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Memories of Peaches
Our dearest Peaches, 'M', 'D' and Bailey love and miss you so much. Thank you for everything you have given us. From the time we brought you home as a little 6 week old bundle of fur and you politely walked in, climbed into you water bowl and sat down, we knew our lives had pleasingly changed forever. On that day that we rode out to see you, 'M' said "it was only to look", although she had already decided on your name on the way. To comfort you in your first days in your new home, we set up pillows and blankets in our bed on a "temporary basis". Eleven years (and 65 pounds later) you were still sleeping next to 'M' in bed as we struggled each night to hit a happy medium on sharing her (your) pillow. How she misses sharing that pillow with you! Bailey misses you terribly too so we have tried to get her to come sleep next to 'M', but she will not lay in your spot. We thank you for all the games of "tenny" ball, playing in the water, endless car rides together, your silly rolling and snorting when you were especially happy. Most of all, we thank you for your everlasting protection, devotion, and unconditional love. So smart and pretty with those beautiful bright eyes that we will never forget. We are so sorry that we could not fix you and make the cancer go away. We and the doctors tried everything we could but the chemo only destroyed some of the cancer and seemed to anger the rest. Thank you for that last nights slumber party on New Years Day. 'M' will always cherish that time we had to say goodbye in this world. Please rest in peace until we all meet together again. Heaven is surely a brighter place with you in it. We will have your ashes back with us in a week or so. We sent one of your very best "tenny" balls to go with you. Love you sweetheart!
02/02/2004 Hi Chuzzy, It has been one month today. We love and miss you so much! As we're sure know, your ashes are back and 'M' carries them around and places them where she thinks you would want to sit during the day while she is at work. She takes you back to bed each night to sleep on the nite stand next to her. It is time to go and get you back to bed for the night...sleep well my beauty.

03/18/2004 Hi Peach...I love you. Just changing your season and toys. I still miss you so much! You run with the angels OK. Love 'M'.

06/19/2004 Hi Chuz, miss you and love you.

10/17/2004 Hi Beauty...back to your favorite time of the year. I don't come here much anymore, but you always live in my heart and a day rarely goes by when I don't think of you. I still have such a hard time accepting that you are gone. I know we will be together again someday. Have peace and happiness until then and know that I love you. Keep running with the angels until then!
12/13/2004 We sure miss you. 'M' having trouble with Christmas without you. Hope you are OK. I love you.

1/2/2005 One year today my sweet Chuz. We sure missed you at Christmas. We got Bailey lots of toys. She is completely rotten without you here. You taught her well on how to be one of the sweetest yet most spoiled "girls" in the world. I've been saying to "D" that after a year I might think about another "golden". But I just don't know...when I think about it just makes me miss you more and think I need to wait longer. I'm going to change your shrubs and things since Christmas is over. Keep up with those Angels! Love "M".
04/29/05 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEACHES!! We still miss you so much. Love you, "M" and "D" and Bailey. Sorry I put the wrong birthdate on your original stone. They won't let me change it now and I did not catch it before. Today is your day, have a happy one. Love you, "M".
9/30/05 - Love you sweetheart. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I think because this is our time of year and also close to when trouble started. You are in my heart forever...I know someday we will meet again. Bailey is slowing down a bit. I think it is still hard for her without her big sister. Going to change your seasons for now. Love you, "M".
10/01/05 - "M" again. I think I know what my problem is after all this time. I need to tell you how much I love you and how sorry I am that the chemo made you so sick. You were so miserable and I made things worse when alls I wanted to do was save your life. I hope you can get this message and forgive me.
Love you, "M". 12/2/05 - Just setting you up for Christmas. I love you, "M"

8/31/06 - "M" here! I thought I lost you there. I am so sorry, we had an email (I know you don't know what I mean) mess-up problem (my fault) and you got kind of "suspended" for a bit. It is all fixed now. Ginny there put all back and the only thing missing was your picture which "D" put back this evening. I love you with all my heart, see you later. P.S. Just "M", "D" and Bailey still. Love you "Chuz".

9/15/06 - I was just making sure you were still there. I wanted to make it fall for you but still a bit early. Check on you later. Love "M".

9/25/06 - Fall beauty. Love you. "M".

