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Memories of Peaches
My precious little fur baby, 16 years God gave me with you, to love and cherish. I will see you in GOD'S Kingdom @ Rainbows Bridge
You will always be ( mama's little pp) you always were there for me no matter what, to greet me when I came home or to sit in my lap and lick away my tears when I was upset. I know you loved me girl, not a doubt in my mind and I pray that one day I will be reunited with you again back to your healthy years. I love you always peachy! Wait for me like you used to at home so patiently so happy to see me.I hope you are happy and pain free from that horrible cancer. I love you baby girl!
It's been a week today girl and I miss you so much my precious one! I go around the house and look for you to be there. I pick up your blanket that I saved and hold it wishing you were still here with me. I hope I see you again one day .God knows the hurt I feel in my heart over losing you. Maybe the pain will ease in time but for now it is almost too much to bear at times! Love you little Peachy!
Tomorrow will bee two weeks since I held you in my arms as you took your last breath after "the shot" I love and miss you so much baby girl! Daddy and I fixed your grave yesterday with things that Aunt Julie bought for you. Turned out really pretty. The tears are still flowing everyday for you. I miss you so much. I will write more later, I can't see through the tears to write. Hope to see you at the bridge, keep looking for me! Love you Peachy!
Today makes one month since you left me little girl. I miss you so much little PP! I am not crying as I was at first but there is such a hole in my heart and such a void in my life since you have been gone. Words can't express the loss I feel. I am still finding myself looking for you, calling your name looking at different treats in the store that I think you would like. I hope You and Granny Choo Choo are together tomorrow for Mothers Day. I hope mama holds you in her arms till I see you both again! I love and miss you both so much! So many things we don't understand now but the Good Lord will reveal to us one day. I am looking forward to that day! Keep watching for me girl! I love you!
Two months today my little sweetheart since your presence left our home. I love and miss you everyday baby girl! I think of you all the time and how much happiness you brought to my life. Aunt Julie found a little fur baby that had been left on the side of a busy road. He probably wouldn't have made it through the day without being hit by a car. She brought him to me and now he is learning to be a part of our family. daddy won't let him in the house so I fixed a nice bed for him on the back porch. He seems happy but he is afraid of Daddy, I think a man was very mean to him. He is cute but he will never replace you my love. I buried a part of my heart with you that day. I pray everyday that GOD will let me see you again one day. Only He knows what the future holds. He knows how much you mean to me. The new baby 's name is Roady since he was found on the road. I wish you could see him, he is so humble just like you were. Guess I will go for now but never forever. I love you Peaches......keep watching for me girl!
Three months today little sweetheart, I still miss you so badly! I keep praying that GOD in all His Mercy will one day let me see you again.Healthy, strong and running to meet me. I pray that I see you along with Mama , Daddy and all of the loved ones we have lost along with our fur babies . He knows our hearts and He knows how much you mean to us! Till then I will keep the Faith....The certainty of things hoped for but unseen. Keep watching for me baby, I will hold your sweet little body in my arms again. Mama loves you little PP.
Four months today precious little one. I miss you still sometimes that it feels like my heart will break. I sure would love to hold your little head against my chest again. I am longing for that Glorious day that JESUS will reveal to us all the things that we have prayed about. To see Mama, Daddy and you once again. Healthy and strong and no more pain and sickness. To share in the Beautiful Paradise that He is preparing for those that love him and keep his word.I love you little girl and I will keep you in my heart until that day comes. Keep waiting and watching for me Peaches, my love for always.

Six months little girl and there are days when all I want to do is cry about you. I will never ever forget you. You were my baby ,my precious baby girl
7 months today girl. I think about you everyday. I cleaned your grave yesterday and I cried. I pray all the time that God will reunite us one sweet day. I will hold you in my arms and love you, never to let you go again by The Sweet Grace Of God. I love you my precious little fur baby. Some day girl is closer than
we know . Wait for me there...I will see you soon!
One year today my precious girl. I think of you so often. The memories are bitter sweet now as we think of all the things you did and loved. Roady is so unlike you except that he loves steak like you did. He turns his nose up at candy and we laugh and say...Peaches would have shown you what to do with that. I love and miss you baby girl.
9-1-2015 it's been a while since I've written anything about you but that doesn't mean I don't think of you all the time. Time passes so quickly but you are always on my mind. It's the end of another summer and a new season will soon be here. It sure doesn't seem like over three years since you took your last breath here on earth and went on to the place that God has for you. I truly hope with all my heart that one day when I meet my sweet Saviour that He will have our fur babies with Him never again to part from us. I love you Peaches! Keep watching for me girl!!

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