and still hurt, too. I'll always love you. Peace my friend.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013...We remember you today, Peachey, with all the love in my heart that I still can muster since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge one year ago today. We miss you so much: It's much too quiet here without you nearby. I still often hope I'll see you when I come through the door at home at the end of the day; but alas, I know you have much more to do with your new friends--and wonderful friends I am sure they must be. All ANGELS, just as you are.

I want you to know I have a candle lit for you at this moment; I do this almost every day in remembrance of you. I miss having you jump up on to the recliner with me so you can settle in for a nap. I cherish that time. It was nice to know you appreciated being with me...even a little bit. I know Jon, Sarah, and their mom miss you, too. Your spirit will remain with each of us until we see you again. We'll always love you...Our best friend. Have a great run in the meadow, Peachey.

Monday, June 24, 2013...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Peach!! I've been thinking about you all day and wish so much I could pick you up and hold you. I miss the feeling of your soft fur. I just want to tell you I LOVE YOU. Home isn't really HOME without you here...But I carry on as best I can. Until we see you and hold you once again, remember we all miss your company and love you with all our hearts. Your spirit is ALWAYS with us. Happy birthday!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013...It's been 74 weeks, now, since I had to let you go into God's loving world, Peachey. I miss you very, very much today. I'm home, alone, without you nearby, and it's much too quiet here. I try to remember you every Tuesday at this hour when I had to say "Good Bye" and I still feel so sad. (As I write this to you I was holding you in my arms the day I had to let you go and telling you how much we ALL loved you and how LUCKY we were to have you with us. You were so brave. I'm sure you knew it was time to go...)

I hope you can see the light from the candle I have lit at this moment in remembrance of you. You are the light that still shines in our hearts each and every day. A light that STILL SHINES SO SO BRIGHT! I can only imagine how beautiful the meadow by the Rainbow Bridge must be. I hope to greet you there some day...Until then "PEACE" my wonderful friend. Thoughts of you are cherished. I know you are never too far away.

The beautiful seasons are changing once again...I wish you were here to see all the bright colours. It's a special time of year and it reminds me of you each and every day and how lucky we were to have you in our lives. Peachey's Place is full of heartfelt memories today and ALWAYS.

Monday, April 21, 2014...Yesterday was Easter Sunday, Peachey, and I had you in my mind and heart all day. I still miss you so...Home isn't the same as it once was without you here: How I long for the old days when you would jump up on the recliner to share your time and space with me. I always loved that...to feel your soft fur and warmth right next to me. I just wanted you to know I think of you and miss you every day. Until we all get to hold you again: Peace... and have a wonderful time by the Rainbow Bridge. We ALL LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014...I'm home, alone, with so many cherished thoughts of you right now, Peaches. At the moment in time as I write this to you, I was holding you in my arms two years ago so afraid to let you go. "What will I do now?" I silently asked myself. I realized you were probably very confused what with the mental state you must have been in; and also accepting the fact that it was time for you to depart this world we shared for God's universe as his newest "Angel Pet". The days and the seasons are flying by...and I know when I come home from work each day that I won't find you waiting here for me...to share more time together and watch those seasons beautifully change before our eyes. I feel so very sad and alone...I miss your company with all my heart. I hope you understand it's so hard to let go. I know you are just fine making new friends and learning from God and his heavenly angels just what it means to live a life that lasts forever...and how to love as HE does. Whenever I see a wild rabbit by chance in the grass as I make my rounds each day, I hope so much I see YOU looking back at me with a reminder that you will ALWAYS be close by. They, too, are precious, gentle creatures I'm always pleased to meet. Just as YOU are. I will hold you in my heart FOREVER, Peachey. PEACE be with you...With LOVE from ALL of us...'Til we meet again...GOD BLESS.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Peach!! I hope you have had a wonderful day in the meadows by The Bridge celebrating with all your angel friends. I bet you are having a great time!! I hope so very much...The days are passing by so quickly; and I miss you all the time. NEVER a day goes by without my thinking of you. We ALL MISS YOU! I wish I could pick you up and tell you I love you. I can with my memories of you snoozing on top of my recliner by my head or just by my side as I watch the television. Simple things, simple times. It hasn't really been home without my best friend close by. Your paw print is still prominent on the floor in the kitchen. I hope it lasts there forever...or as long as I am here. I still have a part of you....PEACE BE WITH YOU...ALWAYS...Love, Dad..."Peaches' Dad" as the people at the "vet" used to call me. That's my favorite name. GOD BLESS YOU, Peaches...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015...I hope, so much, EVERY day I come through the door from work, Peachey, that I will find you here waiting for me. Just like the old days...It always feels so empty without my buddy here safely tucked away at home. There's ALWAYS something missing from each of your favorite spots: YOU...It's been a while since I've written, but I haven't forgotten how wonderful it was to have you here. How nice it would be to hold you again. Perhaps someday.....I'll be able to do just that...'Til then, PEACE, my friend. We ALL LOVE YOU and MISS YOU. You are ALWAYS in our thoughts...(Your paw print remains as a reminder where you left it so long ago.) Dad