12/25/06 - Merry Christmas Peaches! We miss you today as always. I can still see you throwing your new toys in the air and catching them...Bailey grabbing everything she can out of your mouth and you grabbing the next toy in the pile. Love you, "M", "D" and Bailey.

1/02/07 - Hi Peaches. Taking down your holiday stuff. Sad day today but I was reminded that somehow, someday we'll get to see each other again. You were such a special girl, I hold out hope that this reminder comes true. See you later. "M".

4/13/07 - Hi girl...just checking in. It's spring, changing your season. Love you. "M".

07/22/07 - Hi Beauty, sorry it has been a while. Been a few problems around here but everything seems to be getting better. "D" spent a spell in the ICU then Bailey had surgery for cancer but everyone seems to be fixed up for now. Bailey had a time with the surgery (you know she is 13 now!) but they say they got it all so we will hope for the best. I will not try and put her through the chemo and stuff I hoped would help you. I'm sorry but tonight I got rid of the two chaise lounges you and Bailey always shared. They were worn out and a bit dangerous for Bailey to try and still jump on. We donated them for free so someone who really needs them will get some use of them. We bought one new one for Bailey but right now she hates it. Can't blame her...I'm sure she is thinking of you?? And in case you were wondering, I did not forget your birthday, I just did not make it out here to say hi with all that was happening at the time. I love you, still sleeping on our pillow each night (I will keep it forever, may not be able to sleep on it forever!) Keep up with those angels. Love "M".

11/1/07 - Changing to fall a little late. Put on some new tunes too. You are always in my heart. Love "M".

01/02/08 - Thinking of you today as every day. Holidays were missing something without you here...no camcorder this year, no pictures. Bailey liked her presents this year though, guess a good thing as she did not care still last year as still missing you too much. Can't wait to see you again someday! All my love (and "D" and Bailey too). Keep those angels busy until you can run and chase me! See you girl, love you. "M".

3/20/08 - First day of spring beauty. Changed your season. Love you, "M".

4/24/08 - Hi Chuz, just saying "Hi" a few days early from you real birthday since I put the wrong date originally on your stone. Will touch bases again on your real b-day 4/29. Love you. I am kind of stuck on this date for some reason so we celibrated Bailey's birthday today anyway (remember we know she was born in April but not sure of date since she is a "rescue girl"). She is 14 years old now can you believe it?. I can still sense how much she misses you. I still miss you too with all my heart! I will touch bases in a few days. Love always, "M". Keep running with those angels until we see each other again! Bye for now.
8/5/08 - Hi girl, I had a nice dream with you in it the other night. You and that ball! Love you. "M".

1/2/09 - Hi Peaches...thinking of you today as always. "M", "D" and Bailey.

3/7/09 - Hi beauty! I came to look at something so changed your season to spring a bit early while here since it looks like spring here. We love you! Bailey still hanging in there...you will see her again someday but for now she refuses to leave me! She'll be 15 years old next month you know. Keep on running with those angels until we see each other again! "M"

8/7/09 - Hi Chuz, sorry it has been so long. I did NOT forget your birthday. Everyone (except me) has been sick, had surgery, been in recovery. Bailey most recent casualty but she is working to come back but have to wait and see. I think of you often and love you much! Take care of Bailey for me if she shows up on your side one day. Love always..."M".

1/4/10 - Hi beauty. Missed you at Christmas as always. Kind of a sad state here. Bailey not doing well at all. Rear legs do not work hardly at all but she still keeps on trying with our help. She is happy as long as she is in the back of the Yukon so that is where she spent Christmas, including the opening of presents. I am afraid you will be seeing her sooner then later. It is comforting to know the two of you will be together. It will be hard to let her go, as it was with you, but I guess with her being almost 16 it is just a fact of life. Sorry to be such a bummer. Love you much sweetheart, "M".

8/19/10 - Hi Peaches. I am sorry I have not been here for a while. Lots of rough days around here lately. Please know that I am always thinking of you. I guess you know by now that Bailey came to join you yesterday. In case she slipped in through a back door please go and find her for me. I told her you would be together and running like the wind again. She has not been able to run (or walk for that matter) for a very long time so I am sure she is ready for a good race. She may even like a "feebee" to toss around now if one can be found. "D" and I are pretty sad right now. It helps knowing the two of you are together again. Take care of each other until I see you again. Love you both! "M".