Friday, May 22, 2015...I'm here, Peach. I miss you so today...I want you to know you'll NEVER be ALONE. Your spirit is with me each and every day...None of us will ever forget your time with us...I speak for Jon, Sarah, and their Mom...We ALL were SO LUCKY to have you as part of our lives--for too short a time...The seasons have changed once again; I wish you could see the bright colours from your perch at the window...The bunnies and the squirrels still play outside; they tend to their lives and their young ones. If only YOU could be YOUNG again...and spend time with us FOREVER. But alas, time is really not our friend...and it won't wait for any of us. The sun shines bright for you today; the sun you loved to cover your fur as you snoozed in the window...We all LOVE you Peach, and as we remember your passing we hope you are having a WONDERFUL day by the Rainbow's Bridge...until the day we see you again. Next time, I won't let you go. PEACE my cherished friend...PEACE BE WITH YOU...LOVE Dad

Wednesday, June 24, 2015...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PEACHES! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU! It's been a beautiful day to celebrate your birthday, Peach. I hope you're having a splendid time with your friends by THE BRIDGE. I wish I could pick you up and hold you; what a precious fur ball you are. Later, it'll be the perfect time for you to take a snooze and reflect on your BIG DAY. I wish it could be here at home with me...but I understand...We think of you EVERY DAY and miss you ALL the time. Until we see you again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our best and favorite friend. LOVE, Dad

Tuesday, August 11, 2015...I'm feeling very sad today, Peaches, but thinking of you makes me feel so much better. I miss you...all the time...I wish I could pick you up and hold you again...I'd never want to let you go...I just wanted to say "Hello" and to let you know I'm thinking of you today...and every day...PEACE be with YOU. ALWAYS. Love Dad

Sunday, May 22, 2016...It's been four years, now, since you left us to become an Angel, Peaches. We lovingly remember you this day for the most wonderful friend and companion you were to Jon, Sarah, their Mom, and me. There isn't a day that passes that I don't think of you and how truly wonderful it would be to hold you again, feel your soft fur and warmth...and simply tell you: Your home. It's OK. I love you my friend...I know it's been a very long time since I came here to write to you, but I can't help but miss your presence each and every day. It really isn't home without you. I hope when I come in from work at day's end that I will find you here once again peacefully curled up and asleep on the bed; that you never really had to go away. My heart always jumps a tad that MAYBE I WILL find such a wonderful surprise. Your spirit lives on at home each second of the day. The last footprint you left on the kitchen floor is still there and easy to see, too...I hope you enjoy another beautiful day of frolic in the meadows by The Bridge, Peach, and please know that when I see you again, hold you in my arms, and feel once more your soft pleasing fur on my face I will NEVER let you go. Not ever.....PEACE my friend and God Bless. Love Dad WE WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER...