9/18/10 - Hi "Chuz"..."M" here. I can feel that you and Bailey met up. She never knew what to do without you or me so please help take care of her since I can't be there. I love you Peaches (and "D" loves too). You two girls have fun and run until we see you again later. We will love you forever our beautiful Peaches.

10/13/10 - Checking in on you my sweet beauty. We recently put some pictures together for your "grand mother" and boy did we pull up some good old ones of you. You have it on Bailey for looks (don't tell her I said that...and she still has that "glow" that nobody can surpass). We love you with all our hearts! Take care of Bailey for me okay..."M".

10/18/10 - Hi Peaches. Two months today since Bailey left us here. I know she is with you, please watch over her for me like you always have. Love you beauty and see you two someday for some "games" (feebee & tenny ball!)... love, "M".

11/2/10 - My beautiful Peaches, back to your favorite time of year (and mine too!). It has been a long tine without your precious body here but your soul is in our hearts each and every day. Pretty strange not having any dog children around since Bailey went to join you. I just want the two of you back but I guess I will have to settle for dog angel children for now. Take care of each other and we will meet up again for some "feebee and tenny ball" games. All our love "M" and "D".

12/4/10 - Hi Chuzzy, miss now as always. Hard without you and Bailey here this time of year. I always feel you looking over us even after this long. We love you and will always keep you close in our hearts. Keep Bailey in line! Love "M" & "D".

12/25/10 - Merry Christmas our beauty. We miss you so. All our love "M" and "D".

1/2/11 - Hi beauty. A new year and another year here without you in body but always with us in mind and hearts. Love always.

3/26/11 - Hi my Dear Peaches. I give you and Bailey a kiss each morning in my heart. Sorry it has been a while...things have been a bit difficult as I am sure you know. Don't worry too hard, we will fix it somehow. I'm still sleeping on that pillow! Got to get a new one soon but I will keep ours always. Love you, "M".

8/6/2011 - "M" here. I know it has been a while since I wrote here but I still think about you and send kisses each and every day. Still having troubles here as I am sure you know but we will get it worked out somehow so don't worry. And yeah, I still got that pillow! I just can't get rid of it! I guess it will be okay so long as it does not get up and walk away. I keep it pretty clean...it is just getting a little (lot) flat! We will love you always and forever. "M" & "D". You and Bailey take care of each other until we see you both again later.

9/20/11 - Hi Peach..."M" here. Love you, your favorite time of year again back to fall so changing your season. "D" sends love. We always hold you close to our hearts and know we will meet up again at a later time. Hug Bailey and yourself for us until then.

1/2/12 - "M" here. Eight years since you left us but still seems like yesterday. Love you always and miss you still. Finally got two new puppies about two months ago. "D" wants them to be just like you and Bailey but too soon for that! We picked a mix of you and Bailey in one. They call them Goldadores these days (really just a nice word for mix, not a pedigree like you...no offense to Bailey). I think they can sense that some really special dogs were here before and they are starting to come around nicely (as nice as 4 month old puppies can). We can only hope that they will turn out to be a lot like you. Love always, "M" and "D". By the way..new pups Jadi and McDuff. Love you!

4/21/12 - My dear sweet Peaches I miss you so. "D" had to go to heaven with you on 2/19/12. I am sure he was so happy to see you, in fact, I could see it on his expression when he left that someone very special had met him and I believe that was you and Bailey. I just finally changed you to spring. Puppies are coming around if you can take care of "D" I will take care of them and we will all meet up later sometime. All my love always..."M".

8/6/12 - Sorry it has been so long. Love you...I hope you and "D" and Bailey are hugging and taking care of each other. Jadi and McDuff are coming around. We will meet up with you later. Lots of love as always, "M", Jadi and McDuff.

10/16/12 - Our favorite time of year again. Love you, "M".

12/24/13 - Hi Peaches. Merry Christmas Eve. I bought McDuff and Jadi a few gifts each. I may let them open one tonight but if I do I'm afraid they will get into the others so we will see. Well, now you have gramma with you since October. I know how much that would delight you to see her face again! I hope it is all good there and that you all found each other and hold tight together. Love you, "M".

9/27/15 - Hi Girl. Think of you and Bailey often. Always will miss and love you.

1/2/20 - Love you. "M"

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