Friday, June 24, 2016...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Peaches! How wonderful it would be at this moment to hold you and wish you a happy birthday...You are in our thoughts today, especially, because on this day God made our special friend a part of our lives forever and ever. How lucky we are!! The light of my candle shines bright...the light from my heart to you. I hope you are having a wonderful day with your friends near The Rainbow Bridge...and then a little snooze. Holding you close in my heart, as always...with LOTS of love to our beautiful friend. We all miss you...Dad.

EASTER Sunday, April 16, 2017...It's been too long since I came here to write to you, Peach. I think of you each and every day...and miss you as much as I ever have. I always hope I'll see you curled up on my bed when I come home from work all the time. I think very strongly you let me know you are close by not very long ago. I appreciate it. I still get very sad from missing you and life in general. It's getting too complicated. I love you, Peach, and wish I could hold you now. Perhaps one day I'll be able to do that once again. Peace!! Lots of love to my beautiful, Friend...Dad. Have a great EASTER in the meadows by The Bridge!!

Monday, May 22, 2017...I remember your passing today, Peaches, with a heavy heart. I've been sad all day long. I wish I could bring you home right now and just hold you in my arms; I'd enjoy the feel of your soft fur and the sensation of your beating heart. I'd whisper to you "We're home. Everything is OK." The light of my candle shines bright for you once again. I could sense your presence through a swift breeze in the air as I walked through my favorite neighborhood. The sun appeared just long enough to brighten my walk, too. Your spirit is ALWAYS with me...We'll ALWAYS be together. I miss you my beautiful friend...especially today when I had to let you go to become an ANGEL with your furry friends. Peace...and LOTS of LOVE, Peaches. God bless you...Dad.

Saturday, June 24, 2017...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear friend!!! It's your birthday, Peach, and I hope so much you are enjoying your day frolicking with your friends--old and new--by The Bridge. I miss you and wish I could hold you right now. I'd be in heaven...If you want to come home I have plenty of room for you...I'm writing to say I love you and wish you were here. It would REALLY be home again where we're safe and happy. God Bless...With lots of LOVE, Dad.

Thursday, March 15, 2018...Hi! Peach...I know I haven't been here to write to you for a while, but I want you to know I still miss as much--or more--than I ever have. I can feel your beautiful soft fur right now. It's a feeling that has never faded in any way. I wish you were here at home. It's Peachey's Place--YOUR home. I just wanted to let you know I miss you and think of you every day. You're my best friend--that will never change. Remember, the next time I see you I WON'T let you go. Not EVER AGAIN...Love, with all my heart, Dad. Have a great day with your friends in the meadows by The Bridge. God Bless.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018...It's been six years since I had to let you go to Heaven, Peaches. I will never forget how warm and soft you were. I still have the footprint you left for me after all this time as a reminder you were REALLY here. I still can hear the pleasant and peaceful resonance of your purr in my ears. It's ironic I was the one God chose to place you in His arms. I believe it was a gift He gave me I will cherish for the rest of my days...until we meet again by The Bridge. On that day, I will hold you in my arms, look into your beautiful face and bright eyes and promise to NEVER let you go. Your warmth will tell me I'm really Home. Please be patient and forgive me my Friend. God bless you Always, Peaches. With lots of LOVE FOREVER and EVER, Dad, and from your blessed family.

Sunday, June 24, 2018...Hi Peeeach! Happy Birthday!! The best gift I can send your way today is to let you know we miss you and love you. I hope you were able to celebrate with your parents and sisters by The Bridge and the beautiful brook nearby. I hope the celebration goes on WELL into the night with lots of fun and games. I'll see you soon...and when I do I will NEVER let you go from my arms again. We love you with ALL our hearts...each and EVERY day! It's not the same without my furry friend here. 'Til then, God Bless. With ALL our LOVE, Dad. I can't wait to hear your soft loving purr once more.

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